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Social media platforms host the largest number of individuals gathered in an environment. Statistics show that more than half of the world’s population is on any of the many social media channels. And this is an enormous market to whom you can sell your products and services.

But in getting to your customer, you need to have accounts on any platforms of your choice and your accounts have to possess a good following to build more interest. Possessing a good following and quality engagement connotes you must know how to grow your social media presence.

If you don’t, this is what this article will clearly explain to you taking you from how to set up a social media account to the hacks you have to implement to grow your account followers making it easier for leads to believe the brand and communicate actively with it.

1. Clearly Label Goals and Objectives

Your business goals should not only focus on core tasks that bring direct revenue to you. Instead, it should focus on all productive tasks that can bring leads to your business. And therefore it is important that you set achievable and realistic goals for your social media.

Your goals could include growing your social media following, increasing profile views for your business pages, and also pulling up engagement as well.

2. Include Personalization

Personalization is a vital aspect of content and social media marketing. Research suggests that customers love specialized attention from their vendors, and implementing this strategy for your social media is a great way to grow your influence and presence on the social media space.

A great way to improve personalization would be to use customer names, celebrate loyal customers, and send wishes on any of their special celebrations.

3. Introduce Social Media Icons on Your Website

Your website is the first point of interaction for any visitor that seeks to connect with your brand. Hence, your website needs to have the needed essentials to make each visitor take part in a unique user interphase experience.

But a beautiful design, lots of traffics, and outstanding functionality won’t help you grow your social media presence. You need to ensure you create a channel that allows traffic flow from your website to your social media channels.

If people aren’t accessing your website from your social media pages, then you’re fully using one of the key strategies that help to convert your leads to customers. Because social media channels have more visitors, ensure they follow a funnel to your website.

By creating this funnel, you make it easier to sell to your visitors which will help reduce advertising costs by a large margin.

5. Share & Engage With Your Content

Many businesses share content on social media but hardly engage with their audience on their content. This is bad because when this engagement doesn’t receive the requisite feedback, it will discourage your followers from engaging, which will consequently reduce traffic.

Ensure you have a professional social media management company or expert social media managers handling your social media platforms. These professionals know the best time to post on social media for the highest engagement.

6. Create an Integrated Social Media Strategy

You cannot grow your social media presence without an integrated strategy that is adjustable and has been proven to yield results when applied under the same circumstances. In most cases, the same strategy cannot work for two businesses as their target market may differ.

An integrated strategy makes it easy to spread content and engage actively with them across all platforms. It makes monitoring progress easy on all levels as you can know the platforms that give you the best engagement and value in comparison to others.

7. Produce & Promote Valuable Content

Bill Gates connoted “Content is King”, and he is correct by a large margin. Most terminologies that have been introduced have strongly relied on content.

Creating content doesn’t come easy, but you can follow a strategy that will ensure it flows smoothly. You can use Trello to set up a content calendar that will help you keep content ideas you can share. Constantly ensure you continually produce and promote valuable content.

8. Use Social Media Icons For Emails

Emails are one the most personalized form of marketing. For this reason, email marketing converts more than any other form of marketing.

In learning to grow your social media presence, you need to introduce social media icons that direct your subscribers to your page on emails you send them. You don’t need any technical knowledge to set this up, as you can easily integrate these icons on your mail account.

9. Introduce Competitions With Winning Prizes

Competitions draw many people together as there’s a desire to lift the winning prize among the competitors. Additionally, spectators can get to root for their favourite participants competing for the grand price.

Creating competitions will draw many people who will get to know about your brand. It is a strong lead generation tool also used to grow your social media presence. When creating competitions, the rule is simple: create something within your budget with a fair and measurable judgement scale.

10. Upload Content Frequently

Updating content seldomly will limit the amount of engagement you can draw on your platform. In social media, the rule is the same as your visitors constantly want to engage with interactive content that either teaches them, encourages them, or improves their life.

To ensure you never run out of content to upload, you need to have a content calendar that will allow you create specific type of content on certain days.

11. Outsource To Professionals

Social media has many moving parts and it will be difficult for you to put a high level of focus on social media without letting other areas of your business suffer. Even if you did it on your own, you would need to learn about the different hacks to help you perform optimally.

To be honest, you shouldn’t handle your social media channels. Instead, you can easily outsource to a social media management company who won’t burn holes in your budget while helping you gain traction, increase brand awareness and build followers on social media.

12. Do your Research

Research helps you avoid staying put with conventional method of running your social media as it helps you learn newer processes that are drawing more traffic.

In executing your research, you need to start by understanding or building a good knowledge block of what your competition is doing and what the major industry professionals are saying about the next big move in social media.

13. Optimize your Social Media Accounts

When people search social media channels for common high ranking keywords like “cake”, the handles that are well optimized for these keywords show up. It would be bad that you miss out on such huge traffic simply because you failed to optimize your handles.

So, ensure you optimize your handles to get visible on social media platforms.

14. Use Trendy Hashtags

Hashtags connect people to a particular event, conversation or a trend. This eliminates the burden of sieving through every conversation that has a common tagline with what a searcher seeks.

When using hashtags, ensure you avoid using obsolete hashtags that no one is searching on. Instead, uncover the trendy hashtags that people are currently searching.

15. Include FAQ Section

More than half of recent visitors to your social media come with questions regarding your products and services. If you have a small business, you might not afford for a 24/7 customer service team, and if your visitors don’t get their answers, they might never return.

An FAQ section on your social media page will help your visitors get answers to their questions immediately. This is a great way to grow your social media presence across all platforms.

16. Encourage Clients to Share and Connect

If you own a business, you need to ensure you’re at the forefront of promoting your business. You might hire an agency to help you with the work, but you have to be the major face of your brand.

Clients need to keep sharing their social media content across a range of platforms.

17. Address Customer Problems Efficiently

Customers can encounter problems when interacting or patronizing any of your products or services. Although they can try to access you through your website, some of them would prefer social media. Hence, you need to ensure you respond to their problems.

Your social media managers or management company should have working knowledge of the business to ensure they accurately respond to the requests of customers.

18. Use A Growth Hacking Plan

Everything grows with a working plan. However, when you implement growth hacking, you can 2x the speed at which you will grow your social media presence.

There are so many ways to implement growth hacking on the social media platforms of your business.

19. Treat Each Social Network as an Individual One

Every social media platform has its algorithms, hence, there’s no one fit-for-all strategy to use when you want to build your business presence on any of them.

Studying each social media network and observing their workings will help you and your team better manipulate these platforms effectively.

20. Go Further in Customer Service

Building quality customer relations is important if you want your business to scale. However, you must ensure you build customer relations using all the channels of interaction, especially social media.

By creating a record of constant communication with your audience on social media, you can boost your numbers and brand.

21. Keep Doing What Works

There’s a formula for growth that can help you build your presence on social media. And when you find it, don’t be quick to change tactics. Ensure you properly use the tactics to build your online presence and only feel the need to change when you see something that works better.


A lot of businesses have discovered that growing their social media presence helps them easily get more leads, build brand awareness, and reach a wider audience. Of course, social media platforms constantly possess a huge number of active users every day.

There are many strategies that a business professional can leverage, although uploading contents, using personalization, and optimizing social media profiles help a lot more than others. And the place of professionals handling your business social media accounts is highly beneficial.

Socialander is a social media and digital management agency that can help any business double its profit and reach on social media. You can start this process when you book free marketing consultation with our team by clicking “I want a Free Consultation Session, and you will see your social media improve.

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