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Analysis of web data is critical in every decision-making process. When you know where your customers are going, you can create a diversion to ensure they come to you. But getting this data is difficult when you don’t have the right web analysis tools and applications.

FocusTapps believe that web apps offer options for enhanced customer support. They can be the first line of contact between potential customers and the business. Applications are developed so customer support is accessed at any time, and this can help drive customer loyalty.

While many tools can perform this function, we will simply consider about nine smart and efficient tools that can perform a comprehensive web analysis between two competitor sites. With these tools, you can spy on your competition and get to know where they’re drawing a pool of their customers from, and the process they use. But before we get into the tools, let’s define web analysis and reiterate its importance to your business.

What is Web Analysis

Finding and comparing information over two similar platforms is difficult. If you would visit the websites one by one to check them out, it would take a very long time. And truly; you won’t get a lot of information, hence, you need to employ another strategy.

According to Wikipedia, Web analytics or Website Analysis is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data to understand and optimize web usage. Web analytics is not just a process for measuring web traffic, but can be a tool for business and market research in order to assess and improve website effectiveness.

With this definition, you can see that web analytics play an important role in the business decision process, creating marketing funnels and even developing social media marketing strategies.

What Are Web Analysis Tools?

Web Analysis tools are tools that give you a standard and comprehensive summary of everything you need to know about a website. With websites having so much data, a tool that removes the clutter and helps you focus on what’s truly important is vital.

For example, assuming you want to compare how Amazon gets their traffic with how Microsoft gets their traffic, an excellent tool will do the job. With a quality web analysis tool, you can perform a lot of investigations, however, that’s what we will fully consider in the next section.

How Do Web Analysis Tools Work?

Web analytics tools work in so many ways. However, we want to apportion it to a few important roles they play in the entire process. These roles include:

  • Tagging web pages by inserting a snippet of JavaScript in the web page’s code.
  • Counting time the page gets a visitor or a click on a link. The tag can also gather other information like device, browser, and geographic location (via IP address).
  • Using cookies to track individual sessions and to determine repeat visits from the same browser.

Many people usually delete cookies and browsing history, so it makes it difficult for many web analysis tools to function effectively. However, the tools I’m about to show you aren’t limited by these deterrents.

9 Tools for Easy Competitive Website Analysis

Web analysis is broad. Traditionally following the process will take you time, energy and more resources. A better way would be to utilize a web analysis tool, but with many of them in the market, settling for an efficient one becomes an additional problem. Well, you don’t need to think a lot on it as this section outlines the best tools for easy competitive web analysis. These tools include:

9. Woopra

Woopra is an outstanding web analysis tool that gives real-time analytics tracking. Unlike Google Analytics that can take hours to update, Woopra operates in a different measure. It is an application that gives you complete data on visitor stats, and all their touch points on your webpage.

Syncing user data has never been simpler without the help of any developer, but Woopra does that for you. With the possibility of seamlessly unifying data across product marketing, sales, and customer support, you will take real-time action with the right triggers.

You also can interact with individual site visitors and analyze the growth metric of any trend. This can be a significant feature for your e-commerce site to interact with customers. Woopra offers a limited freebie plan and three special premium plans which cost $349, and $999 per month.

8. Mouseflow

Mouseflow believes your users aren’t converting to customers because you’ve not utilized their platform. And maybe they have a point considering the outstanding features that they have made available for you.

Mouseflow automatically creates 6 types of heat maps for all your pages immediately after you record your website. With this heat mat, you will discover the part on your page that generates the most clicks, how far they scroll and move through your page, what gets their attention, where are your visitors from, and how they interact with dynamic elements on your site.

With automated funnels tailored for every campaign, user feedback where you get to see what problems your customer is facing, Mouseflow will give you data that will make your profits flow. You can choose from any of their plans which cost $79,$159, and $229 per month.

7. Chartbeat

Chartbeat seeks to perform one obligation; monitor and optimize your content for long-term audience loyalty. Of course, with a plethora of alternatives available for your product or service, you know the value of retaining visitors.

This web analysis tool reveals how your audience connects with your content in actual time, assessing KPIs over the long term, and how easily your videos capture viewer attention. Chartbeat helps you improve audience engagement, make editorial decisions, and increase readership. It delivers real-time analytics, insights, and transformative tools for content teams around the world.

At the beginning of each day, you will take important decisions — whether it’s automated insights delivered to you or flexible tools to build more in-depth reports. On this platform, you have standard, basic, and premium plans.

6. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is a product analytics service company. It tracks user behavior with web and mobile applications and provides solutions that help you better target and connect with your customers. Over the past decade, they’ve helped over 250,000 businesses gain customer insight, which has translated to higher sales numbers.

With interactive reports, limitless segmentation, scalable infrastructure, group analytics and more, your business can know where it stands, and the pathway it can move in to reach a higher level of progress.

On Mixpanel, there are three outstanding available plans comprising Free, Growth, and Enterprise. The Free version is definitely not the best so your small business can start with the growth version or if you have a big company, you can opt for the enterprise.

5. Clicktale

Clicktale also known as Content Square is one platform that’s powerful enough for every digital role, from marketers to product managers to IT. This platform connects metrics to actual customer behavior, combining the power of rich data, machine and human intelligence to deliver better outcomes.

The software eliminates all the manual work; you don’t need any tagging different zones on your page. The powerful yet intuitive heat maps measure clicks, scroll-depth, and engagement. And their uniquely visual analysis capabilities make it easy to pinpoint friction in your user journeys.

With a lot of improvements solely focused on the customer’s benefit, you can understand how to improve every step in the customer journey, and use attribution to quantify and prioritize potential improvements.

4. Crazyegg

If you want to get higher page views, increase traffic and sales, subscriptions, page views, and website optimization tools, then you need to use Crazyegg because this analysis tool has prominent features that make your work easy.

With heat maps, scroll maps, and other visual reports will show you exactly how your customers are responding to elements on your site. Hence, you don’t need to be seeking what you feel is pulling the strings when you can trace the wires.

Crazyegg records customer activities on the platform to enable them to identify customer frustrations and create subsequent solutions to these problems. With this efficient system, they’ve successfully solved many customer problems.

3. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics believes that data can stream from anywhere, but putting the data together is usually a problem for many business people. For this reason, their web analysis tool removes all the confusion involved in collecting and interpreting data.

With web and marketing analytics and insight, you can be sure you won’t fail to convert 44% of your leads with an incredible offer you can create. Yes! An incredible offer that you can create when you have the right information about your visitors.

To get the best of this platform, there are three plans which are the Select, Prime, and Ultimate Plans. The Prime and Ultimate plans are premium plans that will offer you the best value, ensuring you stay ahead of your competition and in front of your customers.

2. Kissmetrics

There are few web analysis tools that offer you actionable insight at a minimal entry price. Most tools offer so many features and hiked prices which make it difficult for small business owners, but Kissmetrics is playing a bigger game.

With this tool, you can steadily track the defining characteristics available to an individual; human behavior and weaknesses. The understanding that your customers are humans and not website sessions will help you utilize this feature effectively.

Whether you run a SAAS or an e-commerce platform, Kissmetrics can help you generate more revenue per customer, convert trials into paying customers, and easily optimize your checkout funnel. You can get to engage with these features using the demo.

Your Kiss metrics demo will offer you Key Metrics and Your Customer Journeys, Behavioral Cohorts, Creating a Framework for Your Analytics, Automating Marketing and Product Emails (triggered off behavior).

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is probably the King of Web analytics for a reason; they have enormous data that their competitor’s platforms have limited or no access to at all. With Google Analytics, you’re surely in safe hands.

Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your business in a single environment. And with this data, you can understand your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more.

With analytics that help Google’s advertising and publisher products, you can reach the right customers with little fuss. And you get to an environment where you can process and share your data with shareable reports. You can start with the free trial to enjoy the best benefits you can get from this web analysis tool.


There are over 2 billion websites in the world, and a lot of them perform similar functions which increase the competition for a small place in the market. This way, you need every advantage you can get to ensure you satisfy your customers by providing the right value to them.

With web analysis tools, you get insights that can help you target your customers through search engine optimization, Instagram promotions, or even Google My Business.

On the other hand, after getting this data, some of these other processes are not automatic as they require your attention on every step. And this can distract when you need to focus on other areas of your business.

So, allow Socialander help you build your presence on the online space with amazing offers that will ensure you turn your leads into customers without burning holes in your pocket. Book a free consultation session with us today by clicking I want a Free Consultation Session so we can set your business as the best option in front of your target market.

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