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Are you looking for a trusted and reliable WordPress Website Design Company in Nigeria?

Socialander is here for you! We offer full WordPress Website Design Services.

Our WordPress experts will help you set up the best web platform for managing your website.

Socialander Digital Marketing Agency offers professional WordPress design and development services.

We also offer other services ranging from Digital Marketing, App Development, Web Development, Branding, SEO, etc.

Socialander is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos, Nigeria, that offers top-notch digital marketing services.

Today, let’s discuss WordPress Website Design Services and why you need a website for your business.

Wordpress Website Design Services

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) used in creating a standard Website, Stand-alone Pages and Blogs.

You can achieve great results for your business with this Most Popular Content Management System.

After visiting a WordPress website, you’re most likely to have done a Google search for “What is WordPress” after seeing a WordPress website.

WordPress powers over 38 percent of all websites. That means that WordPress services are trusted by approximately one-third of websites.

You can search for “how to create a WordPress website,” and you will find this platform is highly user-friendly.

The original WordPress development team envisioned creating a digital space for users to share their stories freely. 

They made sure that the following are available for users:

  • The software is free to use.
  • Modify or extend the WordPress code as needed.
  • You can use the platform for commercial purposes without paying license fees.

What is WordPress, and how is it used today?

WordPress is an open-source platform and content management system (CMS) that powers:

  • Websites
  • Enterprise websites
  • Blogs
  • Applications
  • Complex portals etc.

WordPress terminology states that themes determine the look and feel of your website, while plugins add functionality such as adding contact forms or installing (SEO) tools. 

A WordPress web designer will focus on branding and visual elements, while a WordPress developer will deal with the code.

A WordPress website can open up endless possibilities. 

However, you will need to work with a professional WordPress development and design team to bring your vision to life.

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Why Your Company Need a WordPress Website Design

A site optimized for search can help you be easily found online and boost your visibility.

Although we have covered “What is WordPress” and “What WordPress is used for,” it is essential to discuss how WordPress web design can benefit your business. 

You don’t need to be a WordPress developer or designer to get the benefits of WordPress.

Your website must be easily found online to increase sales. 

Your web design must be attractive and provide your customers with all the required information. 

It should be easy to navigate and offer the best browsing experience.

WordPress design services can help you create everything you want for your business website.

For a top-performing website, you need WordPress development. Here’s why:

  • WordPress Website Design Flexibility

A WordPress expert can help you create a fully customizable website. 

WordPress website design allows you to showcase your eCommerce store, blog, or business website in the most professional way possible. 

A WordPress developer can create a unique WordPress website for you from more than 5,000 WordPress themes.

  • Simple-to-Use Content Management System

The site administration doesn’t need to be complicated. The core WordPress development team designed the platform to be accessible to non-technical users. 

WordPress CMS is so easy to use that anyone can feel like a WordPress web designer. 

Logging on to the WordPress admin dashboard is all it takes. You can add or update web content immediately after refreshing the page.

  • WordPress Website Plugins

WordPress is often referred to as a visual editor. However, WordPress’s web design capabilities are pretty impressive. 

Plugins allow you to add visual sliders, custom forms, and other striking elements to your WordPress website. 

They also provide powerful analytics and WordPress SEO tools. 

The free plugins, which number over 50,000, simplify building a fully functional WordPress website.

  • SEO-Ready WordPress Web Design

The platform offers excellent WordPress SEO plugins and is designed to optimize your website as simply as possible. 

It is easy to include keywords in your permalinks and add metadata to all posts. 

You can also optimize images with alt text, which will help you build a strong WordPress SEO foundation. 

WordPress themes and plugins provide a great user experience, which Google rewards with a higher search ranking.

WordPress experts will help your site perform better, generate more leads and attract more visitors. 

A WordPress website design agency can help you achieve optimized sites faster than hand-coding them.

Socialander Digital Marketing Agency provides WordPress website design services that improve user experience (UX). 

This is great for search engines and even better for conversions.

Let’s show you how to create a user-friendly WordPress website and use our WordPress development services to make it more profitable. 

Kindly book a consultation today with our team of WordPress Experts.

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Professional WordPress Sites That Will Skyrocket Your Business

Increase Your Customer Base with a Better Online Presence.

We have been creating WordPress websites that are optimized for online success for over five years. 

Our WP experts will use proven techniques to increase website rankings, drive traffic and improve quality leads.

These are the comments of our satisfied clients:

Customer Reviews

Socialander WordPress Web Design Services

Get more customers with a top-performing website when you choose our services today.

Below are the web design services you stand to get for your business when you work with us.

1. Professional WordPress Design and development

We have years of experience in WordPress development and design, which allows us to create a website that will generate profitable results for your business. 

An experienced WordPress designer will find the best SEO-friendly theme, and a WordPress developer can modify the code to your specifications. 

Our WordPress agency will create a site that is both beautiful and functional.

2. WordPress Management

We can help you build a WordPress website that is 100 percent satisfactory. 

The way to do this is often via HTML and CSS. Our WordPress management services do the rest. 

The WordPress platform handles most of the technical work. Our WordPress design company can help you place content and maximize the platform’s customization options.

3. WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance services are essential. WordPress releases updates like other software. 

This can impact your site in several ways. 

Our WordPress maintenance services will ensure that your site runs smoothly when platform changes occur. 

To protect your web content, our WordPress Design Agency makes regular backups.

4. Content Writing

Asking early WordPress users, “What was WordPress used for?” they will tell you about its easy-to-use publishing tools. 

Our WordPress management services include updating your website with written content, such as blogs or information pages for products and services.

5. WordPress SEO

Ask any top WordPress web design agency to discuss the platform’s benefits. 

Most will quote Matt Cutts from Google, who says WordPress covers 80-90 percent of your SEO requirements. 

Our WordPress development company’s role is to help you improve your search engine performance. 

Your site structure should be SEO-friendly. Our WordPress design services include monitoring and creating your keyword strategy.

6. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Do you wish to know how to create a WordPress website that will be a powerful lead generation tool?

Our WordPress services include CRO strategies that minimize friction on every corner of your website and ensure maximum usability. 

Our WordPress web design company will help you guide your site visitors through your sales funnel with an optimized user interface.

7. Technical SEO

WordPress web design and technical SEO go hand in hand to make sure your website is mobile-responsive. 

Our WordPress development services include auditing your sitemap, URL structures, image alt attributes, and header tags for best search performance. 

Our technical SEO specialists will provide dedicated WordPress support.

8. WordPress Custom Web Design

Our WordPress design agency can create an SEO-friendly custom theme for your site if you have more specific requirements than the existing WordPress templates. 

Your WordPress web design team will work with you to define the functionality you need and use powerful plugins. 

Or, a WordPress web developer can program a plugin using PHP.

9. WordPress Web Hosting

The WordPress website design prices we offer are competitive and come with premium hosting services. 

WordPress gives you the freedom to choose your hosting provider, giving you more control over page speed. 

Our WordPress Agency hosts WordPress websites.

You can trust our 24/7 monitoring to ensure site security and lightning-fast page loads.

10.  ADA Compliance Services

Our WordPress design agency adheres to all standards of accessibility as set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design (ADA). 

Our WordPress website design agency will make sure that your site is accessible to people with disabilities by providing audio descriptions, video captions, and other navigation options. 

Our WordPress design services offer a great user experience and are inclusive.

11.  Video Production

Socialander Agency also specializes in creating video content that conveys your key information in an easy-to-understand format. 

Our WordPress development team will help you show brand videos, testimonials, and highlights to grab your customer’s attention. 

We can produce a customized WordPress pricing plan and offer video production services.

12.  WordPress Website Audit

Third-party plugins and software updates can have various effects on your site. 

Sometimes, these issues are not evident to a WordPress designer. Regular audits are part of our WordPress support services. 

These audits look for any issues or threats that could affect your site’s performance. 

Our WordPress agency performs regular scans to ensure that your site is safe from malware.

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Why Hire a WordPress Website Design Agency?

Our experts will help you stay ahead of your competition

It will take more than just basic functionality and templates to make your site stand out. 

You should partner with a top WordPress web design agency if you want to be able to compete.

If you’re looking for the Top WordPress Website Design Agency, then Socialander is your best bet.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a WordPress company.

  • Maximum Efficiency

An experienced WordPress agency will have years of experience, which is not comparable to trying it yourself. 

A WordPress web designer with years of experience will be able to quickly create or modify your website and get it up and running. 

WordPress was created for speedy website building. A WordPress design company will work efficiently to get your project online.

  • Custom Fit Design

WordPress website design services go beyond creating a website. They also help you to create your brand’s best online presence. 

A WordPress website design agency will schedule regular meetings with you and your team to understand your project requirements fully. 

Your goal is to create the perfect site. A design team with a deep understanding of WordPress design services will help you achieve this.

  • Stress-Free Management

A WordPress website design services company creates a staging site to ensure your website meets your expectations. 

Your WordPress developer will then create a staging site to communicate with them about any changes to your website. 

A WordPress web design agency will take care of any issues that may arise on your website.

  • Multi-Layer Support

A reliable WordPress web design company will know that a site is not only about good design. 

It must also have a robust foundation primed for SEO, fast page load speed, and ensure mobile responsiveness at all times. 

These strategies should be in your mind at all times. A WordPress design agency can help you with this.

A great website is essential. Your website should be the most effective online representation of your brand. It should also serve as a lead generation tool. 

Your WordPress website is only as good as the quality of your WordPress design company. 

Socialander Digital Marketing Agency aims at impressing it and making it world-class.

Why Choose Socialander as your WordPress Website Design Company?

A functional and attractive website will impress your customers.

1. We are More Than A WordPress Design Company

Apart from providing WordPress website design services for an end-to-end, the Socialander team includes experts in digital marketing, pay-per-click, Social Media, SEO, and many other areas. 

We take a holistic approach when delivering WordPress web design services to maximize your results. 

Enjoy the flexibility of our WordPress website design pricing and reap the benefits of our full-service agency.

2. We Craft Custom-Centric Strategies

We place the highest importance on your business goals, and that is why we offer WordPress website design services. 

Our approach to building your website is focused on achieving specific goals, such as increasing leads and improving brand identity. 

Our WordPress management services focus on building a high-converting, authentic website.

3. We create sales-focused sites

Our full-service WordPress web design agency has the advantage of knowing how to drive sales. 

Your digital marketing requirements can be seamlessly integrated into your WordPress web design pricing. 

We include clear calls to action (CTAs), simplify page navigation, and conduct A/B testing to determine the most profitable strategies. 

This allows you to focus your website on sales.

4. We offer superior website analytics

Your website is key to digital marketing success and brand campaigns. 

We provide advanced tracking and site analytics tools and create reports that will allow your business to measure the success of your campaigns. 

Our WordPress web developer will verify that your data is accurate as part of our WordPress maintenance services.

5. We Stay Ahead of The Curve

Socialander WordPress designers keep up-to-date with the latest design trends to be industry leaders. 

Our WordPress development strategies are regularly updated to reflect significant changes like software updates, ADA guidelines changes, and search engine algorithm changes. 

With WordPress services, our team will take every opportunity to help you grow your brand.

6. Always on Time

Depending on the site’s complexity, the development timeline could take as little as one week or as much as four weeks. 

We won’t make promises, but we will deliver within a realistic and mutually agreed-upon timeframe. 

We will meet all milestones in WordPress development on time. 

Socialander values responsiveness and timeliness. 

We deliver work that meets all your requirements and ensures 100 percent customer satisfaction.

7. The WordPress Expert Process

We will create a website that is easy to navigate for your brand.

You now know what WordPress is, how it is used, and why you need one. It’s time to get started. 

Socialander is an award-winning Website design company that delivers meaningful results and an outstanding client experience.

Our expert process and intense client focus will propel you online to success.

  • Our experts will make recommendations based on an in-depth understanding of your goals.
  • We will define the scope of your project and gather the team to build your site.
  • Your project manager will deliver WordPress services that are aligned with your needs.
  • You have full administrative access to your site.
  • We keep in touch with you and provide unbeatable WordPress support services.


Since 2017, Socialander Digital Marketing Agency has been fully engaged into WordPress Website Design and Development Services. 

Socialander offers a WordPress website design price that works for you. 

Our WordPress maintenance services will keep your website looking great and running smoothly once it is up and running. 

Our WP experts will help you make your website more functional while focusing on your core business.

Contact us today for the best WordPress Website Design Services and Solutions for your Business, and we will work with you according to your budget.

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