What To Look Out For When Hiring A Social Media Manager

In this article, we would shine the spotlight on the social media manager role and we will show you how important they are to every business and what to look out for when trying to hire one. Brand awareness is very important to every business and we have social media managers holding this forte. A […]

Simple Steps on How To Delete Instagram Account

If you want to learn how to delete an Instagram account for any of the following reasons: you may just need a break from social media, you may not need it anymore, you may want to protect your personal information, you may be addicted and need a break, or you may just want to hibernate […]

How to use Pinterest for business

What could you miss with social media marketing? Using Pinterest for business is yet another part to explore in your digital marketing strategies.

Ways to Use Social Media for Campaigns

There are a ton of benefits when you use social media for campaigns. Other than search engine marketing, social media marketing is becoming popular and you shouldn’t miss out on it.

8 Facebook Ads Strategies Working for Us Right Now

Facebook ads are still very much alive, although it seems that Instagram is taking over. The truth is, you can target both the Facebook and Instagram audience when you run ads on Facebook but can’t target the Facebook audience from Instagram. Also, there are more audiences and better targeting data on Facebook to get the […]

How to use the Instagram reels feature to grow your business

Is there any more to Instagram?. Instagram keeps bringing in new features and innovations to give businesses the best tools to grow their business. This innovation with Instagram reels is disrupting the way brands have been promoting themselves on Instagram and to put your brand forward, you have to learn how to use the Instagram […]

Ultimate Guide On How To Advertise On Facebook

This guide on how to advertise on Facebook will give you more room to grow and expand your business. In the course of this article, you will get expert tips on how to advertise on Facebook to grow your business. Facebook is a safe space for your business to grow. There are plenty of tools […]

10 best tools for social media managers

As a business, it is important you learn the best tools for social media managers. This is because there is a growing need for businesses to be found online and this has increased the need for social media managers. Because business has to be across social media platforms, the need for tools for effective management […]

10 things to consider while writing your Instagram Bio 

Why lookout for these things while writing your Instagram bio? Your Instagram bio is the first thing people see when they come to your profile. Your profile picture aside, what would determine if like-minded people would follow you on Instagram is your bio. By like-minded people, I mean people that would be interested in who […]