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Social media engagement builds customer-brand relationships, strengthens brand loyalty, and increases word-of-mouth advocacy. This is a much more potent conversion tool than advertising.

What causes the drop in content engagement? 

There are a lot of factors to consider. This is including Facebook’s News Feed changes. Also, it has reduced page reach. Brands delay or reluctance to take part in real social dialogue. Thus, this misconception is that being on social media is enough.

But showing up isn’t enough anymore. Savvy marketers know that you can’t throw a bunch of posts out there and hope that something sticks.

Audiences today get by the deluge of content that brands need to find. They find new ways to reach out rather than waiting for them to engage. 

Engagement is the key here. It involves two-way, meaningful, high-value conversations.  This is essential, the ‘social’ part of ‘social media.

If you’re seeing a drop in your engagement rates, here are ten tips to spark new ideas, and help break you out of your slump. 

 1. Be active and consistent in responding to comments and messages 

The biggest key to social media engagement success is to create long-run. Also, meaningful relationships along with your audience.

Hacking and “virtualizing” your content isn’t reaching to cut it any longer. This is what audiences crave in responsive language. In other words, an interaction that they recognize can create a distinction.

The problem faced is that while up to sixty-fifth of brands adopted social media. Their engagement efforts have been unidirectional. So, they are using social as a loudspeaker, instead of the walky-talky, it’s designed to be.

Social media care is one of every of the most effective styles of new marketing.  Also, it suggests that if brands don’t reply to comments or messages. But,  their real response is, “We don’t  care that a lot about you.”

The solution? A genuine interaction involving conversations along with your audience to help your social media engagement.

If done well, this will cause an impact, increasing your post’s organic reach. Also,  the visibility on news feeds, that then results in even higher engagement rates, and so on for your social media engagement.

Respond very fast to comments as possible. In other words,  never use cut-and-paste responses. Commonplace answers are acceptable for personal messages. But, don’t look flattering once plastered one when another on public comments.

2. Have a personality

People can create judgments about your brand. This supported how you interact with them on social media. In other words, always be authentic. 

Recognize your social media brand voice and affirmative.  So, it’s doable to own different brand voices once addressing different audiences.

In other words, this is vital as a result of eightieth of individuals on social media. So, better to follow brands supported. But, this is whether their content feels and sounds authentic for your social media engagement.

In fact, individuals unfollow brands for not having a voice. But, this is for using slang and jargon that doesn’t match their brand voice.

3. Incorporate the proper pictures into your posts

There are loads of statistics and studies. Also, it shows clear findings which are visuals matter.

Buzzsumo has shown that adding visuals to a Facebook post leads to a pair of 3x the engagement rate.  Also,  tweets with pictures will generate over one hundred. So,  fiftieth a lot of retweets as compared to text-only updates.

4. Invite feedback and reviews

Need to conduct a focus group? you’ve got the most effective pool of candidates right at your fingertips.

Ask your followers for feedback on your product or service. Also,  reply to every one of their comments (especially the negative ones).

So, strike up a language and a  couple of trending topics. Raise them with queries they’d prefer to see answered within the next journal post or webinar.

Ask them how they tackle challenges or best experience. This is with regards to a precise product or platform.   

5. Post current and relevant content

Consider sound into trending topics and doing event-based marketing on social.

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You don’t need to keep on with standard calendar holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas.  These are either popular culture holidays like Star Wars Day or National Puppy Day. In other words, it offers most a lot of potential for fun, shareable content.

There are some nice free social listening tools out there to assist you to track what’s trending at any time. If you’re searching for one thing a lot of periods and strong, attempt Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

6. Have a transparent message and call-to-action

Today is an age of transparency. Also, the delicate audience is aware once they’re bamboozled into one thing. But, sixty-six of the audience feel deceived. This is once they understand they have been made into reading paid or sponsored content.

The main takeaway is this: be direct with what you wish. Using clear words like “download”, “follow”, or “retweet” may result in up to 23x. Thus, the engagement rate compared to posts with  no clear CTAs.

7. Acknowledge your fans and post user-generated content

There are clear edges to using user-generated content for campaigns. Also,  the foremost importance of that being the rise in social media engagement rates.

Fans appreciate being recognized by their favorite brands.  But,  reposting user-generated content may be a good way to strengthen your community. Also, it helps to embody your customers within the language.

8. Set up a content calendar

There’s an old cliche: “If you fail to set up, you propose to fail”

Planning, via a content calendar or kind. It is vital to confirm that your social media postings stay consistent and timely.

9. Switch things up

Not each post format can see an equal rate of response across each audience.

Videos may get the most impressions.  But,  might not score high on engagement. This is as a result of the audience sees it a lot as a show, instead of a language.

The audience of a technology-related B2B social media page might not respond still. This is to a light-hearted GIF as compared to a considerable infographic.

A good strategy is to do a range of formats – news, quotes, humor, surveys, videos, images, infographics. Track what works, then gear your campaign.

10. keep in mind that it’s not near to what you wish

This is why social listening is so vital.  Also, you wish to know what your audience responds to. This is not specialized in what you wish to mention.

In fact, Buffer ran an experiment that showed why not talk. This is on the fact that you might be the most effective factor for your whole.

Before, they were accustomed recede from curated content. This is as a result of it didn’t have an effect on their key stats – traffic, subscriptions, sales. But,  once they began posting engagement content.  This is with zero business agenda, they found that their followers became a lot of active.


Social media engagement is an investment in long-run relationships. If you haven’t worked it out with social media is about building relationships.  

Also, follow all equal principles as the other social relationship. Be a decent perceiver, be authentic, be consistent. But,  shake things up once in a whereas. And keep in mind that it’s not near to you and your wants.

In exchange, you will get a far better understanding of your client base.  This is able to assist you to create a higher product or offer higher service.  Each key element in future-proofing your business.

In summary, relationships additionally take time. Also, don’t be discouraged if your engagement rates don’t right away nightlong.   In other words, social media may be an evolving landscape, thus be able to adapt your strategy at any time.

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