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Video production is the oil deal that can help your brand gain more visibility. With a well-produced video, your brand outreach can go from 10 to 100. And this entails massive ROI.

Statistics show that 76 percent of the world population affirm to have purchased a product after seeing a video made by a brand. So why not capitalize on this and increase your brand’s outreach.

With Socialander, you are sure to get quality videos that would pull a high number of clients and thus increase revenue generation. 


Video Production Services

video production services company

The process of creating video content for television, social media posts, home videos, or the internet is known as video production.

It is analogous to filmmaking, but instead of film stock, video is recorded as analogue signals on videotape, digitally on videotape, or as computer files stored on optical discs, hard drives, Solid-state drives, magnetic tape, or memory cards. 

Video production covers Pre-production, production (also known as the main photography), and post-production. 

Pre-production includes all aspects of the video production process that are planned before filming begins.

At Socialander we treat the pre-production stage meticulously as it is the foundation on which we would build to give you the desired output.

Anyone with a good camera can produce a video.

But for video production to be distinct,  our video production team will painstakingly write scripts that would suit your brand, schedule the best time of the day to produce the videos, strategize for logistics, and other administrative tasks. 

Production is the stage of video production in which the video content (electronic moving images) is captured and the subject(s) of the video is filmed.

Post-production is the stage where we combine video clips selectively, utilizing unique video editing tools to produce quality videos that would tell a story or convey a message in either a live event setting (live production) or after an event has occurred (post-production).

With Socialander, you get the best scripted and edited content unique to your brand. Amazing right. Let’s dive in!


8 Video Production Statistics for You

Still not convinced about video production as a strategy to increase visibility and ROI, take a look at what these video marketing statistics say:

1. High Demand for Videos

Brands and businesses have a strong and growing need for videos. 

According to HubSpot, 57 percent of consumers between the ages of 18 and 24 prefer video content from companies they support over other types of content.

Sixty-six percent of consumers aged 25 to 34 agree.

Consumers aged 55 and up are the only age group that does not share this tendency, but even so, 47 percent of these consumers prefer video content.

With this in mind, it is pertinent to source for video production service.

Most especially for brands that seek to reach out to the younger populace, video production would be the way forward and at Socialander, we are ready to work with you to achieve your desired goal.


2. Videos Production Enhances  Social Media Marketing

A successful social media marketing plan relies heavily on the generation of shares for god outreach.

Videos are far more likely than other sorts of social media material to be shared. 

Social videos receive 12 times the number of shares as text and image material.

Having trouble coming up with shareable content for your social media channels, then you need the video production team of Socialander.

Our team of experts would produce high-quality videos with search engine optimized content and this would attract more shares to your brand.


3. Video Production Results Increased Return On Investment

The reason why your business was set up, in the beginning, was to generate profit. This makes ROI a king when it comes to measuring the success of your marketing efforts. 

This metric is one of the best indicators of your ability to acquire leads, increase traffic, and generate conversions.

At Socialander we understand this, and our video production experts are ready to work with you when you are ready to increase your ROI. 

In their 2020 report on video marketing statistics, Wyzowl found that 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good return on investment, and 87% say that video marketing has increased their website traffic.


4. Video Production for Marketing is Becoming Even More Popular

Just as you now see, the statistics of video production gaining traction for brands,  everyone else is seeing it or contemplating doing it.

It might be a good idea to consider utilizing video production services for marketing as part of your overall digital strategy. 

According to the same Wyzowl report, 85% of businesses use video marketing compared to 87% in 2019, 81% in 2018, 63% in 2017, and 61% in 2016.

This tells us that companies are increasingly realizing the value of video marketing and choosing to integrate it into their marketing campaigns.

At Socialander, we would upturn the market in your favour with video production and aggressive video marketing services.

5. Video Production Leads to more Effective Messaging

When it comes to digital marketing, the first challenge is getting your target audience to view your content in the first place.

The second challenge is effectively communicating your message through this content. This is where video production for marketing shines.

Per Invisia, consumers tend to retain 95% of a brand’s message when they receive it through a video compared to 10% when delivered through text

Don’t let your brand’s revenue slip down because you neglected video production. Take the bold move today and get your clients to see your messages rather than ignore them.

Even if you neglected this factor for quite a while, go easy on yourself as it would consume your money and time to acquire and make use of good video production.

At Socialander, we have sophisticated tools that can be used for quality videos.

6. Video Production for Landing Page Increases Landing Page Performance

When you visit a company, the first person you see is the receptionist, right?

Now imagine the receptionist not having a good demeanour, how would you feel?

Now, knowing that a landing page is a stand-alone page, that visitors would first see, it should draw their attention for more. 

The only way to go about this is sourcing for good video production services as videos have a high percentage of keeping people glued. 

At Socialander, our team of video production experts would increase web traffic and acquire leads for your brand in the sales funnel using quality videos.

The acquired leads can then be converted on your site into paying customers.

And according to Campaign Monitor, including a video on your landing page can boost conversion rates by as much as 80%. So much ROI just from video production.


7. Video Production Aren’t Just for B2C

Video production for marketing is widely known to be an effective way to facilitate communications between businesses and consumers, but what about business to business (B2B) video marketing?

Is video marketing still worth it for B2B businesses? Looking at statistics, it is a resounding YES!

The Content Marketing Institute found that 71% of B2B marketers use video marketing, making it more widely used than case studies, infographics, webinars, white papers, and eBooks.

So even your business could favour another business just because of a good video production team. Well, your call to make better ROI.

8. Video Production Improves Search Engine Rankings

For digital marketing to be successful, search engine optimization must be prioritized. Successful search engine optimization campaigns help increase brand awareness, web traffic, lead generation, and sales conversions. 

As such, marketers need to do everything they can to improve their search engine rankings.

At Socialander, our video production team ensure to incorporate search engine optimized videos when offering their service.

This would help generate more traffic, and for more traffic, more sales conversion, then to the end goal more ROI.

Statistics from Invisia shows that websites that include a video are 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google.


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Who Needs Video Production Services?

Is video production worth it? Is the video production process worth the time, money, and effort?

Before investing in any marketing initiatives, it’s important to understand what returns you can expect to achieve. 

At Socialander, we offer video production services in whatever form your brand wants.  With our team of experts, flexibility in the creation of videos would not be an issue.

Some Industries That Require Video Production Services Include:


1. Video Production for Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is exceptionally crowded, and video is a great way to set one firm apart from another, drive home each product’s value proposition, and connect with customers on a more personal level.

At Socialander, our video production experts are good at creating unique content for various brands. Make the move now.

2. Video Production for Finance Industry

The presence of so many banks in the world makes the financial industry intimidating.

Online transactions can feel risky at the best of times, and sometimes money is just a sensitive subject.

But whatever the underlying psychology, it has become crucial for financial institutions to foster a sense of trust for their clients.

With a good video production team, explainer videos can help customers get to know a banking institution in-depth or provide walk-throughs of common transactions like making deposits or setting up payments.

At Socialander, we understand how money works and the fears attached to it. With customers in mind, we would create unique videos that would ease the common problems associated with finance.


3. Video Production in Public Relations Industry

Being the middlemen between a brand and the clients, the clients must be able to see the positive light in a business through you.

Do you need quality videos that can do that, do you need highly optimized contents that would include warm colours that reflect calmness.

If yes, then you need the service of our video production team. With our team of experts who are good with human psychology, you are sure of getting such videos.


4. Video Production for Real Estate Industry

With a seriously saturated market and tons of platforms listing and re-listing the same properties, real estate professionals are turning to video production services to help make their portfolios stand out against the noise.

Videos that would give tours of real properties to profiles spotlighting outstanding agents on their teams.

More generally, real estate pros are securing video production services to put out videos that would educate viewers about complex topics that touch the industry, like explainers on securing mortgages and news reports on market trends.

At Socialander, our video production experts would do this and more.

Being the best digital agency in Lagos, we don’t just create videos, we would back it up with search engines optimized contents that would cause the videos to gain more traction.


5. Healthcare

Medicine can be an intimidating and often faceless field, but with a good video production team, medical professionals can put across helpful videos that would help healthcare companies get better connected to more customers and provide meaningful, relevant content around the topics they wonder about most.

Having seen the usefulness of using videos in the healthcare facility, it is also necessary that the videos be of good quality. 

This can easily be achieved with Socialander’s video production team.


6.  E-commerce

Because of the power of the internet in today’s digital age, online shopping is a rapidly increasing and evolving sector.

Customers are flooded with offers to buy products they see on the web.

As businesses rely more and more on e-commerce shops instead of brick-and-mortar storefronts.

Video is a strong technique for retailers to let their products shine, especially when it comes to products.

Do you desire to become an outstanding competition in the E-commerce world? do you want your customers to see your products and make a purchase?

Then you need a good video production team. And at Socialander, we produce the best videos that would gain you the traction you seek.


7. Travel and Hospitality

As a brand in the travel and hospitality sector, most of your clients would be those from another region or locality.

And having to get a good place to stay, they would need a lot of conviction from friends, family and you.

Convincing people with static video images yields less patronage compared to videos. This is why you need a video production team.

Your facilities may be good no doubt, but if the video showcasing it is of low standard or quality, you would most likely lose prospective clients.

But never to worry, with Socialander, you would get the best videos from our video production team.

And not just the videos, we can also contribute to design and aesthetics to make your facility stand out. Isn’t that amazing??

So why delay. Take the bold step now and start your video production with us.


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Types of Video Production

Video Production Varies and it is necessary to understand the industry a brand falls into before engaging in video production for marketing.

  • Corporate Video Production

Corporate videos production covers a wide range of purposes and it can also be scripted.

It can be used for /can be scripted and covers a wide range of purposes such as Communication, Training and Education, videotaping conferences and conventions, products and services, and sales.

The Corporate Overview Video is the most popular type of video here. It presents the company’s leadership team and puts a name and face to the individuals in command. 

It is also is designed to express a company’s general mission statement as well as its key ideas and values.

Notably, it is frequently referred to as the basis of a company’s video content because it establishes the ethos and communication style for all subsequent videos. 

  • Corporate Event Videos

Corporate event videos are created for conventions or trade exhibits and feature the entire multi-day event, including speakers, breakout sessions, awards ceremonies, and local leisure activities.

After that, an on-site editor prepares a short video presentation that is shown before the conference ends.

Many national or international corporations also use the convention site to gather interviews of key employees or customers to speak on their behalf because it is much easier to film everyone in one place.

  • Product Videos

Product videos are made with the primary goal of selling a product, and they provide a way to communicate all of the product’s strengths and features, which are generally put in the text on the goods page, but with the added benefit of presenting glamour shots of the product. 

The most successful product videos are usually between 2 and 3 minutes long, balancing the quantity of information offered with the audience’s attention.

  • Television Broadcast

Commercials, infomercials, newscasts, variety shows, game shows, live television documentaries, news magazines, sitcoms, and reality shows are all examples of television broadcast productions.

  • Event Video

Video production can be utilized to create recordings of sporting, school, theatre, wedding, religious, and other similar events.

The distribution of event video productions ranges from a custom-made wedding film for the bride and groom’s family and friends to a dance recital where dozens to hundreds of videos are sold to individual dancers.

Event video production can also be used to transmit live events, such as a press conference or a concert, to viewers at home.

Live events can be broadcast by sending video from the event venue to a television studio via microwave or satellite truck.

The term “event video” usually refers to a video shot at an event that has some form of currency, such as news.

  • Internet Video Production

Increased internet speeds, the transition to digital from physical formats such as tape to file-based media, and the availability of cloud-based video services have all contributed to an increase in the use of the internet to provide services previously delivered on-premise in the context of commercial content creation, such as video editing.

In some cases, adoption has been fueled by the reduced costs of cloud-based equivalent services, while in others, it has been fueled by the increased scope for collaboration and time savings.

Videos can be found on a lot of websites. Many video production software allows for the creation of videos without the use of a physical camera, though this is not always the case.

Utilizing the YouTube video editor to make a video using pre-existing video content kept on the site under a Creative Commons license is an example of this.

Testimonials, web presenter videos, help section videos, interviews, parodies, product demos, training videos, thank you videos, and apology films are just some of the ways video content is being used.

Marketing films are created with the campaign’s goal in mind.

Explainer videos are used to explain products, commercial videos are used to introduce a firm, sales films are used to promote a product, and social media videos are used to raise brand recognition.

Individual Internet marketing films are typically produced in-house and by small media firms, whereas large media organizations, crowdsourcing production markets, and scalable video production platforms produce a high volume of videos.

The majority of Internet marketing videos are created with the intention of communicating with the viewer.

Transactional videos, which try to sell a product to a consumer, and reference films, which are aimed to keep the customer on the site, are the two main forms of internet marketing videos.

With Socialander, all these various videos can be created. And the beautiful part is that we can contribute various concepts to increase traction. 

Now being educated on the types of video production services we offer, you need to take a bold step.




Some Video Production Equipment

  1. Camera
  2. Highly portable camera
  3. Tripod
  4. External microphone
  5. Lighting
  6. Gimbal
  7. Editing/production software
  8. Video editing hardware
  9. Transcription service
  10. High-Quality Memory Cards
  11. Capture Cards
  12. Dummy Battery

With Socialander, all these tools will be used during video production to create highly optimized videos.


Best Video Production Company

Before employing the service of a production company, it would be in your best interest to take a look at some pointers:

1. A Portfolio of Professional Work

Take a close look at an agency’s portfolio before agreeing to work with them. Remember that quality trumps numbers, so don’t dismiss smaller agencies just yet.

Is their work detailed, based on what you can see?

Is it simple to comprehend?

Is it in keeping with the tone of your own business?

Is there anything in their portfolio that matches the tone of the item you’re searching for?

If not, are you convinced that yours is a creative direction they can handle?

These questions are critical early in the agency selection process because they not only tell you about the agency but also expose you to a variety of styles that can aid you later in developing your brand.

At Socialander, our portfolio speaks for us. Ranking as the top 1% of Digital agencies in Nigeria and on google my business. Upon request, more insights into our portfolio can be given.


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2. Client Testimonials 

Client testimonials are an important part of every video production agency company.

Testimonials, which are usually placed in portfolios or about pages and should contain more detail about the conversion ratio brought about by the video.

Numerical data or heartfelt stories about the impact our video had on the customer’s buyers are among our favorite client testimonials.

A glowing endorsement, in either case, is a clear sign of credibility that you should seek before sending a check to any firm.

Not to boast, but you can check out the testimonials given below, for a clear picture of how our video production team  performs



3. Timeliness

It’s difficult to predict whether a project will be completed on time before it begins, but there are always predictors of reliability to look for before you begin.

Do you get a response from your agency contact within a fair amount of time, or do they leave for several days without warning?

Does somebody answer the phone when you call? How long did it take you to get a sales representative on the phone after filling out a form?

From a business standpoint, it’s simply a good idea to be as efficient with time as possible to get more value from each client.

Our video production team understand the need for timeliness and how a second delay could be disastrous to a project. With years of inbuilt cultural discipline, delivering late on a project is not what we are known for.


4. Clear Expectations

At Socialander, conduct a debriefing conversation with our customers regarding their goals, expectations, and conceptual feedback on the piece before we start working on any video.

We provide useful materials to help describe the type of work, storyline, and duration options available when we’re early in the buying process.

These allow us to guide our clients through their expectations while also demonstrating our commitment to our own.

Our video production team would offer you a comprehensive timeline for how long a project will take to complete, as well as warmth and patience as you sort out the details.

5. Good Standard

Standards are important in all aspects of life, but they are especially important in the workplace. Whatever your reason for requiring video content, one thing is certain: it must be excellent.

There’s a lot to be said about the price triangle and the advantages of spending more for a professional video, but regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, you should feel confident in the level of production you’re getting.

You can find evidence of an agency’s high standards by looking at their previous work or even the content they create in-house.

For example, if for some reason, the lighting during video production becomes terrible and the video needs to roll out that day, would the video production team be able to create a splendid headshot with a quality phone and camera.

At Socialander, we prepare for every possible scenario. We prepare for the best and also design alternatives for unforeseen circumstances. 


6. Creativity

There are far too many video production agencies to count these days. In such a crowded market, you start to notice the same styles and forms over and over.

When we say for creativity, look out for videos that deviate from the regular videos put out by production agencies.

Trends or artistic work may not be as obvious to you outside the profession. But, when you see a creative work, something in you would click because every line, every word would speak novelty.

Even if you choose to replicate the video of another brand, a good video production team should not just copy and do it.  They should be able to see the lines that are missing in the template.

When choosing a video production business to partner with, use that judgment, and you will benefit from greater video content on the web.

At Socialander, we write our narrative, we create and others follow. This is a feat we have achieved over years of smart work and with consistency, we have pulled off the toughest of video production.


7. Passion

For employees to stick around, they would have passion for the job they were hired for.

And at Socialander, we hire people based on shown dedication and passion, humility and ability to meet with timeline.

It takes a lot of determination to keep improving your craft in any creative field. Animators, editors, and video production gurus are all driven by art, and they need the enthusiasm to keep their gears turning all day.

It shouldn’t be difficult to detect enthusiasm in an agency you’re considering partnering with.

Do they appear to be truly enthusiastic about your project?

Are they making suggestions for new ways to communicate your story?

Do they have any passion projects going on?

Learning to recognize these indicators will aid you in your decision-making and, in the end, result in a better piece of video.

Finally, you should feel at ease with your video production partner and secure in the knowledge that your video is in capable hands.


Why Socialander?

Listed above are the qualities to look out for when seeking a video production agency that would produce a video for your brand.

At Socialander, we have over the years kept the feast of producing highly optimized videos.

Our video production team incorporates search engine optimized keywords into video content.

This would make the video content gain more traction and most importantly a good conversion ratio.


Pricing For Video Production

The pricing for video production varies. It is dependent on:

  1. Professional Development and Storyboarding
  2. Professional Production and Company Services
  3. Writing/Scripting
  4. Editing and Colour Grading
  5. Coaching Talent and Blocking
  6. Camera Quality
  7. Lighting and Equipment
  8. Graphics and VFX
  9. Licensing for Audio Files and Music
  10. Crew
  11. Direct Costs of Location(s) Used
  12. Onsite Costs of Production and Catering 
  13. Studio/Stage Time
  14. Props and Set
  15. Rendering
  16. Travel/Accommodation
  17. Total Length of Final Product
  18. Translator
  19. Online Hosting Fees and Cost
  20. Miscellaneous/ Contingency


Considering all these factors, video production should cost a fortune, but with Socialander, we give the most affordable pricing.

We don’t have a size fits for video production. There are various packages we offer that would fit your budget and the best part is we still retain quality and content optimization for every plan.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Music Video Production Good

Video production for music is good because people tend to stay glued to videos rather than just sound.

For music video production, good lighting, camera and sound are required.

All these can only be gotten when the service of a good video production team is sourced.

Importance of Video Production

The importance of video production is numerous. But the most important one is that it should lead to sales conversion for brands and generate good ROI.

Video Production for Small Businesses

Every business needs video production. This is because we are in a digital age where people frequent online services more than they would a physical one. 

For small businesses, video production can help increase conversion ratio, generate better ROI and give them a chance to thrive in a market full of competition.

The finance for video production may serve as a block to small businesses sourcing a video production team.

Nevertheless, with Socialander, various packages exist from which small businesses can pick from without breaking a bank.