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How to Optimize & Structure A Great Facebook Event Photo

Since Facebook implemented events, brands and businesses have changed how they market events. Events are increasingly being promoted socially on social media rather than through traditional methods, such as print media or signage, which has made every Facebook event photo gain rapid attention.

The success of a Facebook event is determined by several factors. In order to make your Facebook event stand out, it is important to have the right image size and layout! Provide a thorough event description, along with the correct date, time, and location of the event.

There are endless opportunities for brands to spread their message through Facebook events and brands without a Facebook page are missing out! You can use it really easy, and I’ve included all the best practices and information to help you choose the best photo size for Facebook events. Look at these steps for how to create a professional Facebook event!

What is the Facebook Event Photo Size?

You need to upload the right size and dimensions of the Facebook event photo before you can begin creating your event. In order to be eligible for Facebook event photos, the dimensions must be 1920 x 1005.

Facebook’s new layout for 2021 has updated photo sizes for the new layout. This aspect ratio used to be 16:9, but it is now 1920 x 1080.

The size of your event photo will rapidly increase if it is smaller than 1920 pixels wide. You need a resolution of 1920 x 1005 or greater, as this will cause a loss in quality. The Facebook crop tool will crop your event photo if it’s too big or too tall.

There are many free tools that can help you create the right size Facebook event photo banner.

How to Create a Facebook Event & Photo

As soon as you’ve created your Facebook event cover photo, you can set up your event.

Create an event on Facebook by finding the Events tab in the far-left menu. Then, you need to navigate to the Events tab and click + Create Event.

After that, you will be prompted to select whether you want a Public or Private event. A new window will appear to allow you to complete all the details of your Facebook Event.

  • You can use any of the free tools to make a Facebook event cover photo.
  • Give your event a name. Make your choice stand out.
  • Your invitees should know what the event is about by writing a Facebook event description.
  • Make sure the event starts on time and ends on time.
  • Choose a location that is clearly visible to those invited (include the correct address).
  • Use relevant keywords as your event tags if it is public

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Facebook Events

It is easy to create Facebook events, and they can produce great results. You must, however, avoid some common blunders that could impede the success of your event.

Using the Wrong Cover Image

Many people are unaware that Facebook event cover photos differ from Facebook group cover photos and Facebook business page header images. Use the sizing described in this blog post to achieve the best results.


Ensure that you’re not spamming your invite list or guests. When you post in your event, it will notify people who have shown an interest in the event. So make sure you post content that is relevant and of value to those who have shown an interest.


It’s important to let those who attend the event understand exactly what to expect and what they will be signing up for. It is imperative that all the crucial information is provided ahead of time and that the Facebook event includes everything so that there are no misunderstandings when the visitor arrives at the venue.

Low Engagement and Interactivity Levels 

You can interact with your guest list when you create an event on Facebook. Being completely inactive after creating an event is something you should avoid. As previously mentioned, you need to be available to answer questions and inquiries from people. Uncertainty or poor engagement can negatively affect your event’s turnout.

Best Practices When Creating a Facebook Event

You can create easy Facebook events, but you can also take advantage of its many additional features to make your event stand out. When creating an event on Facebook, you would need to put a lot in check such as;

Forum Creation

Within your Facebook event, there is a section in which you can discuss the event or other items related to it. Use this feature to engage your invite list and utilize the two-way communication this allows.

You can create interactive polls and engage users by asking them for suggestions or creating fun polls that will keep them engaged.

Please post any news or industry information relevant to the event. Music videos and press releases from artists have been posted on concert promoters’ pages. Your event will remain top of mind for attendees if this is done.

Your response is of the utmost importance in a Facebook discussion. You will have questions and need clarifications on certain items. Ensure that you answer questions publicly professionally if one person asks a question that could benefit several individuals.

Set Expectations for Your Event

Invitees will get an idea of how the event will look. Make no promises you cannot keep. When your first event is bad, no one will return. Events are meant to build long-term relationships. Moreover, you will have negative reviews, which will negatively affect future attendance.

You may wish to post a summary of what attendees can expect at the event on your website. You might provide food and beverages, an agenda, or some type of information that will show how attending will value their time. Provide attendees with information about the food and prices you expect them to pay in advance, so they can prepare themselves.

Use photos and graphics from previous years if you have previously hosted an event. By visualizing the expectations and giving them a sense of what to expect, these visuals can be an effective method of selling tickets and attracting attendees.

Ensure Event Credibility

Event administrators and business pages can be added to the Facebook event to help you manage it. Partnering with another brand or company can help you build credibility with your invite list.

Partnering with another brand gives you an entry point to their network and a larger invitation list, which means your brand and event will be given more exposure.


You would miss out on a tremendous marketing opportunity if you didn’t use the Facebook event feature for your brand. With the click of a button, you can reach just as many people as when you sent physical invitations or contacted people.

The bonus is that you can easily interact with your attendees while sitting in the comfort of your own office, answering questions or clarifying any details. Create strong visuals throughout your event and use the correct Facebook event photo size. Create an exciting name, interesting description, and an effective plan to generate positive results.

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