What is Social Media Management and Why You Need a Social Media Management Company


Social media platforms have continued to grow in their user numbers. Facebook, which is the biggest social media platform in the world, has about 2 billion users and even newer applications like TikTok are pushing towards that number of downloads. Of course, we can’t ignore how powerful and important social media has become for many […]

How to Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing in Nigeria


If you have a business in Nigeria and you have used no digital marketing service in building your business, you’re running at an enormous loss. Digital marketing is the easiest, fastest, and smoothest way of building any type of business and I can show you how to grow your business with digital marketing in Nigeria […]

What Can Digital Marketing Agencies Do for Your Business? (And Do You Need One?)


Your business needs to grow! That’s the only way it can survive trying times like a pandemic. To grow your business, you need to ensure you’re working with the right people and following the right steps. In a growing world replete with digitalization, working with a good digital marketing agency can put you ahead of […]

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency


Marketing has a true essence; finding people with an interest in your product or service to communicate your value to them. Finding these people requires the expertise of digital marketing specialists. With a long line of these professionals available, you need to know the right metrics to help you choose the best digital marketing agency […]

30 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2024


If you were to converse about machine learning and how artificial intelligence would be a strong determinant in making business decisions years ago, you might be regarded as overly ambitious and too forward. However, today we can see how artificial intelligence, voice search optimization, and even blockchain technology have continued to affect marketing and even […]

Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business


Your business deserves the best hands pushing it forward. And you wouldn’t be able to achieve so much as a singular individual. Although you can have different professionals supervising different areas of your business, you limit the possibilities of your reach and trivialize your profits when you’re not working with a digital marketing agency. But […]

Why & How to Use Music in Ads (Without Getting Sued!)

Digital Marketing involves running ads in video form. Most of the time brands prefer to use music in ads. This is is because using music has proven to give better results. It is said that music can increase ad recall, mood enhancement, and the likelihood of purchasing. Here are the things, people love to listen […]

The Best Digital Marketing Strategy


A digital marketing strategy can either be time-bound or ongoing. Since a strategy is a set of actions to take to achieve a particular aim

Good SEO Benefits Your Business

At Socialander, we drive your business and brand to the very top, exploiting the search engine and positioning your business for SEO benefits