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You should ensure that your content is high quality when starting your YouTube journey, but also upload your videos in the right format to improve your chances of getting more views and viewer engagement.

You would do yourself wrong to keep uploading videos that will be difficult for your viewers to see and this can affect your spending and a lot more. 

What is the Best YouTube Video Format?

YouTube recommends MP4 videos in AAC-LC audio and H.264 video codes, and a standard aspect ratio of 16:9. As a result, the video is of high quality and smaller in size. Additionally, YouTube suggests uploading videos in a format as close as possible to the original, including HD or high-resolution videos. 

YouTube supports a variety of video formats, but MP4 is the recommended one. You can think of a video file as a combination of codecs and/or containers.

Why Give Attention To Your YouTube Video Format?

This might affect your video’s playback since YouTube processes each video format differently. Viewing quality may be affected if your video does not display properly. Depending on the YouTube video upload format, certain videos can produce larger files. Shared videos on other social networking sites suffer from this problem.

As YouTube is all about the video viewing experience, choosing the most helpful method for YouTube video uploading should be taken into consideration. Now that we’ve covered video dimensions, let’s look at other technical settings you should know when uploading a YouTube video.

What is the Best YouTube Video Size?

For the best YouTube video quality, use the following video resolution and dimensions.

240p426 x 240This is the minimum YouTube video size (good for viewing on a slow internet connection).
360p640 x 360This is best for YouTube videos that need to be embedded on websites.
480p854 x 480This is the standard definition of YouTube video size.
720p1280 x 720This is the preferred YouTube HD video size when viewing videos on mobile data or a slow internet connection.
1080p1920 x 1080This is the standard HD video size and the best option for viewing.
1440p2560 x 1440This is 2K video quality YouTube video size.
2160p3840 x 2160This is 4K video quality YouTube video size.

Your video may have padding added if it is not in the 16:9 aspect ratio recommended by YouTube.

What Encoding Settings Work Best For YouTube Videos?

You can choose the video encoding settings when you upload videos to YouTube. Let’s examine this in more detail. The standard 30-frame-per-second video captured 30 photos per second (fps or frame rate). A minute of the video contains 1,800 images. The video file sizes grew enormously. It would take a long time to upload these digitally and take up a lot of storage space.

Compressing the videos was the only sensible solution, but the quality was lost. Then engineers developed video encoding that allowed compression without compromising quality. It is a method of digitally compressing files to prevent them from being saved as individual images but as fluid videos. During the recording or editing of videos, the video is automatically encoded using codecs and containers.


YouTube has grown into the biggest video streaming platform that generates billions of dollars weekly. A large part of this revenue is given to YouTubers that get a huge number of views for their content on the platform.

To be part of this earning community, you need to ensure you optimize your video content properly by using the right YouTube video size in addition to fulfilling other requirements.

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