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An advertising campaign draws a lot of leads who will come with different inquiries about your products and services. However, if you haven’t created an effective marketing funnel that can convert your leads to customers, you might lose out on the huge traffic that you will receive from your campaign.

This is a colossal mess, and you can avoid it. All you need to do would be to understand and adopt the right strategies to help you convert your leads to customers. And you will learn ten unique tips from this content.

Why You Need A Funnel?

Funnels have always existed. However, more attention and importance have been given to funnels responsible for driving in high numbers in terms of leads and sales. When a funnel is outstanding, the clearest expression is in the sales numbers unless the product is just terrible.

For this reason, product managers and marketers think of the best funnel that will easily and profitably market their products and services. Of course, there are many strategies and opinions regarding funnel creation, however, all products don’t have a one-fit funnel.

A good way to start thinking of a funnel that will help expand the reach of your product and brand would be to monitor the progress of other brands in that same niche doing well. However, if after your research you haven’t found any, you may need to go with your guts on a strategy.

10 Unique Strategies To Convert Your Leads To Customers

In this section, you will discover the unique strategies that will help convert your leads to customers. While this list covers ten of these outstanding strategies, there are also some strategies you can employ that aren’t captured in this article. But, let me say, they won’t be half as helpful as what you’ll read.

Hence, the strategies include:

1. Give Free Tool or Resource Material

If people don’t stand to gain a lot from a business, they might never swipe their card or input its details. When it comes to your line of business, you have to understand that your competitors are doing their bid to draw your customers from your fold to theirs – so you must be on your A-game.

In a bid to convert your leads to customers, you need to ensure your funnel is top-notch and a very vital item that must be in your funnel must be free resource tools or materials for your leads. With these resource tools, you can extend an arm of your service, which is vital for building trust between the two parties.

2. Offer Discounts

Discounts have always boosted retail numbers for products and services. According to Big Commerce, Implementing a discount strategy adds a layer of time sensitivity to your customers’ purchasing journey. In turn, you’ll likely see an influx of purchases during the duration of your offer.

So, you must ensure you craft together an amazing offer that will remain irresistible both for your old customers, new customers, and leads. With this offer, you can draw more of the latter to learn about your offerings.

In placing discounts, you need to choose or create an offer that will not turn your profits on their head. Instead of starting off on your own and probably losing so much money, you can trust professionals to help you. Just book a free marketing consultation with our team by clickingI want a Free Consultation Session” so we can help you create irresistible offers.

3. Answer Their Questions

A lot of businesses have poor customer service representation, and this problem is responsible for many dissatisfied customers and leads who have contacted them. Even ImpactPlus believes when your company has a customer service problem, it forces your best employees to pick up the slack for poor employees.

As a business owner, you must ensure that you always attend to the questions and inquiries of your customers and leads. You can make it simpler by creating a “Frequently Answered Questions” page where you will answer many of these questions once and for all.

4. Do Follow-Up

People are so distracted by a lot of things. Research shows that returning to your original focus, following a distraction, takes, on average, a full 23 minutes and 15 seconds. For most American professionals, distractions are a normal part of life and you can’t so so much about it.

However, in your business, you can ensure you constantly reach out to leads who have once made inquiries about a product and never got to hit the “buy” button. You can reach out to them through calls and emails to know why they never went forward with the purchase.

For your customers, you can ask them for an honest review of the product when you want to follow them up.

5. Create Interaction Channels

If your customers find it difficult to reach you, they’ll switch to a competitor brand. I bet you would want to avoid this horrendous situation because you know how much it can do to your business. Well, if you can create interaction channels between you, your leads, and customers, you won’t have this problem.

Interaction channels could be social messaging apps, or you can even create a chatbot that would constantly interact with the customers. This way, it reassures your customers they can reach out to you when they have certain problems you can solve.

6. Offer Personalized Counsel Through Emails

Your product might have a very simple user guide, however, it your customers might still make mistakes or need guidance on some level. Now this is for individuals selling physical products as businesses that focus on information products need this technique much more.

By collecting the emails of your customers, you can update them with information regarding your best deals on products and services. Furthermore, you can counsel them on certain aspects of your product and its usage. Personalized emails make customers feel attached to the brand as it creates a sense of brand loyalty.

7. Interact with Customers

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. A business without customers will never expand beyond a certain point, or better said; it won’t even run. Now you understand this, you should know that interacting with your customers is vital for business growth.

According to Help On Click, customer interaction should aim at building trust and educating customers. This is vital, as the staff who work with the new customers should be competent and well-trained. New customers do not forgive mistakes, they easily switch to competitors when they do not get a proper attitude in your company.

Hence, ensure you steadily interact with your customers through the appropriate channels. 

8. Offer them Surveys

Getting data regarding your customer’s interests is tough when you’re not using a user journey tool such as Kissmetrics, Mixpanel or Google Analytics. And you wouldn’t want to stay guessing while your competitors walk away with all your customers.

An alternative to getting your customers’ interests which is also great when you want to convert leads to customers is to offer them surveys to fill. You can create surveys using great survey-creating tools like Survey Monkey, Survey Legend, and HubSpot Forms.

9. Extract User Experience Stories

A great platform bears its fruits in the unique experiences that it offers to its amazing customers, and for your brand to grow explosively, every customer must experience a touch of excellence and proficiency.

While a lot of businesses fail to do this, you should venture into ensuring you get your customer to share their experiences while they interacted with the brand or business. When you get these stories, you can brand them as “user stories” communicating a customer’s experience.

Although this is a good way to convert leads to customers, it also helps you find ways to improve your offerings.

10. Wait

This is the last strategy that will help you convert your leads to customers easily, and it’s almost the hardest strategy to follow. Although, it’s difficult, you must understand that results don’t come easily as they make take a while.


With the introduction of more market trends, sticking with a funnel or a strategy can be a two-edged sword – helpful and harmful. However, the vital thing remains that you know when to pull the plug on a strategy that has completely served its course.

By following any of these strategies laid out in this article, you’ll discover how rapidly your customers will cling to your brand as your leads conversion rate will experience a drastic increase too.

Although you can easily implement these strategies, you’ll need to input some other tools to help fuse the conversation process. And with the right team by your side, you can easily achieve this. You can start this process when you book free marketing consultation with our team by clickingI want a Free Consultation Session.

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