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Best Online Payment Gateways In Nigeria For E-Commerce Transactions


Conducting cashless transactions in Nigeria is simpler because of the presence of online payment gateways. With these gateways, individuals can make payments between different banks, visiting none of their branches. However, with many online payment gateways now in Nigeria, you need to choose a gateway that will ensure you have seamless transactions. You’ll have to […]

20 Best Templates For eCommerce Website Design

There are many things to consider in eCommerce website design to ensure it solves your problem. Having a website for your business is the best way to maximize the digital space to grow your business. This is because a website would allow you to reach a wide range of people and grow your business especially […]

Ultimate Guide On How To Advertise On Youtube

Since video marketing is a digital marketing strategy, it is only right to learn about youtube and how to maximize the platform for effective marketing. YouTube is a search engine so you will need to optimize your content for the YouTube algorithm, just like you do for Google SEO. Let’s say you’ve created your YouTube […]

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Website for Small Businesses?

Should your business have a website? Yes Should you invest in a quality website for your business? Yes This is because your website is the face of your business in the online space (Asides from your social media pages). Investing in a quality website means investing in giving a good first impression for your brand. […]

Native App Vs. Mobile Web App

One of the ways to take your brand’s online presence to the next level is to have a mobile app or native app. Both have striking differences, read on to know more and choose the one your business deserves. The advent of smartphones had presented a new way of communicating with your customers. Instead of […]

Professional Android App Development Services

The mobile apps we use every day have changed the way we do business, the way we communicate and consume entertainment and the way we get to know the world. For this reason., your business has to be visible to the larger part of the populace that uses android devices. And the next section would […]

Cross Platform Development Services

Cross-platform development is the practice of developing software products or services for multiple platforms or software environments. Engineers and developers use different methods to account for different operating systems or environments for a single application or product. Typically, when creating a native app, you’ll need to create a separate app for Android and a separate […]

Professional IOS App Development Services

Developing applications need not only the right web engineers, but product managers with great perspectives towards market fit, user expectation, and optimal functionality. With Apple’s store constantly strengthening requirements regarding applications that seek to be uploaded to the store, you need to ensure you’re not alone fighting to win your way up. At Socialander, our […]

Web Development Services That Makes For an Efficient Website

Web development is work that involves developing websites for the Internet. It can range from the development of static plain text pages to complex web applications, e-commerce, and social networking services. Web development helps your business exist on the internet with your control. Although social media handles can give your business a level of web […]

Simple Web App Services That Offer Stunning Functionality

Web app developments don’t have to take the wind out of your sails. You don’t need to spend hours checking out functionality, design, and the overall experience. Socialander can help you create exactly the right designs for your web applications that will increase word-of-mouth referrals and help you gain higher returns on your investments. Web […]