A massive social network such as YouTube can be used to build awareness for your brand, gain traction for your content and increase your conversion ratio.

This is possible because videos have been seen to gain more traction than static images and posts. 

Socialander is a client-centered digital agency that utilizes chain strategies to increase traction for brands and increase their ROI.

This is made possible by the fact that we have the best teams in SEO, content writing, social media management and advertising, and video production, amongst others.

When you source for Socialander’s YouTube advertising services, we would grow your brand organically, build your campaigns and grow and grow your ads.

To crown it, we would also offer you a dedicated account manager, a monthly report, and also full ad account ownership. 

A View of What We Would Offer your Brand


When you source for the service of YouTube advertising experts, you stand the benefit the following (and more) from our company:

1. Updated Trends

At Socialander, our team of experts understands that times and seasons change constantly, and with this change comes a new trend. And it would be in the best interest of your brand to partner with an agency that stays up-to-date with trends.

With the expertise of our YouTube advertising company, we would drive video content made for your brand to success. Thereby generating you more conversion ratio from YouTube.

2. Continual Training

Socialander is the best Youtube Ads agency in Nigeria not because we have the best clientele, but because we have a team that understands how continual training can be an added advantage to them and the company. For video marketing, our team always seeks new ways to incorporate SEO, Social media marketing into YouTube advertising service.

The methods they incorporate have always been successful, with our clients gaining better ROI from YouTube ads.

3. Transparent Pricing

Financing a project has always been a factor to consider whenever a brand intends to source for an agency that would capitalize on YouTube to create brand awareness and generate more ROI. A large enterprise may be able to scale through, but what about the medium and small enterprises?

Socialander is a client-centred digital marketing agency that provides the best pricing for every level of business. With us, you have the option of selecting a package that fits the service you require and most of all, your budget. Asides from the affordable pricing, we do not bring up hidden fees to a contract we have signed in to. Unlike other brands, we stick to our word as our word is our bond.

So sourcing for our YouTube advertising service would be a big plus to your brand.

4. Detailed Reporting

Who would want to invest in a medium that does not give detailed reports on how a YouTube advertising campaign is fairing? This question is one of our watchwords at Socialander. When you source for our YouTube advertising service, you are automatically entitled to a detailed report. And the interesting part is that you get to choose how and when we should report.

With our reporting, you would gain insight into how your YouTube campaign is fairing and also understand how it is performing. This allows you to see if your videos are garnering the results you desire. Also, with our detailed reporting, you would be able to see where changes can be made in relation to your brand and with the vast expertise of our team, solutions can be proffered.

5. Great Communication

When you source a YouTube advertising agency like Socialander, an account manager would be assigned to your brand. The duty of the account manager would be to keep you updated about the campaign and also share its progress and opportunities for better performance.

Unlike other brands that restrict communication with their account manager on various platforms, you can have access to our account manager on whatever platform you feel comfortable with. To name a few skype, Slack, Twitter, Facebook and even email messaging

6. Tracking Metrics

To determine the success rate of a YouTube advertising campaign, various metrics have to be measured. At Socialander, our team of experts usually measure success rates with various premium tools. But given below is a few of the metrics they measure: 

  • Views of the video: When someone clicks on the ad we put up, we do not count it. We only count views of the ad when it is viewed for at least 30 seconds.
  • View rate: The formula for the view rate is; the total number of views, divided by the total impressions. The answer is then formatted in a percentage.  For metrics, this is a good indication of the acceptance level of the content by the audience.
  • Earned actions: Subscriptions, likes, shares, comments and additional video views from the first view is termed earned actions. The more actions you earn, the more authoritative your brand looks.
  • Impressions: The number of times your ad is shown to someone is referred to as an impression. Regardless of how long your ads run, impressions would be counted.

In addition to the above, we have a program that is set up to strictly monitor these metrics. Also, since YouTube is owned by Google, we utilize Google Ads and Google Analytics to track your campaigns.

Benefits of Utilizing YouTube Advertising Services?


Every brand seeks strategies that would benefit them in the long run, so it is pertinent to question every method. At Socialander, we believe in giving brands the traction they desire and also increasing their ROI. Nevertheless, we also state facts and how we are convinced that our services would benefit our clients. Given below are three solid reasons why you should invest in YouTube advertising services.

1. Active User Base

The aim of every brand is to reach out to prospective clients and also retain existing clients. Currently, YouTube is estimated to have 122 Million active users, with users watching over a billion hours of video daily. With this number, well-curated video content would be viewed by millions of users and increase conversion ratio.

The average mobile session on YouTube is about 40 minutes and with so much content to view, people stay longer on the platform. Interestingly, the youth have been found to dominate the platform, so for brands that seek to engage with more youths within the age bracket of 18 and above, YouTube advertising should be considered.

Still in doubt that YouTube has a high active user base? Then you should take a look at why people visit YouTube daily:

  1. For Entertainment: People use YouTube to watch intriguing content that piques their attention. It could be footage from a favourite television show or a YouTube celebrity they follow.
  1. To Learn: How-to videos are used by many individuals to learn how to do things. YouTube is used by people to get a visual view of how to manufacture and create things for example DIY videos.
  1. To  Get ConvictionAbout a Product: After watching a video, many people make a snap choice to purchase a product. YouTube encourages people to buy things, whether it’s a product review or a firm making a promotional video. 
  1. To Get Travellin Ideas: People will learn about other locations and destinations by watching YouTube videos. It assists people who want to travel to new places.

If you advertise on YouTube, you’re giving your company the chance to interact with these prospects. You can reach out to your target audience through the videos they view the most and persuade them to visit your website.

2. Popularity of YouTube Videos

The popularity of videos has skyrocketed as the most popular type of content. A video is 10 times more likely to be interacted with than a block of text. YouTube has grown in popularity as a result of this desire for a visual representation of information.

Because YouTube videos are so popular, you’ll have a better chance of reaching and engaging your target audience. 

3. YouTube Videos are Shareable

When you invest in YouTube advertising, you’re investing in a medium that’s easy to share. YouTube’s platform has been used to share over 5 billion videos. Videos are simple to distribute, and people enjoy sharing with their friends and family what they’ve created.

Because videos are widely shared, it is easier for your company to reach a larger audience. If someone shares a video with a friend and you put an ad on it, they will see your ad as well. This implies your business will gain more visibility and will be able to reach more qualified leads.

Do I Need YouTube Advertising Services?

Ever asked yourself this question? Then, a rundown of why you need  YouTube advertising services would clear the air.  Here are a few reasons to invest:

You Want to Promote your Video Content

As a business, you may be able to create enticing videos and YouTube advertising services would definitely be required because at Socialander, we don’t just produce videos, we also promote the videos to increase the reach. 

By increasing the reach of the video, widespread brand awareness would be achieved and the conversion ratio would be increased. 

You Don’t Have Time to Advertise

Running a business can be tasking. What about running a business and still running a YouTube advertising campaign?  When running your business, you need to be highly focused and outsource services that would help scale your business.

At Socialander, we are client-centred and we have the knowledge and expertise required to run a successful YouTube advertising campaign. With our expertise, our clients have gained thousands of YouTube views and more conversion ratios.

You Don’t know How to Start a YouTube ad Campaign

Testing the waters with your brand on YouTube Advertising can be disastrous. Sourcing for the services of our YouTube advertising team would propel your brand to the limelight, eliminate the stress of having to run your campaign, and get you a better conversion ratio.

Explore our Video Production Services

YouTube advertising focuses on turning your video content into an advertisement. But what about the video, is it highly optimized?  Well, with our video production team, you can get novel content for your ad. Video services are separate from our YouTube ad services. Our video production service  includes:

Website and social engagement videos

One of the best mediums to post video content is on social media. It can be challenging to browse social media and determine what type of content will resonate with your audience as it becomes more sophisticated. You may pique your audience’s interest in your social media content with social engagement videos.

With the video production team at socialander, we can produce videos that would earn you more views than the landscape videos you use. You’ll also get a team of experts bringing their knowledge and expertise to your campaign!

View Our Video Production Services

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are an excellent method to promote your company. Our experts at Socialander will assist you in selecting the best professional actor for your brand and message. We’ll also assist you in writing a great script that will captivate your audience.

Furthermore, our crew will shoot your video, utilizing the most advanced production techniques to ensure that you get the greatest video for your campaign. We’ll assist you to incorporate the video into your site once it’s finished for optimum exposure.

Explainer video clips are an excellent method to customize your audience’s experience and make a good first impression. While engaging and conversing with your visitors, you will quickly create trust with your audience.

These videos are an excellent approach to introducing your brand to new visitors and highlighting its capabilities. You may also utilize these videos to show off what sets you apart, promote special offers, and inspire visitors to take action.

Explainer videos can be used to draw attention to specific portions of your website or to walk your viewers through a step-by-step process. Many businesses utilize these videos to respond to frequently asked questions, launch new products or services, and provide company updates.

Types of YouTube Advertising Services

When you run a YouTube ad, you’re not only reaching a large audience; you’re also reaching a large, engaged, and targeted audience. Regardless of the sort of ad you use, the end result is the same: you’ll be introducing your products and services to a captive audience. Increasing the likelihood of conversion and maximizing your return on investment. You can choose from a variety of YouTube video ad types:

  • YouTube Advertising That Can’t be Skipped: This comprises YouTube ads that can’t be skipped during, before, or after the video. Before a viewer can access a YouTube video, they must first watch your ad, ensuring that your ad is seen.
  • Skippable Video Advertising: Similar to non-skippable video commercials, these ads allow viewers to skip them after 5 seconds. They can appear before, after, or during a video. 
  • Midroll Ads: Similar to television commercials, these ads occur frequently throughout a video. Worthy of note is that they only appear in videos that are longer than 15 minutes, and viewers must watch them if they want to keep watching.

Unique YouTube Advertising Services we Offer

YouTube’s platform is massive, with a variety of ad types to choose from. At Socialander, our YouTube ad experts examine all ad placements and types on a regular basis. After removing any ad types or placements that aren’t performing well, they optimize your campaign to ensure that you are constantly getting the best results and ROI from our YouTube Advertisement services. 

Also, they always have options depending on your goals and sector (thanks to the many areas where video advertising can run and the different sorts of ads we can broadcast).

Here are some more ad choices we offer that aren’t as widespread as video ads:

  • Display Adverts: In the “Up Next” and “Recommended Videos” areas of YouTube, display ads can be found off to the right of videos. With display adverts, we can target audience based characteristics such as interests, watched videos, and demographics.
  • Overlay Adverts: These are semi-transparent picture ads that appear at the bottom of videos played on desktop or laptop computers. The commercials normally appear a few seconds into the video and are based on audience-specific targeting factors.
  • Sponsored Cards: Sponsored cards are display adverts of varying sizes that appear at the end of movies on desktop and mobile devices. These advertisements are relevant to the content and are targeted according to particular parameters. Sponsored advertising lets us showcase your website’s goods or services while also encouraging visitors to convert or take specified actions.

Factors we Consider to Drive Results with YouTube ads

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, when you source for the YouTube advertising services of Socialander, we consider the following factors to drive the desired result:

  1. Demographics: We use the demographics of your target audience (such as age, gender, income, etc.) to show your ads to them.
  1. Life events: We showcase your products related to life events to the correct audience. For example, show ads for your travel agency to newly-wed couples.
  1. Interests: Your products are likely to align with certain interests, hence, we showcase them by targeting those interested in your field.
  1. Re-target: We choose to display your ads to customers who have already watched your previous ads or videos.
  1. Keyword(s): We choose relevant keywords for your industry and show ads to users who search for those keywords or watch related videos.
  1. In-marketing: With this option, Google will show your ads to people it believes to be interested in related products who are ready to buy.
  1. Placements: We hand-pick YouTube channels we want your ads to be displayed on as we have analyzed your ad to perform better there.

Why Socialander YouTube Advertising Services?

Youtube Advertising Services

Like most forms of digital marketing, we can’t just jump into YouTube ads and video marketing. Given below are some reasons why you should choose Socialander’s YouTube advertising service:

1. We Understand your Audience

For your YouTube ad to be successful, you would need an agency that understands your target audience. This tip might sound basic, but it’s the most crucial. Your ads will not have an impact if it does not suit your target audience or your previous clients

Your target audience also sets the tone, style, and content of your video ad. At Socialander, we fully understand this and that is why it is usually our first point of action when sourced for a YouTube advertising service.

2. We Show Action

Ever seen a YouTube user sit long to watch a boring video? What about people who are new to your brand? At Socialander, we consider this and put it into action by informing our clients of the need to show their products in action. For example, how it works, how it is used or how it can benefit various clients.

3. Hook in Viewers

To retain viewers, we ensure that the first 20 seconds of your YouTube ad would keep your viewers wanting more. For us at Socialander, this is an easy feat as we have various methods we employ to achieve this. We can use customer pain points, statistics or even success stories to hook the audience and reel them in. Once a user is intrigued enough to watch for longer, then we actually explain your product and its benefits.

4. Focus on Mobile

Records show that more than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices. With this in mind,  we make the ads with mobile viewers in mind and then tune them for desktops. 

No one is going to watch an ad that looks distorted on their phone. We keep the frame tight, use bright colours, and optimize for both portrait and landscape viewing modes.

5. Track and Optimize

Advertising on YouTube requires a hands-on approach. We use analytics to your advantage and always optimize your YouTube ad campaigns for ROI. While measuring video success, metrics like views isn’t our primary measurement of success. 

YouTube users won’t just leave a video to go look at your site. If your ad impresses them, they’d probably visit your page after their original video is done or search for it later.

At Socialander, we have years of experience creating video marketing campaigns that drive results for our clients. We know how to create customized YouTube advertising campaigns that help your business grow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost?

The cost of a YouTube advertising service is totally dependent on the type of YouTube ad you require. At Socialander, we offer the best pricing for YouTube ads.

Where can I See my YouTube Ads?

You can see your YouTube ads before, during or after a viewer’s video has played. At the discretion of the viewer, your ad can be skipped. To overcome this, pay for ads that would require the viewer to view for at least 30 seconds before they can skip the ad. 

Who Views my Ad?

Your ad would be viewed by the people you want to view your ad.

With Socialander, this would not be a bother because we would analyze your brand and determine who should view based on age, location, interests, and more.