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While SEO is one of the most effective strategies for increasing website traffic, it might not be enough. 

Consider that your entire traffic is derived from SEO. How will this impact your site? Potential customers will be lost! 

Increasing web traffic is not easy, which is why it is imperative to diversify your methods. In the case of multiple traffic sources, you won’t completely lose business due to changing algorithms. The optimization strategies in your toolkit will help you increase the efficiency of your business. If your site has little scope for search engine optimization (such as podcasts), diversifying your web traffic can be helpful as well. 

The purpose of this post is to provide you with effective strategies to grow your website traffic without SEO so you won’t be stranded by algorithm changes in the future. , we’re also going to discuss practical tips you can start using right now for a boost in traffic. 

Why Should You Try to Grow Traffic Without SEO?

There are a lot of ways to generate traffic, but not all of them are equal. Clearly, high-quality traffic (containing users with a higher likelihood of converting) offers a better return on investment. 

You may also want to consider other methods of growing your website traffic if you’re not an expert on SEO. 

You shouldn’t ignore SEO completely. In order to avoid being penalized and to be indexed by Google, all websites ought to follow best SEO practices, regardless of their niche. 

Adding the strategies we’ll discuss below to an existing SEO strategy can be beneficial. 

Top Strategies to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO 

If you want to increase website traffic with no SEO, you would need to perform a plethora of tasks that include:

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to a way of organically advertising your brand through high-quality content. You must have heard this term since you have been reading about digital marketing.

Blog posts, audio episodes, infographics, videos on YouTube, downloadable PDFs, etc. are all examples of content marketing strategies. 

Blog posts aren’t the only form of content marketing. A podcast or a webinar may be right for you if you connect better with audio. 

Social media apps today allow you to share photos, audio clips, text or videos in a variety of ways. To find out what formats work best for your audience, you could try one or more of these. 

2. Pay-per-click advertising

You should use content marketing to create original, research-based posts for your site, but it can be expensive, especially if you hire established authors to do it for you. 

Most of these projects also take weeks or months to show results, which isn’t a practical timeline for many businesses. 

If you want quicker results with a budget you can control, why not try paid ads?

Social media is used by seven out of ten Americans today. Approximately two thirds of Americans use social networks. Imagine what you can accomplish this way! 

Your website can generate thousands of clicks over the course of a few minutes if you pay for ads. The presence of new advertising and social media platforms is making it easier than ever before to get your ads seen by the right people.

You can, for example, use Instagram to target your business by utilizing detailed customer personas and multiple targeting options – without spending a lot of money on mass advertising. 

Nevertheless, advertisers do not have to rely on the biggest platforms to be successful. Rather than advertising on an established platform, you can find greater success by advertising on a platform with an audience that aligns with your products. 

Adverts on Reddit, instead of Facebook or YouTube, would be more effective if your ideal customer is an adult who enjoys memes and random stories. 

Dating apps are another option. Adverts on dating apps like Tinder can help you find your target customers faster if your brand focuses on relationships or if you target young singles. 

Don’t worry about spending $1,000 on your first day because paid ads won’t take a lot of money. 

If you use $5-$10 a day, you can see if it works. Just learn how different platforms work by doing that for a week.

3. Social Media Strategies

It’s best to meet your customers where they hang out if you want to increase traffic to your website. The majority of people are using social media these days. In addition to reaching new users, increasing online brand awareness and driving more traffic to your website, you can increase social media marketing efforts. 

Using social media to drive traffic to your website?

There is no such thing as barging into “conversations” on social media and asking people to visit your website or to buy an item. 

If you were meeting someone for the very first time, consider how you’d present your brand. Would you immediately talk sales in their face? Or would you give them details about your products or yourself first? 

Whenever you use social media, remember that users are looking for entertainment, not for sales. 

The best way to make sure that your efforts are well received is to provide value to your potential followers and create positive relationships with them.

Post fun photos of your employees or informative posts like how-tos.

Boosting engagement and securing more social media followers can be achieved with a detailed guide. To grow your website traffic, here are the top options: 

  • Join appropriate Facebook groups
  • Join these groups to share useful articles and videos
  • Share the latest products from your company 
  • Organise contests and giveaways 
  • Contribute thoughtful comments on content created by others 

Link building is often mentioned when marketing teams discuss SEO. Your website will appear higher on the search results page if reputable websites link to it.

Sounds helpful, but that’s not all. 

Did you know link building can help you increase web traffic without relying on SEO?

Building links for brand awareness entails focusing your strategies on expanding your reach, gaining new audiences, and making your brand more visible. 

A backlink in a blog post is more than a simple reference. It takes more planning and resources to build links for brand awareness, but the high-quality leads you’ll receive make it worthwhile. 

The following tips will help you develop effective link building strategies to increase website traffic:

  • Share and interact with your posts: Your followers will be able to engage with your content if it is interesting. 
  • PR: Recruit PRs who can spread your story to your desired audience and generate brand awareness for you. 
  • Guest blog strategically: Post guest blogs on publications whose readership aligns with your own. 

5. Engage in conversation with other blogs

An effective traffic-building strategy, guest blogging aims to widen your brand’s reach by leveraging another brand’s audience. 

Imagine this: You have a niche market with a large following. How would it be if you were able to make your content accessible to them? Consider how many visitors you could drive to your website! 

Is it because you have something new to say?

This is probably because of your skill. 

Content of high quality is what everyone wants. You may find people are willing to publish your post on their site if you provide a well-researched, useful post for free. In the end, it’s free promotion for them. 

What are the benefits of giving away precious content for free?

Your business can reach hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of new users, who are likely to become customers. Approach the situation carefully because it is a win-win situation. 

You can begin your search by looking for relevant blogs and media publications. If you are a food company, you should publish content on food blogs read by recruiters. 

Additionally, read online biographies of firms and bloggers that interest you. The best way to locate sites where they’ve posted as guest bloggers are to look at their web profiles. You’ve been presented with a wealth of guest blogging opportunities.

You should then submit a request. There are usually publication guidelines on the website. Read them carefully for a better chance of publication. 

As another way of generating traffic, you can use blog comments. What are the steps you need to take to generate traffic from comments?

Add something meaningful to the discussion when leaving a comment.

Commenting with “Great post” ” or “Perfect website!” Be sure to respond thoughtfully if someone asks you a question. Because this highlights your expertise in the given niche, readers will click on your name and go straight to your website.

It would not be a prudent move to rely on your own thoughts as fact when you are reading an article about a subject you are not familiar with. It is always best to ask questions when reading articles about unfamiliar topics. By adding more details of complex topics or complex sections, the website owner can elaborate more on them.

Become an expert on a subject by suggesting something, recommending a solution, answering a question. Ask questions if you are a novice. By encouraging blog readers to explore your website, powerful questions can drive website traffic.

Your comments should not contain links. A flag planted on someone’s lawn seems like a vile gesture.

When you enter your name and email address, you can include your website’s link in the URL field, but you must contribute to the conversation or challenge an idea without lazy attempts to drive traffic to your blog.

You should not use your business name as your “commenting name.” Instead, use your full name.

If you use an inappropriate name, you also miss out on the opportunity to build a strong brand due to the fact that your brand comes from your name. If your full name is not used, you will decrease your chances of getting your comment approved.

6. Email Marketing

In most digital marketing posts you’ll find email marketing mentioned. That’s because it’s still one of the best methods for increasing traffic to a site. 

Almost 3,600 per cent ROI can be obtained with email, according to one study. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

You can reach out directly to potential customers with email marketing. Customer loyalty can be improved by establishing long-term relationships. Questions can be posted, feedback can be offered, soft sales can be introduced, and you can influence the “big purchase.” 

The following tips will help you increase website traffic using email marketing:

  • Let your words do the talking: Share stories, post-behind-the-scenes material, and ask for original content. 
  • In emails and newsletters, too, offering value is crucial before making an ask, just as content marketing needs to provide high value to convert readers. 
  • Link to all your sources: Make your post easy to read and share. Send emails that contain links to your social media profiles, latest blog posts, and sales page. 

7. Request customer reviews and provide excellent service

If you do not offer excellent customer service, your social media marketing efforts will be ineffective. 

Various studies have shown that 42 percent of customers who experienced pleasant customer service bought more products.

Imagine this: A user complains on social media, and you respond politely and quickly. How does the situation unfold? The person respects your brand. 

Although users may complain privately over email, it is still important to provide a high-quality service so that they return. 

Is it possible to provide excellent customer service?

  • Answer as soon as possible
  • Provide solutions to customer problems as soon as possible 
  • Provide coupons or refunds for mistakes you make 
  • You can ask users to review your brand if you consistently provide great customer service. 

For creating positive reviews, Trustpilot and Yelp are excellent platforms. You can improve your reputation by having a strong profile on these websites, as many users consult them before buying. 


To increase website traffic, you shouldn’t only rely on search engines. SEO techniques and algorithm changes are constantly evolving. 

You can increase website traffic more effectively using the strategies we discussed today. 

In either case, you can transform how you attract customers by using only one of these tactics or by combining them all.

How will you drive traffic today?

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