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Have you ever thought of why your competitor performs better than you in a particular line of business? If yes, then you need to hire the services of the best digital marketing agency in Lagos. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is simply marketing that is done digitally and before we understand digital marketing, we have to understand what marketing is. Marketing is defined by American Marketing Association as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes required for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, as well as society at large.” Digital marketing is a type of marketing in which brands promote their products and services through a digital channel. These digital channels could be a website, a video streaming site, social media, mobile applications, video games, messaging app, email, online events, Search engines, Tv/video ads, e.t.c. Digital marketing activities There are various digital marketing activities which include; web design, app development, social media marketing, blogging, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, as well as content marketing, amongst others. A digital marketing agency should provide all these services to qualify as one. Digital Marketing vs. Digital Advertising Is digital marketing the same as digital advertising? Let’s take a moment to truly understand the difference between digital marketing and digital advertising. This is so you know what to expect from a digital marketing agency before you hire one. Digital Marketing is an ongoing process, while digital advertising can be a one-time activity. Advertising is solely for awareness, while digital marketing is the process of bringing in consistent sales. Digital marketing starts from market research to customer satisfaction. It deals with market research, promotion, advertisement, distribution, sales, public relations, and customer satisfaction. While digital advertising is mainly promotional activities on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, hoardings, social media, sponsorships, posters, e.t.c. Digital Marketing encompasses the 4ps of marketing which are the product, price, place, and promotion. For digital marketing to be complete, everything in the 4ps of marketing should be present. This means that digital advertising is only a part of digital marketing as it deals with the promotional aspect. Difference Between Online Marketing and Digital Marketing Online marketing must be done and accessed through the Internet but digital marketing goes beyond the Internet to other digital channels like video games, SMS, Mobile applications, e.t.c. We can say that all online marketing activities are digital marketing but not all digital marketing activities are done online. What is a Digital Marketing Agency A digital marketing agency is a company that provides digital marketing services to other businesses. A digital marketing agency is faced with the whole process of marketing a brand digitally. In summary, a digital marketing agency should provide; market research, SWOT Analysis, and use this information to solve a brand’s problem. Best Digital Marketing Agency In Lagos The question should be, what criteria could qualify a digital marketing agency in Lagos as the best? i. Great team The best digital marketing agency in Lagos should have a great team for; programming and web design, pay-per-click and SEO, social media, analytics, copywriting and more. ii. Transparent billing The best digital marketing agency in Lagos should ensure to draft their pricing contract to be easily understood. iii. Solid online presence The best digital marketing agency in Lagos should have a strong online presence. No one would want to work with an agency that has a weak online presence. iv. Flexibility The best digital marketing agency should be able to move with trends in technology. It would be bad for an agency if it neglects to adapt to new technologies. v. Creativity To be the best digital agency in Lagos, your creativity has to be good. You have to be a trendsetter, be good with designs, social media campaigns and SEO. vi. Measuring results To be the best digital marketing agency in Lagos, your result needs to be measurable. Your prospective clients would need to get testimonials from previous clients as a way to measure your capabilities. vii. Analytics tools To be the best digital marketing agency in Lagos, you must perform keyword research and competitive analysis. You should also be able to explain the data to your client, detailing how the analysis would have a positive impact on their business. viii. Problem solving skill To be the best digital marketing agency in Lagos, you should be able to foresee problems and generate solutions. ix. Ability to execute The best digital marketing agency in Lagos should be able to execute creative ideas generated. As you can see from the above listed, being the best digital marketing agency in Lagos is no joke. And having a bad digital marketing agency in Lagos running your business would be catastrophic. But with Socialander, the best digital marketing agency in Lagos, we give you the best and more. Our services include: 1. App development Having an App for your business is like having a mobile office where people can access you any time and anywhere without having to visit your office. The major goal of building an app for your business is to be closer to your customers. Once people have your app, your brand is living with them and this is a good step in achieving your marketing goals. Our team of experts at socialander would build the app just perfect for your business. 2. Web Design Millions of people are searching for your products and services online daily and how would your product and services be seen if you don’t have a website? At socialander, we build the website of your dreams. We build your business a website that suits its activities and branding. Of course, we won’t provide any service without first understanding what you need. 3. Content marketing Every aspect of digital marketing needs content. For all your content marketing activities like blogs, website content, social media content, we would deliver. 4. Branding The first step in digital marketing is being present online. You can’t have a solid