What’s the difference between creator and curator?

Created content is original content that’s written or created by your company. So, this content lives on your website, blog, YouTube channel. Curated content is content from external sources outside of the company. In other words,  you share with your audience on your website, blog, or social media channels.

The individual answerable for content curation is the content curator. But, the author for creating content and sharing it with digital media is a content creator. Content creation suggests that generating original content. But, content curation is sharing existing content from external sources.

Many assume content creation and curation are equal. But,  they’re quite completely different. Content creation involves adding contemporary content to your website. Still, content curation involves taking content from different sources. But,  posting them on your website or across social media.

Curated content works well for little business homeowners who don’t have a lot of time. Also, content creation will help boost rankings and increase traffic to your website.

Many businesses notice success with employing a mix of about forty p.c shared content. Thus, sixty p.c original content on their sites.

So you wish to dip your toes into content marketing.  But, you are not sure the way to approach it as a content creator and curator?

 In your analysis,  you will see ‘content creation’ and ‘content curation’. Still, you will assume that they are the same issue. In any case, they sound equal right?

The truth is that content creation and content curation are different. So, it has its own benefits and drawbacks. One involves adding contemporary content to your website.  Thus, the difference involves taking intriguing content from different sources.

If you’re on the point of jump into content marketing. You would be wondering which kind of approach will best serve your business’s desires? Before we have a tendency to poke into that you ought to be using and once, let’s do a fast breakdown of each .

Content Creation

Content creation is the new content on your website that’s was created for your functions. This was actually the first means of thinking once it came to content marketing. Posting distinctive content was king.  But,  it became difficult to stay up inside the fast world of social media as a content creator and curator.

Content Curation

In contrast, content curation doesn’t need anyone to compose new content. Content curation is the act of gathering content from different sources. So, sources that fit your business functions. Thus, sharing it through your own website or social media networks. Curating content still needs some effort. But,  several makes it less intimidating than making distinctive content.

Benefits of Content Creation

It belongs to you so there’s no worry that somebody is getting upset you’re sharing their content.

It’s a ranking booster and traffic generator. Also,  Google may be a huge fan of distinctive content.  Thus,  if it’s search engine optimized.

It is tailored to your business as a result of it was written for you. For example, you will be able to address problems that your business’s offerings are the solution.

You can add links, images, calls to action, etc.

It helps you identify your own voice together with your readers. So, you become proverbial for what you’ve got to mention about your space of experience.

Drawbacks of Content Creation

It’s time overwhelming to stay up with posting on a daily basis.

Some folks aren’t snug with writing. Also, they want to search for others. This is  to form contemporary content that matches their brand.

Benefits of Content Curation

  • It takes way less time than content creation and you don’t would like any writing skills.
  • Content Creation provides a chance to create relationships inside your business.
  • It offers your audience a variety of viewpoints on topics in your space of experience.
  • Content Creation will make seem less self-promotional.  Thus, you’re not posting your own viewpoint and your own promotional materials.

Drawbacks of Content Curation

  • You need to not promote the competition once you’re choosing data to post.
  • To maintain your name, you need to find out you’re posting content from respectable sources.
  • You can’t embrace your own links and calls to action inside the content.
  • It’s hard to showcase your own voice and knowledge if all you ever post is curated content.
  • Linking to a supply website will send readers away from your site.

Curated content works well for little business homeowners. It’s very effective for those that add social media management and content marketing. That said, small businesses will profit from making their own content too. Also, if you’re a business that’s regulated and there’s worry about ideas. Thus, content creation is sometimes the higher choice.

Differences Between Content Creator and Curator

The 60/40 combine

While some businesses lean towards one kind or the opposite.  There are compelling reasons to include a small of a touch of every. In fact, businesses mix about forty shared content and sixty original content. Above all,  a business ought to get a pity of content that appears to talk the most effective to their client base as a content creator and curator.

If you begin out with the 60/40 combine and notice you’re obtaining more responses to at least one sort of content. So, this is over the opposite, then you’ll need to play with the odds a touch. So, there’s no ‘perfect mix’ for each business. Thus, you would search out the content marketing strategy that works best for you.

Difference between Content Curation and Content Creation


Content creation is the act of distinguishing topic ideas attractive to your online audience.  So, generating compelling content each written and visual. 

On the opposite hand,  Content is the method of finding, gathering, and presenting. This is the correct info based on a  topic of interest in a  structured means. But, content curation doesn’t involve generating the content. Instead, researching and grouping content from a spread of sources. Thus,  presenting it in a very means that the audience can answer.


 It is the work of a content curator to scour the net for all the mandatory info around a particular subject. Also,  gather the links from a variety of sources. In other words, add some context to the subject of interest. So,  share the findings in an easy-to-read and respectable means as a content creator and curator.

A content curator is an individual who helps folks add up the content. On the opposite hand, the work of a content creator is to supply the content.  So,  from educational to inspirational, informational, and amusing.  This is one thing that will cater to the interests of the audience.


Content curation is an integral part of a content marketing strategy as a content creator and curator.  This ends up in increased brand awareness and network traffic. Let’s not forget improved client engagement, higher program ranking. Besides, increased audience or viewership.

Also, it is content from a source on newspapers, newsfeeds, Email newsletters. But, it includes social media influencers, blogs, and social media posts. Thus, choosing and organizing the content, and sharing it with the audience.

Content creation involves shaping your goals, learning your audience, specializing in your niche. It also involves amplifying your content, shaping the content structure as a content creator and curator. So, processing the content to form a masterpiece.  In other words, sharing it with the audience as blogs, infographics. Also, other platforms wherever you recognize that your audience is hanging out. Social media is that the best platform to market your content.

Summary of Content Curation vs. Content Creation

While content creation and content creation are the essential ingredients.  It is an efficient content marketing strategy. The previous involves making your own content from the scratch. whereas, the other is the method of gathering existing info from a spread of sources. So,  like blogs and social media posts and share them with the web audience. 

The individual answerable for content curation is termed, content curator.  So,  the author for generating content as a content creator and curator. Also, sharing it with digital media is termed, content creator. Content creation suggests that generating original content. In summary, content curation is sharing existing content from external sources. Besides, each serves completely different functions.

Quick Best Practices

When using curated content, make sure to discuss or create questions. This is on the content you’re posting. In doing so, you open up a discussion between you and your readers. But,  establish a voice for yourself.  Despite the fact that the content you’re posting isn’t your own.

It’s vital to stay in mind that whether you’re posting your own content or sharing one thing from another source.  The content you’re golf stroke out there’s adding worth to your comment. What you post may be a reflection of your business. So, don’t post to post. In conclusion, it’s best to feature content on a daily basis, you wish to stay awake to the message you’re causing.

Getting the hang of content marketing will take your time. If you’re still feeling a touch overpowered by the prospect of jumping in, don’t panic. Socialander Digital Agency team specialists is happy to assist. This is whether you wish a touch of guidance or an entire marketing overhaul. Get in contact today!

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