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Socialander is a digital marketing agency that doubles all your business’s digital and social engagement efforts into a revenue-generating channel. Whether you seek to increase your brand awareness or build your leads and consequently sales numbers, you must know how to position yourself correctly for media buying.

Top Scale Media Buying

Media Buying has become a vital process as it helps businesses fully utilize their paid marketing efforts. As more channels and platforms usher themselves into the internet space, marketers are always confused regarding the place wherein they will gain the best results.

Every platform has a unique way of working. Additionally, it has its own unique customers who have peculiar interests that align at certain levels. Every business can gain massively by having high converting campaigns when they understand media buying and do it correctly.

You can learn how Socialander can help you achieve all these objectives by taking a free consultation with us. You can also start a project when you’re convinced so you can see the magic happen in your business.

How Does Our Media Buying Template Help Your Business Profits

Efficient media buying focuses not only on purchasing ad spaces. It also helps the involved teams and owners profit massively with little investment. In essence, there will be higher conversion rates for stakeholders and clients, which is the desired goal.

Media buying when done correctly is helpful. They include:

Gain Perfect Spots

If you have an outstanding product and advertise to the wrong audience, you will simply try to fit a round peg in a square hole. A good media buyer like Socialander knows the environments wherein certain businesses will thrive and others wherein it will trump.

We always stay on top of trends in every part of the world and this helps us find the right spaces in these trends that will help boost the sales numbers.

Grab Hottest Deal

Media buying offers a tremendous opportunity wherein individuals can maximize the value of their investment. At Socialander, we employ the best negotiation techniques and common industry practices such as brand value cost and the average cost of getting a quality lead.

A very interesting aspect of media buying is that media buyers can be tacked to an agreement that refers to ad space or impressions without charge. When you worked with experienced media buyers like us, we will help you negotiate prices that will increase your reach or frequency and you get the best value from the correct channels that help you gain the best results.

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Plan Campaign Easily

Planning a campaign is a herculean task for business professionals who don’t have enough knowledge regarding the process involved in creating a digital marketing campaign or any other sort of campaign. A perfect example would know when to place certain ads throughout the day.

By drawing from the experiences we have from creating other campaigns, we apply them when we negotiate ad placements for maximum returns.

What Are the Common Challenges Businesses Encounter In Media Buying

Investing in professional media buying is not a look over for any business who wants to gain market dominance. And this is one of the core things we help businesses avoid by getting them to trust us with everything concerning media buying to ensure they profit from their campaigns.

By utilizing our analytical abilities, we create KPIs and tailor them to convert massively. Of course, it is one tactic used when a business desires to convert leads to customers. These strategies help annul the common challenges in media buying that include:

Marketing Measurement

In spending media funds, all buyers must plug in to the markets that are working so they can then better allocate budgets. Notwithstanding, many companies cannot use an attribution model that accurately expresses their entire media structure. This way, you never know how a certain ad placement has performed, and this leaves no further line of action.

Optimizing Active Campaigns

Media buyers encounter problems when optimizing ads mid-campaign. Because they can’t get some of their numbers until the marketing campaign is complete, they cannot steadily adjust the advertising budget on the go. To deal with this problem, we invest in marketing platforms with the processing power to deliver huge insights on marketing performance while the campaign is active.

Staying Away From Ad Fraud

Ad fraud happens for so many reasons. When a business has to pay for ad space and still run deep into their pockets for funds whenever there is a click/impression. This sort of fraud is highly popular in the aspect of programmatic advertising. Using programmatic buying can be beneficial for real-time ad placements, but can also result in ad fraud as the brief review on where these ads go poses an enormous problem.

Clear Contracts

Contract negotiations pose another challenge in media buying. Ensuring that everything negotiated and stated clearly in the contract is vital to ensure both parties meet specific expectations. For example, if an advertiser only wants to target leads in Africa, the advertiser has to clearly state it. By failing to consider this contract, a business can overspend.

Who Needs Media Buying?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a business-to-business or a business-to-customer company; you need media buying if you want to scale at large.

Media buying, when done correctly, amounts to over 10% of your business profits. You get to send your ad to the right places wherein your target audience will see them and click.

Socialander researches and possesses a wide knowledge of media buying and we walk all our customers through a process that best benefits their business model. As long as your goal remains to convert a high number of converting customers from a campaign, you need media buying to help you.

What Media Channel Will Give The Highest Conversions?

Every media channel plays a key role in ensuring you achieve your goal. While print media helps you in terms of content marketing, broadcasting media helps you reach a wider variety of audiences. Additionally, you get to paint a descriptive picture in the minds of the viewers.

Basically, there are three types of media channels and they include:

Print Media

Print media creates an avenue for businesses to reach customers according to their geographic situation, language, or selective interests. Besides, they help companies create the reputation and brand message while building stellar engagement simultaneously. Print media is a very expensive channel to use, and it adopts a one-way communication medium.

The different print media channels include:

  • newspapers;
  • leaflets;
  • magazines;
  • brochures;
  • books;
  • flyers;
  • banners;
  • business cards.

Broadcasting Media

Broadcasting media wields a powerful influence and gains immense user attention. These media help paint a vivid picture in the minds of the viewers as advertisers can introduce soundtracks and visual connotations to showcase a product. Alternatively, this type of advertising media is crucially expensive, as it also provides a one-way communication pattern.

Broadcasting media channels include:

  • television;
  • radio;
  • movies;
  • shows.

Digital Media

Digital channels are the most popular and most used channels for all forms of advertising. They combine print and broadcasting advertising in so many ways. These channels give a high level of flexibility in terms of prices and rates while having a wider audience with diverse and selective interests.

Digital channels provide two-way channels that enable business professionals to get feedback from their customers. The quick response and high engagement rate are perfect metrics that enable you to measure a channel’s effectiveness.

Digital media channels include;

  • website;
  • landing page;
  • email;
  • social media networks;
  • podcasts;
  • search engine;
  • blog;
  • mobile;
  • videos;
  • webinars.

Connect With The Right Company To Set You Ahead In Media Buying

If you have searched the internet and executed plenty of research regarding media buying, you don’t need to go any further. You would actually profit more if you invested that time and energy into other areas of your business, and left that aspect for Socialander.

The experts at Socialander, with their deep experience, will study your business offerings and offer you a plethora of environments wherein any of your digital marketing campaigns will thrive. Places wherein you can get negotiable rates that give huge ROI.

Our team has helped a lot of businesses double their business profits and you can be the next person if you decide to work with us today. Just start a consultation session by clicking I want a Free Consultation Session” or you can simply Start a Project.

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