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10 Awesome Social Media Engagement Ideas For Your Business

Your digital marketing efforts will not be complete if your brand is not on social media. Social media engagement is a factor that affects the result you get from being on social media.  As your business continues to establish its presence on social media, there would be a continuous need to post the kind of things your audience would love to see. Your brand needs to keep your social media engagement ideas running in other to keep up with this growing need. Your brand should always strive to follow the 80/20 rule of promotion. That is, your feeds should be made up of 80% entertaining and engaging content and only 20% promotional content. This keeps your feed from feeling like a sales pitch. The key focus of social media engagement is to keep giving out the kind of content your audience would be interested in. We would run through some of the top social media engagement ideas that we’re sure would work for your business. How are we so sure? Because here at socialander digital agency, we’ve tried these ideas with so many brands and it has worked for them. You can book a free consultation with us if you are not sure about how to give your brand a solid online presence. We would be right with you once you click on “I want a free consultation” Why engage your customers on social media? Moving on, let’s quickly look at what your brand should aim to achieve with social media engagements. Having social media posts that resonate with your audience would more than anything, get people to like your brand. Sure, the result of any digital marketing activity is to make sales. But then, people focus too much on making sales that they fail to take seriously the one thing that would make people buy your product, likeness. Once you’re able to establish that love for your brand, everything falls into place. The whole idea of reading this post about social media engagement ideas is to learn how to make people love your brand. What is Social Media engagement? You can say people are engaging with your posts on social media when they perform certain activities to register the fact that they see and love the post. These interactions could be in form of likes, comments, sharing, saving, clicking on a link, and even placing an order. Social media engagement ideas to try on your business It’s normal to run out of ideas of what to post. That is why we are here to give you some reminders and probably new suggestions. Don’t be pressured to do all the following at once, you can take it step-by-step. For one, this will make you talk about a topic in-depth that you cover all the areas, leaving your audience satisfied. It also would add a form of structure and orderliness to your social media page. With these sessions, you offer solutions to the issues your audience might have, you give clarity to something confusing and above all, you show your customers that you care. This can be a good way to build thought leadership in your industry. According to data from Tailwind, 91% of Instagram posts with more than 1,000 likes or comments are related to a contest. Meanwhile, accounts that run contests regularly are noted to grow 70% faster than those that don’t. You can use hashtags to measure this. Although, you should be careful to recognize only holidays that are relevant to your audience in terms of demographics and interests. You can share short how-to videos, videos of things going on in your industry, and even motivational videos. Invest in quality infographics, and share from time to time to get more social media engagement. You can share their reviews, give them a shout and even advertise whatever they do on your page. This way you’re showing you care, and this would lead to a deeper relationship with your customers. Whoops!, we promised 10, but we’re not done yet  Bonus social media Engagement ideas that will work for your business  This interview can be written or video. You can share them and get feedback from your audience. If a brand says it better, why not share to educate your audience? This signals to your audience that you’re connected to your industry. It leaves a positive impression on you. You can then share this with your audience to get their feedback. Ultimately, this will give a different angle to the kind of content you share which is a good thing for social media engagement. You can even create a course and share it with your audience. This is a good thing to do whenever you run out of social media engagement ideas. You could go live to teach, announce an event, or just interact with your audience. This gives your page a fresh start and a flow of new engagement ideas. For example; converting a blog you’ve written into short carousels to post on your page, short clips from the videos on your YouTube page, translating your videos to a blog, etc. There are a lot of memes on social media. All you have to do is to pick one that interests you and customize it to fit your brand. This is a good social media engagement tool as trending topics tend to spark more responses from your audience. The goal is to get their feedback and learn about them better. This could invite new ideas on how to engage them. Over to you It is not complete to learn about these social media engagement ideas without applying them to your business. The following tips could help you stay consistent with engaging your customers With all these in place, you would be just fine. Don’t forget to book a free consultation session with us if you need to gain more clarity. Click on the “I want a free consultation” to get started.