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11 Reasons Your Google Ads Aren’t Showing & How to Fix Them

Google ads are effective for some brands over others. The success of your ad depends on how competitive or relevant your keywords are and how much you’re willing to bid for. Paid ads are one of the most effective digital marketing strategies you can have. A lot of brands run ads on Google these days […]

Good SEO Benefits Your Business

Socialander is a Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria.  At Socialander, we drive your business and brand to the very top, exploiting the search engine and positioning your business for SEO benefits which in-turn means more leads. How can SEO benefit your business? SEO benefits small business owners, it helps them to rank higher in search […]

How To Build Content Ideas For Your Postings

Creating the right content that will build a strong connection with your audience doesn’t come easy. You must utilize all aspects of your creative genius to continue creating content that your audience finds interactive, relatable, and, more importantly, interesting. When you find it difficult to come up with content ideas, you must introduce a few […]

10 Tips for Naming Your Startup or little Business

When you begin a brand new business, finding a brand name for your company is often difficult and long. Some new business owners feel paralyzed by this challenge. But they can’t even begin to write down their business setup till they choose a name. Here are ten tested tips which will assist you to get […]

How To Create A Virtual Dollar Card For Facebook And Instagram Ads Payment

Cards have gained wide acceptance as they help facilitate payments between vendors and customers. Usually, a card is a plastic material with a shiny square compartment that gives you unrestricted access to your account for a plethora of transactions. Although these cards can work globally, the majority of them are restricted to certain geographical zones; […]

How To Begin A Real Estate Business in Nigeria 6 Crucial Steps

The shelter will remain one of the basic needs of every human, and this makes real estate a thriving business in any part of the world. Many people seek to begin a real estate business in Nigeria, but they cannot profit and scale their business because they don’t have the right structure or experience in […]