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It was a beautiful new month with good vibes and energy. Surprisingly, one of our team members started falling off the bus, so to speak.  I knew their talent was still there, but their delivery velocity had dropped. Similarly, their work was not as accurate as it should have been. I didn’t feel like they were persistent enough to find the right solution for the client that leads to an impact drop per naira.

The team members in question weren’t as responsive as the rest of us. It was holding up other processes within the workflow which made it difficult. They weren’t as fun to work with as they were expected to be.

I evaluated them against the current core values. Actually, I wouldn’t necessarily say they were failing in any of the four categories (freedom, respect, fun, and health). In fact, they were probably thriving in at least 2 of them.

So what did I do? That’s right – I went to the whiteboard. I started writing down all of the qualities that I thought made an effective team member. It was then it dawned on me that core values were taken for granted.

The core values of an organization are those values we hold in high esteem that form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. The core values are the basic elements of how we go about our work. They are the practices we use (or should be using) every day in everything we do.

Five Key Core Values

  • INTEGRITY:-Know and do what is right. 
  • RESPECT:- Treating others the way you want to be treated. 
  • RESPONSIBILITY:- Embrace opportunities to contribute. 
  • SPORTSMANSHIP:- Bring your best to all competitions. 
  • SERVANT LEADERSHIP:- Serve the common good


At Socialander, our core values are rules to live by. These rules include passion, accountability, collaboration, and excellence.

  1. Passion:-We are driven by intrinsic and unique desires for business growth. Our passion keeps us late into the night learning better ways to deliver results and going all out to keep a high standard of service offerings.
  2. Accountability:-We take responsibility and ownership for our work from the point of gaining clarity to the delivery of the client’s needs and managing their relationships. However, this means that we take responsibility to ensure that our team has all the required resources to deliver their duties.
  3. Collaboration:-We thrive by recognizing and respecting the strengths of each other including those of our clients. We listen, evolve, and support each other while delivering on collective business goals
  4. Excellence:- Beyond offering quality service, we consistently make efforts to improve our service delivery and communication both internally and with our clients. This is what we define as excellence.

How will core values affect you as a person or organization?

Values are our method of behaving or basic cognitive process that we tend to hold most vital. Knowing your values affects your behavior as you are acting in full integrity with who you are, and you do walk your talk. You make decisions and actions honoring these values. It does take courage to live up to the values.


Why are company core values important? Secondly, So would you outline your company values? What are the perceived company values that exist today?

Note, before you answer these queries because you should understand what core values are in general.

These are the items that you just believe are most significant within the means you reside and work. Basically, Core values ought to verify your priorities but not forgetting the core of your company. 

Typically, core values support the vision of your company and form its culture. They’re the essence of the company’s identity, their principles, beliefs, and philosophies. Additionally, Several firms focus totally on the technical competencies but usually forget the underlying competencies that build their firms to run smoothly. Establishing study core values provides each internal and external blessings to the company:

Core values drive firms in decision-making processes. Secondly, if one in every of your core values is to compliment the standard of your product, any product not reaching the satisfactory requirement is mechanically eliminated.

Core values educate shoppers and potential customers concerning the corporate world, especially on emerging trends to adopt in this digital age. In this competitive digital era, having a group of specific core values that talk to the general public is certainly a competitive advantage.

Basically , understanding your company’s values may be a difficult and vital exercise but it is worth it. Your company’s values are a central part of the principles of your company and can convey your message and help people to understand what you stand for.

 By changing these vital factors in your company, you’ll be able to use them as a guide to form the most effective selection in any state of decision-making for your company.

Some businesses and decision-makers are very concerned about what you or your company worth most. Once several choices appear affordable, it’s useful and comforting to have confidence in your values and use them as a powerful tool to drive you in the right direction.

When you think about your values in a higher cognitive process, you’ll be able to recognize your sense of integrity and what you find true that helps you to approach decision-making with clarity. You’ll conjointly recognize that what you’re doing is best for your company, employees, and customers.

It could be very difficult to make value-based decisions but creating a selection that you just recognize is true may be a ton easier at the end of the day. However,  if you nurture your staff to leverage on this term while making goal oriented decisions ,you can never go wrong.

How does one verify your core values? Don’t simply copy another company’s set of values unless you’ve got examined them terribly closely and recognize that they’ll match. Otherwise, take thirty to one hour and develop your own. After you have figured out the list, have this question at the back of your mind.

Do these values cause you to feel sensible concerning yourself and your company?

Are you pleased with your prime 3 values?

Would you be comfortable and proud to publish these values?

Do these values represent the items you’d support, even if your selection isn’t popular?

To get more familiar, here may be an additional list of company values from Socialander:

“As we tend to grow as an organization, it has become very important to expressly outline the core values from that we tend to develop our culture, our brand, and our business methods. 

These are the 10 core values that we tend to live by:”

  • Deliver wow through service
  • Embrace and drive modification
  • Create fun and a touch of unfamiliarity
  • Be innovative, creative, and broad-minded
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Build open and honest relationships with communication
  • Build a positive team and family spirit
  • Keep being inspired and stay motivated
  • Be ablaze and Determined


Finally, sit down and be humble!. Keep in mind to often affirm your company’s core values at employee conferences or post them on the shut-in of your work wherever they’ll function as a reminder to your employees. Solid core values can reinforce your business relationships and facilitate staff and management to conduct their business in an exceedingly truthful and adequate manner.

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