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Ultimate Guide On How To Advertise On Youtube

Since video marketing is a digital marketing strategy, it is only right to learn about youtube and how to maximize the platform for effective marketing. YouTube is a search engine so you will need to optimize your content for the YouTube algorithm, just like you do for Google SEO. Let’s say you’ve created your YouTube channel and you’re ready to start advertising, the next thing is to optimize your profile  YouTube marketing involves creating promotional videos, working with influencers, and advertising on the youtube platform. Getting Started with advertising on Youtube-Creating a Youtube Channel First step: Create a Google Account Second Step: Log in to Youtube and create your business channel using your Google Account Note: Make sure your youtube channel is created with your brand’s email account to avoid future complications.  Also, using the official email account for your business will allow multiple people in your company to manage and update your youtube pages and you can even create multiple youtube channels with the account. Step 3: Optimize your profile This is where you: Step 4: Start creating and posting video contents  The kind of content you create on youtube should come from a place of researching your audience. This is to be sure you’re creating the kind of things your audience likes to see. How to advertise on Youtube- Post the kind of videos your audience will love Take your time to learn the kind of thing they like watching on youtube Maximize the analytics to get valuable insights into your audience’s demographics and interests. Helps you check for mentions of your brand. You need it to know what people are saying about your brand. A competitor analysis involved checking the following: Do a check and balance. Don’t copy, just compare and find the gap. Learn from your findings. Check on the best kind of thumbnail that works, the best way to post videos, how to add links, Editing methods, text pop-ups, other effects, etc. This is by doing keyword research to find out what your audience is searching for. After creating a video, add these keywords at the right places while posting. This is to break your video into chapters, giving your viewers the choice of skimming through. While writing your description, go straight to the point and be sure to include the following: This is very important for views. Let it not be a screenshot from your video. Use your photo and your brand’s element. Youtube recommends your thumbnail to be in the 16:9 format with a minimum size of 1280×720 pixels You can schedule with Hootsuite. Consider timing, the same way you do for your social media. Make sure your channel and profile reflect your branding and maintain a consistent branding element throughout your videos. This will make your videos easy to be found.  This is a commercial representing what your channel is all about. This is important to introduce what you’re about before you start creating content. How to advertise on Youtube – Best tips for Youtube advertising You don’t only use videos for advertising, you can use banners, text, images, etc. and you can make it skippable or unskippable. Youtube runs through the Google ads platform and being successful at it requires a strategy of its own. Before youtube ads: Types of YouTube ads Note that display ads can also be shown on YouTube. They are not videos, they’re just text and a thumbnail, and they show up across Google’s Display network. Best tips on how to advertise on youtube How to advertise on Youtube: Choose the best ad format for your goal There are many different ad formats available for Youtube advertising. From bumper ads to sponsored cards to display ads to skippable or non-skippable video ads. What’s your goal for advertising on YouTube? That should guide you in choosing the right format for you. If your goal is for Brand awareness, then Trueview in-stream ads will be more suitable so that people will see it better while they’re watching a video. And if it’s for getting leads to your website, display ads are the best. How to advertise on Youtube: Each ad format should have a different campaign. If you’re using multiple formats for your campaigns it’s best to have a different budget and strategy for each format so it will be easier to monitor and manage. Since each format performs differently, you should approach them differently. How to advertise on youtube: Target the right people  Target people who are already interested in your product. Take advantage of the Youtube targeting algorithm for this. How to advertise on youtube: Don’t joke with retargeting Once someone shows interest in your product, target them. This is because they’ve already indicated an interest in your brand either by liking any of your videos, visiting your page, etc. They are your warm audience and they would be more likely to buy than people who haven’t engaged with your brand at all. How to advertise on Youtube: Put a strong call to action  Also, make use of interactive content in your video. E.g call to action cards, auto-end screens, etc. The main goal for your ads is to convert and you can’t do this without a strong call to action. How to advertise on Youtube: Create quality content  In creating your videos for YouTube ads, don’t forget that content is the ultimate. It determines if viewers will click your call to action or watch till the end. Invest in creating good content, you can hire the best digital marketing agency to do it for you.  How to set up your Youtube ads It could be: Your campaign type could be search results, text, shopping, etc. Then select the video(since you want to advertise on Youtube) and select the type you want. Side note: Name a campaign in a way to easily locate and manage it. This is where you select your big strategy and budget. For Bid strategy, it could be for Conversions, Clicks, or