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Disseminating Information to the Public to Positively Better A Brand

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Having a good Public relationship has been seen to positively affect a brand’s repute, increase client base, generate more leads and increase conversion ratio.

The benefit of a good public relation services should be made a priority for any brand that seeks to make better ROI.

At Socialander, our talented publicists know how to effectively engage with the public, using both appealing digital and classic public relations strategies.

Our ties with the media, online influencers, and bloggers help you gain visibility by promoting your brand on major social media sites, blogs, and local and national periodicals.

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A Brief on Public Relations (PR)?

Public relations (PR) is a set of techniques and strategies for controlling how information about a person or corporation is communicated to the general public, particularly the media.

It’s main objectives are to convey key company news or events, maintain a positive brand image, and put a positive spin on negative occurrences in order to minimize their consequences.

A company’s press release, news conference, interviews with journalists, social media posting, or other venues are all examples of public relations.

Every person or business that operates in the public spotlight risks having information about them or their activities leaked to the public.

While public relations is a separate industry, any endeavour to present oneself in a certain light to others can be considered public relations.


Benefits of Public Relations to Businesses

The benefits of public relations are enormous, but we have listed below some key benefits that a good public relations service can provide you.

  • It gives you an edge over competitors who aren’t concentrating on media placement.
  • It increases the reputation of your firm, giving your traditional advertising more value.
  • It helps create awareness for the product or services your firm offers.
  • Your company’s image will be more influential.
  • It would increase SEO visibility, social community size, and the email list size of your brand.
  • Image and public impression of your organization are bolstered.

Why Socialander for Public Relationship Service?

Every business has a goal they intend to achieve. And it is pertinent that the services to be employed to achieve that goal be feasible.

At Socialander, we truly understand this and have given below some reasons why you should invest with us.

1. Vast Industry Experience

At Socialander, our team of experts in public relationship service have over the years worked with different sectors and brands. This is a feat that has kept us running and we intend to keep.

With every sector that comes up daily, we ensure to keep up to date on how to manage the sector and improve its public relations with our expertise.

2. Good Media Coverage

Socialander is a 360- Degree focused digital marketing agency that focuses on utilizing various strategies to drive results for its clients. When sourced for public relationship service, we incorporate the knowledge of online reputation management to gain better grounds on social media platforms for our clients.

Also, our standing reputation with various industry influencers will be utilized to offer the best public relations service to the brands that sourced our service.

3. Metrics of our Campaign

At socialander, we measure the metrics of our campaign and ensure to share them with our clients. We measure the metrics of our campaign with press clippings, website traffic, market surveys, social media mentions amongst other software tools that we employ.

4. Team Players

Employing the service of our public relations expert does not outrightly mean we would push your marketing team out the door. At Socialander, we believe in a team, and would work with your marketing team to ensure that the campaign for your public relation campaign  moves smoothly and produces the desired result.

5. Mission Strategy

Public relation is a service that would require some time to build. When our public relations service is sourced, we set smart, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals. Unlike other public relation agencies, we are transparent with how long we think a tangible result can be achieved, and also, how we can get started with your clients amongst other mission strategies.

6. Pricing Structure

Socialander is a digital agency that understands the rigor of having to part with money for both small and big businesses. With this in mind, we have various pricing packages that would suit all levels of business.

7. Dedicated Account Manager

When a brand sources our service, we delegate an account manager to the brand. The account manager would coordinate the team to ensure success is achieved with the campaign. Unlike other agencies, your dedicated account manager would be easily accessed by you.

Also, we do not restrict the platform of communication with our account manager, therefore you can access our account manager via Telegram, Pinterest, Email, and other platforms you may feel comfortable with. 

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Public Relation Services we Offer

At Socialnder, we offer various public relations services that would suit any industry. Hence, a dive into the services we offer would give you an insight into the public relations service you require to drive results:

1. Reputation management

At socialander, reputation management is one of the main services that our public relations firms offer. And when a client sources for this service, we employ methods such as email newsletters,  blog content, social media management, responding to reviews (both negative and positive), and engaging with the followers of a brand.

2. Crisis Management

Playing the victim game has never been a good strategy for any brand. When a crisis comes a brand’s way, the services of a good public relations firm should be sourced. Just like the saying goes “Bad publicity can be reverse engineered to good publicity”.

At Socialander, we have a team of experts in public relations who can reverse engineer crises to your favor. You may think you are playing safe, but a look at data from PwC shows that  69% of leaders have experienced at least one corporate crisis in the last five years,  with the average number of crises experienced being three.

3. Media Relations

The media can be a tool to generate more ROI or a tool that can mar your brand. It all depends on how it is utilized. With the public relations team of Socialander, the media can be efficiently utilized to serve your brand.

For example, we could pitch your company to journalists and influencers, in order to attain mentions in industry news and get more media coverage. 

With our host of influencers, this can be easily achieved without you having to spend extra.

4. Social Media

Virtually everyone has one social media account. This necessitates the need for you to employ the services of a public relations team for your brand.  When our public relations experts handle your social media accounts, they would look out for negative reviews and immediately work on them to prevent escalation. Also, with meaningful content would they engage your followers in a bid to gain more confidence for your brand.

5. Speech Writing

A well-delivered speech at any press conference or industry event can garner your brand the desired visibility and also a good public opinion. 

Any speeches given on behalf of your company should represent your brand as a whole. If anyone in your company has to give a speech, you might consider hiring a PR agency to handle the strategic messaging. 

With Socialander, we understand the psychology of man, and we have kept the feat for clients that employed our services for speech writing.

6. Press Releases

When our company launches a new product, campaign or movement, a press release would be required. With a good public relations service, the media would be used as a tool to keep individuals in anticipation of the product. When the product is eventually released, a large number of clients would be waiting for the product.

7. Market Research

The reason your brand still stands is due to patronage from clients. With Socialander’s public relations expert, more clients can be reached. With the utilization of market research, we would create surveys, feedback forms amongst other methods to analyze what part of your product your clients love, and also reach out to prospective clients to determine what factors would make them patronize your brand.

8. Media Training

As a brand, your employees would at one point in time speak about your brand. And it would be a disaster if your employees give out information that does not correlate with your brand. You may say the best option would be to keep quiet in such a scenario right? Well, that would also place your brand in a negative light.

With the public relations expert at Socialander, your employees can be adequately trained on various media scenarios they could likely face and how they can respond appropriately. This can only be achieved due to the years of experience we have had. And all this experience you would get at the most affordable price!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Public Relations be Digitized?

Yes, public relations can be made digital. All it would involve is getting journalists and content blogs to link to your site. On linking to your site, your domain authority would increase and your brand would show on Google’s first page when people search for the service you offer.

2. Is Customer Service Same as Public Relations Service?

No, customer service is the support offered to customers before and after they buy and use your product. While public relation relations service is the practice of disseminating information to clients and individuals in order to place your brand in a positive light.

3. What Social Media Platforms Require Public Relations?

All social media platforms utilized by your brand require public relation service. This is because if a certain individual tarnishes the image of your brand on a social media platform you neglect, it could spiral out of that platform to other social media platforms.

4. How is Digital Public Relations Different From Traditional Public Relations?

Digital public relations is different from traditional public relations in the sense that with digital public relations search engine optimization and link building would be highly utilized while traditional public relations utilizes media platforms like magazines, newspapers, radio and television.