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In our recent age, the internet has become a major tool for sharing and receiving information and marketing and making sales. Turning the world into a global village, it is easier to reach people far and wide all with the occurrence of the internet.

In this article, I will be sharing ways you can be able to maximize social media communications. Below, I summarize what to expect here.

What is Social Media?

Talking about social media, it’s a way of communicating whereby users create communities online in order to share useful and important information.

They are technologies, interactive technologies that allow users to exchange ideas and information via virtual communities. Social media is accessed through web apps on desktop, laptop or download services that offer the functionality of social media to their mobile phones.

Through social media, you can create memories, build friendships, connect with others, advertise yourself, grow your businesses, etc.

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For marketers, social media communication is a way to pass their content to reach their target audience. Ensuring their message reaches their audience and the ability to interact with them too.

Social media communication is the ability to use a platform to transmit messages and ensures it gets to the audience.

Social media communication flows between businesses, brand and, clients or participants.

Direction Flow of Social Media Communications

In directing the flow of social media communications, there are a myriad of approaches you can use. These approaches include:

  • One to one approach
  • One to many
  • Many to many

One to one:

This is like a personal interaction. You reach out and interact with people you know. You need to understand that there should be an exchange of value in this interaction. You must be willing to provide value to the other person.

Also, marketers use this to answer customer service inquiries and questions through targeted messages.

One to many:

This is used to get messages to a larger audience. This is through the broadcast model.

One to many social media communication may require paid adverts to support to get it to a wider audience.

Many to many:

This is unique to social media platforms. Participants respond when they are available or interested. Like in some community groups or blogs.

 There are some tools to enable this social media communication. Some of these platforms includes:


A platform for sharing valuable content, dialogue, discussions, etc on specific topics.


This is one of the platforms for social media communication with the largest social network with more than 3 billion active users worldwide who create personal profiles, invite and add other users as well as send messages, update status and like brand pages.


Another social media communication platform that allows user and groups to stay connected through short status messages exchange.


A free video sharing/photo app that allows the user to create reels, apply filters to pictures, frames and other special effect to same photos. You can also share them to different social networking sites.

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A social media network for hosting videos, creating as well as watching. You can as well communicate with your audience here.


Another social media communication tool where professionals with similar areas of interest converge to share valuable ideas and engage in conversations.


This is a video hosting website as well as images. Photos and videos can be shared from this platform to other social networking sites.

Ways to Maximize Social Media Communication

If you want to maximize your communication on social media, there are a lot of strategies you can implement to ensure you attain the highest level of results possible. These strategies include:

1. Status Update:

This helps to keep your name on the mind of your fans. It’s a short one to many social media communication messages to connect with your audience on different or specific social media platforms. Like Facebook or Google, where followers are notified via email.

They are useful for customer service to announce promotions or information.

2. Messages:

This is what we consider communication. The more targeted it is, the better. It provides in-depth information the receiver seeks or wants. It’s a way to maximize social media communication.

3. Find your voice:

This is another way to maximize social media communication. It’s not only about building a brand on social media but finding that aesthetic voice. This will help you know what to post and how to do it in order to reach your targeted audience.

4. Create a content calendar:

Plan ahead how you want your contents to be. Then use a calendar to write and schedule how you want to post your contents on each platform you are using.

 You can create your calendar in one sitting with the picture of your brand in mind.

This can help you to be consistent with your voice and also schedule your post. You can use social media management software to do it.

5. Information distribution:

This is a way of delivering your content to a wider audience. You can use crafty headlines to attract them. Also add social sharing to distribute it to your readers followers.

6. Commentary:

Your content speaks a lot about you or your brand. Encompassing reviews and comments also provides a way to interact with your audience. This form of social media communication enables you to engage with your followers.

You also need to be attentive and responsive on the social media platforms where your audience engages.

7. Discussion:

Respond to those who engage with you. It shows you care and also pay attention. Conversation occurs on social media platforms and they are forms of engagements.

8. Know your budget:

In this form of social media communication, you can use paid ads to generate leads and as well grow your brand. But if your budget isn’t enough, you can opt-in for organic growth. Create contents that can solve the problems of your audience.

Majority of your posts shouldn’t be sales and promotions. Offer educational help to the problems of your customers. It builds connection and keels them coming back for more.

9. Follow your strategy:

Having a strategy helps you know you need to put extra energy to work in order to grow. Without a strategy, you can backslide, especially when there are few resources. But with a strategy, you are consistent.

10. Get a social media expert:

If you need guidelines or help, you can hire an expert to help build your brand. A team like Socialander can do the job for you easily by offering you astounding options to help get your social media firing.


Social media communication is actually a great way to connect with an audience or customers. With the use of the tools or platforms, they have made it easier for one to build an online presence and maximize the use of social media.

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