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What is Brand Identity for Your Company?

Is it your logo? Your color palette? Your infographic style? It’s all that and a lot of.

Branding professional Marty Neumeier explained what it is on her own terms.  

Brand identity is “the outward expression of a brand. This is together with its trademark, name, communications, and visual look.”  

To us, a brand identity is an aggregation of what your brand appearance feels, and speaks to folks. (Sometimes that even includes yet it sounds, tastes, feels, and even smells.)

In other words, a brand identity could be thanks to communicating with the planet. You differentiate yourself from your competition. Also, you build brand expertise that encourages folks to have interacted with you.

Moreover, some brands elevate this term to an art form (think Apple, LEGO, or Levi’s). But, some brands create it as their entry into the taking part in field (think Warby Parker or Casper). 

Also, some (okay, many) brands struggle as a result of they don’t grasp who they’re or don’t skills to speak it. 

Thus, not sure if your current brand identity works for you. 

Here are nine signs it doesn’t.)

Regardless of wherever you fall on its spectrum, one issue is certain. If you would like to be a competitive and triple-crown company. 

So,  crafting a robust brand identity is obligatory. after you will with success communicate WHO you are. In other words,  you’ll higher communicate with folks. Also, type the strong relationships you wish for long-run success.

What will a brand Identity Include?

A brand and a color palette alone don’t create a brand identity. Once you are planning your identity, you wish to form a comprehensive visual language. 

This applies to everything from your website to your packaging. looking at your brand and the kind of content you propose to create. In other words, your wants are also a lot of expensive. But,  a basic brand identity includes:

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Design System
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Data visual image
  • Interactive parts
  • Video and motion
  • Web design

Remember: Your brand identity ought to translate across mediums. So,  embody everything you wish to form certain it will.

The Keys to a robust brand Identity

That said because you design those parts doesn’t mean they’re effective. A robust brand identity must work for everybody. Each your internal team (e.g., whole ambassadors, content creators).  Thus,  the folks that can act with it (e.g., customers). 

As you begin the planning method, certify your whole identity is:

  • Distinct: It stands out among competitors and catches people’s attention.
  • Memorable: It makes a visible impact. (Consider Apple: the brand is unforgettable. So they embody the log not their name on their product.
  • Scalable and flexible: It will grow and evolve with the whole.
  • Cohesive: each bit enhances the whole identity.
  • Easy to apply: It’s intuitive and clear for designers to use.

If any of those parts are missing, it’ll be difficult for your whole team to try to

How to Build a Brand Identity

To clarify the method for you, we’ve crafted this stepwise guide to creating an identity for this term. The method will appear discouraging. But, we’ve been through it again and again with our inventive partners.  (and through our own rebranding). So, we all know primary what mistakes to avoid, and the way to form it easier on everybody.

If your brand is in its early stages of getting ready to rebrand. Undecided wherever to begin, follow the following tips to maneuver through the method.  In summary, build a stronger brand identity that sets you up for achievement.

STEP 1: Complete Your brand Strategy

Your brand strategy could be elaborated. Also, an arrangement that outlines what you’re making an attempt reach to reach. But, you also want to meet the way you’re reaching to achieve it. 

It’s comprised of your:

  • The Heart of the Brand(purpose, vision, mission, values)
  • The messaging of the Brand (brand voice, temperament, tagline, value prop, whole electronic communication pillars)
  • The identity of the brand (logo, color, typography, etc.)

Your brand identity is a tool to assist you to communicate your brand. Thus,  supporting your brand strategy. Before you dive into your brand identity.  It is vital to have a completely full-clad strategy.

STEP 2: Probe Your Current brand Identity

When you begin a branding project. So, you would approach every section from a philosophical and essential standpoint. You would inspect, poke, and produce till you get to the core of your whole.

Whether you’re building your brand identity from scratch. It could change a stale identity, you wish a full assessment of:

The current state of your brand’s identity

How that brand identity can be  tweaked to align together with your goals going forward

The goal is to know but your brand is perceived. Obtaining an honest and correct reflection is that the thanks to perceiving.  But,  you’re succeeding or you wish to course correct.

STEP 3: Grasp Your Personas

Your brand identity is the “face” that interacts with the complete world. In other words, what you produce ought to communicate who you’re. 

But, one common idea is that a brand identity is aware of what your brand desires to gift. This isn’t so true. It’s aware of what your brand’s customers wish to have interaction with, or are aware of interacting with. If your identity doesn’t resonate with them, it won’t be effective.

This doesn’t mean your brand’s customers can opt for your brand color.  It means you may create more practical style selections. This is once you perceive their wants, wants, and values.

STEP 4: Determine Your Competition

Building a brand identity is about differentiation. Creating your brand visible, relevant, and unique. 

But, while not a firm understanding of your competitive landscape, it’s simple to mix in. Thus, it’s crucial to know who your competition is.

  In other words, your brand compares, in perception and presentation.

STEP 5: Write Your Inventive Temporary

Once you’ve completed the previous steps, you have got the knowledge you wish to begin style. Yet, you shouldn’t jump right in. In other words, begin with an inspired temporary that details the pertinent information. 

Also,  you wish to stay your team on an identical page. In addition,  make sure you produce a visible identity that aligns with your brand.

STEP 6: Brainstorm Your Visuals

By now, you have got plenty of data to assist you. The data would assist in your competitive analysis, brand audit, personas, and brief. At this stage, you would need that text-based info and translate it into visual ideas.

Luckily, the knowledge you have got is steeped in emotional language. This is about your brand’s temperament, goals, and values. In summary,  the challenge is to work out a way to communicate. Also, enhance those sentiments through visuals.

STEP 7: Style Your Individual Parts

Here comes the fun (and challenging) half. you would like to design every part within the order set here, as every part influences the opposite.


A brand identity is an intricate style system. Every part influences the opposite. But, it starts together with your brand.

STEP 8: Build Your brand vogue Guide

The only issue a lot of heartrending than a designed brand identity could be a designed identity.  A brand vogue guide is that the savior here if it’s crafted the proper approach.

How to Keep Your brand Identity Strong

Designing a successful brand identity takes heaps of work and collaboration. In order to stay your team on an identical page and empower them to try to do the simplest job doable, certify they are:

  • Educated: resolve what brand identity mistakes to avoid at each stage.
  • Inspired: verify these fifteen samples of brands with an amazing visual identity.
  • Equipped: bookmarker these seventy-five tips, tools, and resources. This is  to assist your team produce an excellent brand identity. Also, resolve the way to certify all  your content is on-brand going forward.


 In conclusion, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t have the resources to need on the project yourself. Thus, take into account delivery in some professional help. 

Follow our tips to search out the proper inventive agency for you, or chat with us. Socialander Digital Agency is happy to assist you to get your brand on the proper track.

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