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Logistics business is tough. There are a lot of moving parts, and if you don’t know how to manage processes and a team, you might not stand for too long. In Nigeria, certain logistics companies have improved the outlook that people initially had about these companies.

According to Research and Markets, “the global logistics market was worth 10.32 Billion USD in 2017 and it is estimated to grow to 12.68 Billion USD by 2023 with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 3.49% between 2017 and 2023.”

Hence, this article will expose you to the top logistics companies in Nigeria. In between the lines, you will get to know why they are preferred and respected in their industry.

1. GEx Logistics

GEx Logistics is a company with a service that delivers packages especially for e-retailers and online platforms. They have built a strong reputation for providing first Class, cost-efficient logistics solutions to all their clients.

They tailor all their services to meet all their clients’ needs and satisfaction. And they attribute all this to their technological system. All their customers and merchants use their website, mobile apps, and APIs to better their services.

GEx Logistics fully operates a network of delivery champions, serving thousands of users and businesses with the goal to become the top on-demand hyper-local fulfillment service company in Nigeria.

Using the shipping rate calculator, you can get a quote on the good you want to ship; making it easier for you to budget accurately for it. You can track your goods using a tracking number and you can use either payment on delivery or credit/debit card payment.

2. MDS Logistics

MDS Logistics fosters client relationships by inquiring and building serious knowledge of the customer’s approach to business and how they seek to achieve some of the set goals. They strongly believe in hitting everything with a single strike.

Every day, they link manufacturers with many customers in over 400 cities and villages connected by our network of over 46 distribution centers and over 200 vehicles across Nigeria. Their team of professionals ensures the smooth transmission of these products to their unique destination.

With 46 distribution centers, 265 vehicles, 90 clients, and a team strength of 561 members, you can trust MDS Logistics to do the job for you.

3. Tegaxpress General Logistics Company

TEGA XPRESS is a world-class dispatch company that spurs diverse levels of creativity and improves all round productivity. They provide one of the fastest systems in the logistics business. They utilize a unique set of support solutions and business ecosystem that makes their work efficient.

The team is a complete breed of highly skilled and dedicated people committed to ensuring they constantly exceed every client’s expectations. They completely constructed their work plans to meet the vital solutions for all individuals and companies.

Hence, if you’re a very busy professional or individual seeking a dispatch company, you can end your search currently. TEGA XPRESS will help you manage all the movement between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet your requirements.

4. Redoxcorp

Redoxcorp Shipping & Logistics Limited is a world-class provider of innovative logistics and supply-chain service and solutions. For many years, they have steadily provided value to their clients by delivering safely and on time as well.

This company offers you the option of sending your products across all the states in Nigeria and also some countries in the world. They make use of sea freight, air freight, and vehicles in the disposition of their duties. Of course, their robust team performs excellently.

5. TSL

TSL Logistics remains one of the best logistics companies in Nigeria. For a long time, they have built a concrete reputation for efficiency in the safe transportation of goods and products from a location to its target location across Nigeria, covering over 2.5million kilometers on a monthly basis.

The company has created a working supply chain and logistics platform for the supply and distribution of goods and services from one location to another. They remain true to their desire to provide supply chain and logistics solutions to corporate industries and governmental establishments across the African continent.

TSL currently functionally works out of five(5) locations in Nigeria’s Western and Eastern regions granting efficient logistics services to clients in the oil and gas, mining and construction, FMCG, and agricultural sectors. And they have plans to expand their coverage base.

6. LXGlobal

LXGlobal is a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Company with functional operations in Nigeria. The company offers specialised logistics services some of which are Procurement, Air & Ocean Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, Import & Export Handling, Transportation and Warehousing.

LXGlobal remains keen on providing professional, time-definite, and customized services structured to fully attend to the unique needs of all their clients. This way, all their clients can rest assured that their needs are completely met, allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities.

A team of unique professionals manages this company with a strong and mixed knowledge of industry and service delivery experience spanning several years. The excellent mastery of their service delivery process and process documentation ensures that they have little or no competition in speed and reliability.


GIGL boasts to be Africa’s Leading Logistics Company. Since they started, they’ve proven they belong to a distinguished class of logistics companies with a clean market approach in Nigeria and Africa. To this extent, they are expanding rapidly with scores of local branches in Nigeria, Ghana and United States of America.

You will discover their operations are highly visible in the areas of freight forwarding, haulage services, mail room services, warehousing and distribution services and e-commerce logistics. And with their team of dedicated professionals, they keep pushing efficient logistics to higher heights.

GIGL functions as an operator with the highest knowledge of the local environment. Backed by a seamless infrastructure, they are ready to compete with other globally-rated logistics companies in Nigeria and the world. Their robust global network provides domestic and international, intra and inter-state express delivery services.

8. GLX

GLX (Global Logistics Service) offers complete logistical packages that include all the services you need, from complete warehouse management to in-house and outsourcing solutions. At the start of the project, they execute a detailed process analysis that considers every aspect.

The goal of the process remains to create pragmatic solutions that mean immediate and clearly noticeable process improvement for all their clients. Additionally, they ensure they track down all potentials, exploit them and use synergy effects that arise.

9. Fortune Global

Fortune Global Shipping and Logistics Limited is a one of the best logistics companies in Nigeria fully involved in managing your shipments from one destination to another. They oversee the design and implementation of industry-leading solutions together with a large network of partners.

This company has a core focus hinged on providing excellence and value to its customers emanating from their team of experts who bring passion and dedication to their work. They remain completely committed to meeting and exceeding all customer’s expectations.

With over 100+ dedicated employees, working around the globe, their operational excellence is obvious as they seek to provide viable solutions to the most challenging supply chain questions. Therefore, many of their clients praise their work. Fortune Global is a shipping company in Nigeria with style.

10. Cargonaija

Cargonaija prides itself on being one of the best logistics companies in Nigeria. They boast they offer some of the best services and have high safety ratings in the consignment of all their customers.

Using their application and tracking number, you can track your cargo when it is on the move. This way, if there were any discrepancies, you will question the right professionals to get a hang of the situation during the trip.

Cargonaija uses car shipping, sea freight, and air freight as well. As a customer, Cargonaija will pick up your good from your doorstep and deliver them to the doorstep of your chosen destination with no hidden charges and on time.


Logistics companies help the movement of certain goods from one location to another. Although there have always been issues regarding lost cargo in the past, these companies have stepped up by introducing trackers that help clients know where their goods and services are at each time.

While there are a lot of logistics companies in Nigeria, the ones you will see in this article are the best among the rest.

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