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What is Social Media Management and Why You Need a Social Media Management Company


Social media platforms have continued to grow in their user numbers. Facebook, which is the biggest social media platform in the world, has about 2 billion users and even newer applications like TikTok are pushing towards that number of downloads. Of course, we can’t ignore how powerful and important social media has become for many people and businesses alike. Businesses with social media handles have adopted social media management as an important element of their structure. With strong advancements in science and technology, the owners of these platforms are bound to receive an increased number of users. But the whole social media might probably puzzle you, and you don’t yet see the importance of social media talk less of a social media company handling your accounts. Well, this article will give you a full insight into this concept and you’ll see a significant reason to get serious on social media. What is Social Media Management? Social media management is simply ensuring your visibility on social media platforms is excellent. To be precise, it deals with the creation, analysis, and posting of content on the platforms. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn have garnered high user numbers over the years. Their overall user number amounts to over 4 billion. To increase the efficiency of their platforms, they introduced prominent features that enable social media management to be easy. Furthermore, there are additional tools that have made it easier. A social media manager must handle social media pages, and the manager has to ensure these pages are optimized to get the best results for the business. Getting into the position of a social media manager demands a strong understanding of social media trends, data analysis, and so much more. However, let’s consider the importance of getting involved in social media before we expand this conversation. Why Get Involved In Social Media Management? It’s usually strange whenever I have a conversation with a business professional and they tell me they have no social media presence because they have a strong offline network. Well, I only see people who are cutting themselves short because they’re probably naïve or scared of “NOTHING”. Getting involved in social media will offer you a lot of benefits as a business professional, and I will list some of them. They include: #1. Wider Reach A wider reach is important if you want to scale your business. And quality social media management can ensure you get access to more individuals that can patronize your brand. #2. Less Advertising Cost Advertising costs keep rising on every platform. So, if you can get organic traffic, that would be profitable to you both long term and short term. Good social media management can guarantee you spend less money on advertising as you will create channels that can help you market your products without running advertisements. #3. Virality Most of the huge internet sensations today became big with just one post that went viral. Virality remains one of the fastest ways to hit a bigger customer base, as your market does the advertising for you. Creating viral content isn’t usually easy, as the least things you expect can grow viral. Turkish Chef Salt Bae became an immediate internet sensation after people saw the way he butchered and sprinkled salt on meat. That’s just the whole truth about virality; you never know what works. However, if you keep making constant efforts, something you do will give your brand and business that big break on social media. What Are The Top Social Media Platforms? A good social media management team understands there are so many social media platforms, however, there are certain platforms that fit certain types of content. So, in this section, I will list some top social media platforms and what quality of conversations or promotions you should use there. #1. Facebook When you start a conversation about social media platforms and you don’t start with Facebook, then you probably didn’t complete your research at all. Facebook remains the “King” of all social media channels commanding over 2 billion users. And maybe we can attribute it to the fact they’re older than the other, apart from YouTube. On Facebook, you can run any type of advertising and you will get great conversions. Whether text, video, audio, etc, Facebook has an audience large enough to be interested in your content. And considering the efforts they have made by introducing applications like Business Suite and Ads manager, I will go with Facebook any day for my advertisements. #2. Instagram Instagram started as its channel before Facebook acquired the company. The company started with a model different from Facebook as they put a higher level of emphasis on the image and less emphasis on the text that followed. With this model, business people and marketers who love graphics found an untapped market. If you want to run any form of advertising on Instagram, use high-quality images or designs. Your designs or images must be able to communicate your brand, as people will pay less attention to your text. Another great idea would be to adopt a carousel which is text inputted into an image. #3. YouTube YouTube is a company owned by Google. And till today, they remain the standard choice for individuals who are interested in video creation, editing, etc. YouTube has over 3 billion visitors much more than Facebook as they are the second most visited webpage only behind Although YouTube has a large visitor number, you cannot run all forms of an advertising campaign on YouTube; you can only run campaigns that have videos. Smart Insights shows that video marketing is considered an important part of advertising. #4. Twitter Twitter is a great social media platform with user numbers in hundreds of millions. This platform is recognized as the most used platform for organizations and people in politics and government. On this platform, you send out brief messages to your followers called “Tweets” and people can either

Simple Steps on How To Delete Instagram Account

If you want to learn how to delete an Instagram account for any of the following reasons: you may just need a break from social media, you may not need it anymore, you may want to protect your personal information, you may be addicted and need a break, or you may just want to hibernate for a while, then keep reading because we will walk you through the easy steps on how to delete your Instagram account. Like its parent company Facebook, Instagram is no stranger to the occasional privacy incident. Instagram poses a severe threat to your privacy because of password leaks, and default location tracking. Additionally, it notifies other users of your in-app behavior, including likes, comments, and interactions with stories. Instagram had recently started letting other users know when you are online and even when you were last active. It’s also understandable that a sizable portion of users is prepared to uninstall Instagram permanently given the increasing number of fresh reports outlining the detrimental impacts of social media on mental health. You might also think about deactivating or deleting your social media accounts if you wish to share a little less information online.  This post will explain how to delete your Instagram account permanently when you’re ready. First things first, we would like you to know that there is a difference between how to delete your Instagram account and deactivating your Instagram account.  Deactivating VS. Deleting If you need a break from Instagram because of life changes or you just need a break then you should consider deactivating your Instagram account. When you deactivate your Instagram account, your account goes through a ‘suspension’, meaning your profile, alongside your pictures, likes comments, and followers will be hidden from other users. To reactive your account all you need to do is log back in, and you are in again! Now, how to delete your Instagram account is different. If you decide you don’t need the Instagram app anymore, probably because you want to protect your personal information or social media isn’t just your thing anymore, then you will want to delete your Instagram account. Deleting your Instagram account means all of your data, which includes your pictures, following, saved posts, and so on, will be deleted and the only way to get back on the Instagram space will be by signing up again, unfortunately, you cannot use your previous username nor can anyone else. How To Deactivate Your Instagram Account If you are an android user, you cannot deactivate your account from the app, ‌you will have to log on to the web browser on the Instagram website. Let’s get started!  Go to the Instagram website and log into your account and click on your profile icon to go to your profile Click on the edit profile, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Temporarily Disable My Account From the drop-down menu, select the reason ‌you want to deactivate your account You will be asked to reenter your password, enter it and select Temporary Disable Account   You will get a message that says ‘Your account is now deactivated and it will be hidden from other users until you log in to it once again.  P.S.: According to Instagram’s usage policy, you can only deactivate your Instagram account once a week. How To Delete Your Instagram Account If you are an android user, you are still in luck, just like deactivating your account, you can only‌ delete your account through the web.  To permanently delete your Instagram account, go to the Instagram website and log into your account. Click on the profile icon and select Delete Your Account  from the drop-down menu select your reason for deleting your account Re-enter your password and click on Permanently Delete My Account Once you follow these steps, congratulations, you have successfully learned how to delete your Instagram account. How To Delete An Instagram Account For iOS Users In order to comply with Apple’s updated App Store guidelines, Instagram had to add an option in its app to allow users to delete their account on the service in June 2022.  If you had searched for ways on how to delete your Instagram account or deactivate it before now, you would see that you will have to log on to the website. However, Apple asked that developers that offer account creation must also support account deletion from June 30th, 2022. Here are the steps to delete an Instagram account or deactivate it: Launch the Instagram app Click on the profile icon on the bottom-right corner of the app  Tap on the hamburger menu at the top-right corner of the page Click on Settings  Select the Account option Select Delete Account at the bottom of the menu  Confirm by clicking Delete Account (or Deactivate Account) Following these steps, you will have successfully deleted your Instagram account, however, Instagram has a 30-day period whereby you can stop the deletion of your account if you change your mind. To do that, just log back into your account. In this period, your information will not be accessible by other users or the public.  Don’t Lose Your Instagram Data You don’t have to lose your pictures and videos and curated content just because you don’t want to be on Instagram anymore. In order not to lose your data, you will have to download it. To download your data just follow these steps: Launch the Instagram app, click on the Profile Icon and click on the Hamburger Menu Click on Settings and click on the Privacy & Security button Select the Request Download tab Enter the email address where you want to receive your Instagram data  Enter your password and in 48 hours you will receive a mail with a link to your data  Click on the prompt titled Your Instagram Data to download your data. Activating an Instagram Account Again Follow these instructions to reactivate your Instagram account if you already deactivated it. Open Instagram

How To Duet On TikTok (What Brands Should Know)

TikTok is the newest social media site to go viral and how to duet on TikTok is the latest trend, thanks to its catchy tunes and popular dancing techniques. This short-form video app was first introduced in 2016, but it just gained popularity in 2018/2019. As of 2020, it has become entirely mainstream. TikTok can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but only if you create a specific strategy that aligns with your overall marketing goals and targets the right audience sections. TikTok is a great way to broaden your social media presence and create an account for your business, it has more than 400 million users – and a growing number of businesses now using it to market their products and services. But it’s not just about marketing, TikTok can also be used to strengthen your brand and build relationships with customers. It’s no secret that creating duets on TikTok videos that are already popular on the app is one approach to improve your chances of better brand awareness. So, whether your business is new to the TikTok game or your business has been on the app for a while. This article will guide you and let you in on all there is to know about how to duet on TikTok. What Is A Duet On Tiktok? The TikTok duet tool is simple to use and entertaining. With everything you need to get started, our guide will show you how to perform a duet on TikTok. A Duet on TikTok is essentially when you make a video that corresponds with another user’s video. When you publish a duet on TikTok, the newly recorded video (yours) appears on the left side of the screen and the original video is displayed on the right. The two videos are simultaneously playing. Let’s delve a little more deeply. Importantly, duets on TikTok don’t take place in real-time; instead, they begin with an original video to which users can add a response or follow-up. You can only duet with TikTokers whose preferences allow it. Another limitation is that you can only enhance the original video’s audio, not replace it. Why would you, though? Making an integrated creation of something exciting and new is the whole point. Why Should You Duet on TikTok? As mentioned earlier, you are free to respond to a video with your own opinion or an alternative viewpoint. You can dance along with other TikTokers, sing along to other singers (even famous artists), experiment with challenges, or come up with a completely original interpretation. Brands use this feature to collaborate with familiar individuals and create campaigns.. A TikTok Duet with you can offer an array of chances to o expand your brand awareness and get more exposure/ invent and produce popular videos.  However, your username will be displayed in other people’s captions when they choose to Duet on TikTok with you, which will increase traffic to your page. How To Duet On TikTok With Sound When you Duet on a TikTok video, it will automatically add the sound from the original video to your video. Alternatively, you can add your own sound according to these instructions: Add A Voiceover To Your Duet On TikTok You can add a voiceover to your duet on TikTok for promotional purposes for your brand. Here’s how to duet on TikTok with a voiceover: How To Edit A Duet On TikTok You can edit a TikTok duet in the same way as a typical TikTok video. This is how to edit your duet on TikTok: How To Change Your Duet Settings Duet Your Own Video Let’s say you are currently running a promotional campaign for your brand and you choose to add more details to a video you previously created, you can simply duet the video. Here’s how: TikTok Duet Ideas The opportunities for using TikTok to increase your brand’s presence will expand as TikTok’s popularity rises. These tips and tricks should get you started, and as you use the app more, your skills will improve. It’s time to make your first TikTok duet video now that we have thoroughly informed you about making duet videos on the platform. Use the suggestions we’ve provided below to get started if you want to start making popular TikTok duet videos. 1. Reaction Video On TikTok, millions of brands showcase their work. Select a popular TikTok video, then respond to it in a duet on TikTok. Also, this response to a TikTok video may be humorous or incredibly sincere. This is a popular duet trend that gives you a wonderful opportunity to interact with your audience and take advantage of the popularity of the original TikTok video. Additionally, if you collaborate with a TikTok influencer on a Duet, they might even post it, bringing even more viewers to your material. 2.       Make A Tutorial For A Tiktok Trend Give a brief tutorial to your audience that breaks down a popular trend and demonstrates how it may be done. While the Duet TikTok is playing on your left, walk them through the trend step-by-step. 3. Showcase Your Talent Watched a video of a sport, instrument, singing, or dance that you liked? Put your own special spin on it and perform it as a duet. The creation of Karaoke videos in which outstanding singers are invited to perform a duet is a fantastic illustration of this. If a well-known musician sees your Duet and likes it, they might spread the word about it, providing you more visibility and opportunities. 4. Show A Before And After If your company produces goods, shoot a TikTok video of you making one of your products, then Duet your own video to show the finished product. 5. Do The “TikTok Made Me Buy It” Trend On TikTok, many things become popular and people end up purchasing them, which is how the TikTok made me buy trend began. You will perform a product review for the product you are promoting on TikTok in

10 best tools for social media managers

As a business, it is important you learn the best tools for social media managers. This is because there is a growing need for businesses to be found online and this has increased the need for social media managers. Because business has to be across social media platforms, the need for tools for effective management has doubled. These tools can either be used for creating content calendars, scheduling posts, publishing, engagement, competitor analysis, campaign tracking, reporting, etc The good thing about these best social media management tools is that you can create a detailed report and share it as a CSV file or pdf to your team or clients(if you’re managing other business profiles). Here at socialander, we make use of these best social media management tools to effectively manage your business page for better results. What should the best tool for social media managers do? A social media management tool should be able to do one or more of the following; 1. Scheduling: This is when you queue your content(s) to be posted at a later time or date. This feature will come in handy if you need to save these posting times for other things. Posting your content at regular times also helps with your page growth and engagement especially if you’re posting at the best time for your audience(a social media management tool should be able to give you these insights). 2. Engagement:  A social media management tool should be able to help you engage with your audience across social platforms effectively without having to visit these platforms one by one. 3. Monitoring:  You should be able to monitor your social activities, find out who is mentioning your brand and what your competitor is doing with these best social media management tools. 4. Analytics: Most social media tools will give you an in-depth analysis of how your page is performing. This analytics would better guide you in your subsequent social activities. How did we choose these 10 best tools for social media managers? 1. Functionality: These tools have stood the test of time and have proven to be effective and functional. 2. Ease and efficiency: Another thing we considered was how less complicated these platforms are. These platforms are easy to use and simple. 3. Supported by different social media platforms: A social media tool should be supported by a wide range of platforms so the manager can do more with them. 4. Detailed analytics:  Analytics are best utilized when they are detailed and this is what most of these social media tools will do for you. 5. Integration:  How well can these tools support plugins and other tools? This is another thing we checked while selecting these tools. This is because you might need to integrate other tools and software in the future as you use these tools. These best social media management tools we selected would accommodate other plugins without any issues. 6. Cost-effective:  These platforms have different plans that would suit your budget. You might go for the free plan or you can choose to upgrade to the paid version. 7. Versatility:  Most of these platforms can do a wide range of things at the same time. The best thing is for you to get a platform that can handle all your social media needs in one platform. 8. Popularity:  These tools have been vetted by many social media managers. Popularity is one indicator that a platform is liked and used by many. The 10 best tools for social media managers Buffer Buffer is primarily used to schedule social media posts. You can connect up to 3 social media accounts including Facebook pages and groups on buffer and manage all of them from one platform. Sprout social With sprout social, you can manage all your social profiles in a single platform and get in-depth analytics to understand how your brand is performing online. This platform makes it easy to collaborate with co-workers or clients. It also scouts through the net and suggests influencers that your brand can follow. Hootsuite This tool is for scheduling, monitoring, and analytics. It is compatible with over 20 social networks. It gives you everything you would need in a social media management tool, especially in the aspect of analytics. Coschedule This is not only a social media management tool but also a content marketing tool. It helps you with planning, organizing, and executing all things content marketing. Coschedule can also help you create your content calendar. Sendible Sendible gives you more advanced features at a lower price. With sendible, you can schedule your post, create a calendar and track your results. It offers 8 pre-built features(including integration with google analytics and it lets you customize the dashboard according to your brand image to attract new clients. Social pilot  This tool is best for small teams handling the same page. This is because it has built-in features that allow different people to gain access to the same page. It gives you everything expected of a social media management tool except monitoring. Loomly Loomly is a cloud-based social media management tool that offers you marketing analytics, automated publishing, keyword filtering, multi-account management, and post scheduling. It is a multi-featured tool that would suit your needs. Social bee   One special thing that social bee do is automated content recycling. It can republish content on connected profiles when the need arises. It has content categories where you can group different contents according to their categories, this made the tool the best for scheduling. Post planner Post Planner helps you schedule your content in advance. It allows you to add Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram hashtags or blogs to other social feeds and pull the photos and articles from those feeds and rate the content based on engagement. Eclincher This is majorly an automation tool. It helps you automate your social strategy. Other social media management tools you should check out include; MeetEdgar Later Mar social Sprinkter Oktopost Hubspot Croodfire Friends+me Agorapulse Tailwind etc.

8 Social Media Pros and Cons

Just like everything else, social media comes with its pros and cons. Social media is a blessing for many brands. Most businesses have adopted social media as one of their digital marketing strategies. This is because the world is going digital, and being on social media is one way to participate in the new digital world. As many businesses have gone online on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., it then begs the question  Is Social Media all good for your business? Although Social Media presents a lot of benefits to businesses, it has its bad side. In the course of this article, we would highlight the pros and cons of social media for your business and how to effectively use social media for better results. Pros of social media for your business  The world is online. The Internet community is growing rapidly as more and more people are getting into social media. What does this do for your business? You will reach more people than you would normally reach outside social media. The advent of ads and promotions has proved your business can reach millions of people with one click. If your brand harnesses the power of social media well, your brand awareness will reach its peak. Because you can reach more people on social media, there’s a higher chance of getting a lot of people into your funnel. This would lead to a higher conversion rate and the generation of more revenue. Throughout the history of marketing, brands have not been connected to their customers the way they are doing with social media. With social media, you can engage with your audience, communicate with them and create a deep mutual connection with them. Social media has harnessed the emotional side of being human and linked it to effective business market and revenue generation. If your brand can master effective storytelling, feedback management, and social engagement, it will succeed with social media. The good thing about social media is that you can 10x your results without spending a lot. Comparing digital marketing to offline marketing, we’ve seen that brand has been able to reach more people than they can with traditional mediums without spending so much. Social media marketing is the best way to save costs with marketing. If your competitor is not on social media, you would have a high chance of outperforming them when you’re on social media. This is because you would reach more people beyond your business geography, connect with them and make them like your brand. A consistent social media appearance will place your brand in the hearts of your customers. This will increase trust in your brand a higher loyalty. The insights and analytics available on social media networks have made it possible to track your results. It helps you know what’s working and what is not. You can leverage these analytics to make better decisions to improve your brand. Cons of social media for your business  Because you reach a lot of people with social media, when things go wrong, the impact will be widely noticed. A single mistake in your brand’s message can ruin your brand’s reputation online. Also, anybody online can come out to say negative things about your brand and this can spread if not properly managed. You can handle this by setting a risk management guide for your social media activities and educating your team on how best to handle this kind of situation. You will need a deeper knowledge of social media and how it works before you can be successful at it. This can mean a higher hiring cost for your brand or a lot of time to learn on your own. it will take time to see the results of all your efforts with social media. Although the time it takes depends on how much effort you put in, there will still be a “waiting” at one point or the other. Pros and Cons of Social media: How to maximize social media for better results Plan all your activities from start to finish. Things as little as your social media tone should be planned. This is to create a consistent brand identity around your business. Having a planned strategy will guide you through your social media activities and better set you apart from your competitors. Be good at what you do. Don’t take your social media business lightly. Let a professional handle your social media  This helps to know what you’re doing and how it affects your brands. The analytics tool on social media networks can provide a deeper insight into what’s working for your brand. You can even make use of other external analytics tools. Don’t sit on a particular method, innovate and keep growing with the trends. Adapting new trends and methods for your business will place you in the good books and give you a higher chance of connecting with your customers. Pros and cons of social media: Which social media is best for your business? Before you can tell the best social media platform for your business, you have to do thorough research on your audience demographics. This would better inform you of where they are and the kind of content they like. The platform to base your social media presence depends on your audience and where they are.  Also, the age of the people you’re targeting is a factor. For example, if you’re targeting an older audience, Facebook is the best. For a younger audience, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok are the best  And if your brand is focused on creating mentally stimulating content, Twitter is best. But then, it is always good to experiment with as many social media networks as you can to check what works. Final Thoughts on the Pros and Cons of Social Media The benefits of social media outweigh its disadvantages.  This stresses the fact that your brand can do way better with social media if you’re serious about your social


Have you ever thought of why your competitor performs better than you in a particular line of business? If yes, then you need to hire the services of the best digital marketing agency in Lagos. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is simply marketing that is done digitally and before we understand digital marketing, we have to understand what marketing is. Marketing is defined by American Marketing Association as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes required for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, as well as society at large.” Digital marketing is a type of marketing in which brands promote their products and services through a digital channel. These digital channels could be a website, a video streaming site, social media, mobile applications, video games, messaging app, email, online events, Search engines, Tv/video ads, e.t.c. Digital marketing activities There are various digital marketing activities which include; web design, app development, social media marketing, blogging, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, as well as content marketing, amongst others. A digital marketing agency should provide all these services to qualify as one. Digital Marketing vs. Digital Advertising Is digital marketing the same as digital advertising? Let’s take a moment to truly understand the difference between digital marketing and digital advertising. This is so you know what to expect from a digital marketing agency before you hire one. Digital Marketing is an ongoing process, while digital advertising can be a one-time activity. Advertising is solely for awareness, while digital marketing is the process of bringing in consistent sales. Digital marketing starts from market research to customer satisfaction. It deals with market research, promotion, advertisement, distribution, sales, public relations, and customer satisfaction. While digital advertising is mainly promotional activities on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, hoardings, social media, sponsorships, posters, e.t.c. Digital Marketing encompasses the 4ps of marketing which are the product, price, place, and promotion. For digital marketing to be complete, everything in the 4ps of marketing should be present. This means that digital advertising is only a part of digital marketing as it deals with the promotional aspect. Difference Between Online Marketing and Digital Marketing Online marketing must be done and accessed through the Internet but digital marketing goes beyond the Internet to other digital channels like video games, SMS, Mobile applications, e.t.c. We can say that all online marketing activities are digital marketing but not all digital marketing activities are done online. What is a Digital Marketing Agency A digital marketing agency is a company that provides digital marketing services to other businesses. A digital marketing agency is faced with the whole process of marketing a brand digitally. In summary, a digital marketing agency should provide; market research, SWOT Analysis, and use this information to solve a brand’s problem. Best Digital Marketing Agency In Lagos The question should be, what criteria could qualify a digital marketing agency in Lagos as the best? i. Great team The best digital marketing agency in Lagos should have a great team for; programming and web design, pay-per-click and SEO, social media, analytics, copywriting and more. ii. Transparent billing The best digital marketing agency in Lagos should ensure to draft their pricing contract to be easily understood. iii. Solid online presence The best digital marketing agency in Lagos should have a strong online presence. No one would want to work with an agency that has a weak online presence. iv. Flexibility The best digital marketing agency should be able to move with trends in technology. It would be bad for an agency if it neglects to adapt to new technologies. v. Creativity To be the best digital agency in Lagos, your creativity has to be good. You have to be a trendsetter, be good with designs, social media campaigns and SEO. vi. Measuring results To be the best digital marketing agency in Lagos, your result needs to be measurable. Your prospective clients would need to get testimonials from previous clients as a way to measure your capabilities. vii. Analytics tools To be the best digital marketing agency in Lagos, you must perform keyword research and competitive analysis. You should also be able to explain the data to your client, detailing how the analysis would have a positive impact on their business. viii. Problem solving skill To be the best digital marketing agency in Lagos, you should be able to foresee problems and generate solutions. ix. Ability to execute The best digital marketing agency in Lagos should be able to execute creative ideas generated. As you can see from the above listed, being the best digital marketing agency in Lagos is no joke. And having a bad digital marketing agency in Lagos running your business would be catastrophic. But with Socialander, the best digital marketing agency in Lagos, we give you the best and more. Our services include: 1. App development Having an App for your business is like having a mobile office where people can access you any time and anywhere without having to visit your office. The major goal of building an app for your business is to be closer to your customers. Once people have your app, your brand is living with them and this is a good step in achieving your marketing goals. Our team of experts at socialander would build the app just perfect for your business. 2. Web Design Millions of people are searching for your products and services online daily and how would your product and services be seen if you don’t have a website? At socialander, we build the website of your dreams. We build your business a website that suits its activities and branding. Of course, we won’t provide any service without first understanding what you need. 3. Content marketing Every aspect of digital marketing needs content. For all your content marketing activities like blogs, website content, social media content, we would deliver. 4. Branding The first step in digital marketing is being present online. You can’t have a solid

10 Underestimated Social Media Marketing Services

Social media and social media marketing services are here to stay. It has given small businesses a chance to increase brand awareness, get more followers or audience, boost traffic, and get more conversions or qualified leads without spending tons of money on adverts. There are so many services you need that will help you achieve your social media marketing goals. These services will range from profile creation, page management, content creation, and a host of many others. You either get these services within your organization or you can outsource from agencies that offer these services. In the course of this article, you will get to know the 10 social media marketing services you need for your business and why it is important for the growth of your business. This will give you an idea of what your brand needs to succeed with social media and what to expect from any social media agency you hire. But before jumping right into these social media marketing services, let’s take a look at some certain important details about social media. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social media marketing involves utilizing various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and many other existing platforms with huge audiences to drive the growth of the business to a higher level. Social media marketing is more than just creating a social media profile and publishing great content on it. Its major aim is to drive traffic to your business home page, generate leads, make sales, run massive audience-targeted ads, as well as analyze reach and engagement. All this boils down to one factor, which is to generate more revenue. This is why only a good and reliable digital agency like socialander can help achieve such desired results in a relatively shorter period of time with its top-notch social media marketing strategy. WHAT IS THE GOAL OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING? The major aim of social media marketing is to generate more revenue. When a business goal is to increase its reach, and increase sales, social media marketing is what such business is expected to turn to. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PLATFORMS FOR BUSINESSES Looking at this heading, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the very first that comes to your mind right away since they are still the best social media platform for marketing. Asides from those three social media platforms, there are a host of other social media platforms available that you can use to grow your business and they include REDDIT – Reddit is a community-driven social media platform with arguably any topic or community you need already present there. On this social media platform, you can create or join a community that is relevant to the services your business offers and get to reach a larger audience of potential customers. PINTEREST – This social media platform can be likened to a search engine of various types of media. Here, you can create an account as a business or individual whichever one works for you. TUMBLR – This is a social media platform that allows you to create your own mini-blog in it and get people to have a taste of your personal lifestyle or what your business entails. VIMEO – This is a professional video platform. Although not as huge as YouTube, it is a reliable platform for videographers to project their services to a relatively large audience. BIZSUGAR – This social media platform is specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is a fast-growing social media platform and a nice place to build an audience for your small business. DIGG – A social media platform where you can read and post updates about events and happenings. MEDIUM – Just like Twitter, Medium is a highly content-based social media platform. Here you can publish content daily about your business and get people to know what your business is all about. VIBER – With over 260 million users, it is a good social media platform to place your business and reach more audiences. WeChat – This is a social media platform that aids easy sending and receiving of calls, messages, pictures, and many more. It can be used to easily reach out to business partners. WhatsApp – Just like WeChat, WhatsApp is arguably the most used instant messaging social media platform for businesses. Here, you can create an account, set up a catchy profile, and project your business to reach a wide audience. Other social media platforms that can be used to assist the growth of your business are; SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SERVICES THAT YOU NEED There are a host of social media marketing services that you need if you truly want your business or businesses to be at the very top and outperform your competitors in the industry. Below is the list of social media services required for the growth of your business. Although, you can save yourself going through such cumbersome stress and just place a call to SOCIALANDER DIGITAL AGENCY. Socialander provides various services which range from digital marketing in Abuja, digital marketing in Lagos, digital marketing in Nigeria at large and around the world. They also provide branding, search engine optimization, web development, and app development services. 1. Profile creation This is the service your brand needs to get started on social media marketing. It involves creating a profile that reflects what your brand is all about, thereby making it easy for potential customers to find it on different platforms and know exactly the kind of services to expect from you and your business. For instance, you can google search the word “socialander”, Google will provide details about the services socialander offers, as well as socialander’s social media profiles which you can visit to get more insight about the business. Your brand’s social media profile has to be intentional and easy to understand. It should tell at a glance what your business is about. 2. Social Media Page Management You need to keep your business page up and running. It

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

The advent of social media ads (especially Facebook ads) has changed the way businesses do online marketing. It has presented brands with so many options. You either run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or several social media platforms. Facebook ads keep evolving. As more brands run ads on Facebook, new preferences come up, and Facebook keeps incorporating these new things to satisfy the users. Facebook has become a platform for brands to get in front of new people and to get them to convert. When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook offers a competitive advantage with its ownership of Instagram. Via Facebook, you can create Facebook and Instagram ads with ease, which saves your team time. Why should your business run ads on Facebook? With over 2.8 billion users worldwide, Facebook currently ranks as the largest and most active social media platform in the world compared to YouTube (2.3 billion), Instagram (1.3 billion), and TikTok (7.3 million). Facebook has the evenest distribution of users compared to other popular social media platforms like Instagram and Linkedin which means you can target a larger range of age groups with your ads. This is because Facebook has more people using the platform, and their data is large. It is easier for you to target a specific audience from Facebook’s large user data With Facebook, you have more tools for testing, remarketing, reporting, and analysis. These tools will help you make the most of every dollar you spend. According to wordstream, the average CPCs for each of the four major social media advertising platforms in 2021 are: Facebook offers two types of budgeting to accommodate different advertising strategies. Lifetime budgets, which are good if you run ads on a schedule and/or a fixed budget and end date; and daily budgets, which are good for maximizing ongoing campaigns and planning around a fluctuating budget. How Does a Facebook ad work? Facebook ads work the same way your Instagram ads work I.e taking your brand’s message to the faces of people who needs to see it. Facebook Ads Work on an Auction. This is to prevent bombarding users with ads and creating a bad perception of the platform. So Facebook limits the number of advertisements that each user sees. In other words, there’s only so much ad space available and there are many people that want to use it to grow a business. Advertisers must bid against each other to secure an advertising placement. In the simplest terms, whoever bids the highest gets to show their ad. How much do Facebook ads cost? Facebook has three types of cost for their ads  Cost per click This is the price you pay for each click on your Facebook ad. Facebook will try to get you as many clicks as it can within your budget if you choose this option.  Facebook CPC ranges from $0.25 to $3.30 Cost Per thousand impressions This is the amount you pay for every 1000 impressions you get for your ads. The difference between impressions and reach is that impressions are the number of times your ads were seen while reach is the number of people that saw your ads. The average CPM on Facebook across all industries is $11.54. Cost per Engagement Facebook CPE is the cost of the total amount of engagements on a Facebook post. these include: likes and reactions, comments, shares, clicks to page, etc The average Facebook CPE by campaign objective ranges from $0.11 to $0.70. Factors to consider when creating Facebook ads Factors that affect the cost of Facebook ads  As a small business, understanding how Facebook ads cost helps in keeping them low.  Facebook ads costs are influenced by several variables just like that of Instagram ads. Campaign objectives  This is related to the nature of your desired goals. For example, Brand awareness or Engagement campaigns will cost less than action-oriented campaigns like Conversions that drive purchases. It’s easier to get someone to engage with an ad than it is to entice them to click through, open up their wallet, and complete a purchase. Your Industry  If your industry is highly competitive, you would have to pay more.  Advertising to competitive industries like fashion, food, health, etc. will result in giving Facebook more work and this will cost you more. Audience size Targeting larger and broader audiences will generally cost less than for smaller audiences. When you target a more specific audience, Facebook will have more work to do and that will cost you more money. Targeting a small number of people tend to be more specific, smaller in size, therefore more competitive. Budget  Small money for a small value. If you want to get more results, you would pay more money. Also, costs for new ad sets are often higher because the system is still getting to understand your audience and their reactions to your ad. If your ads are well engaged with, Facebook and Instagram will reward you with lower costs over time. Think of it like this, when faced with more resistance, Facebook will cost you more. But when they’ve understood your audience, the resistance will be lesser she which means less money. Click through rates(CTR) Also, think of CTR as the measure of resistance that is more action-driven.  If your CTR is low, especially in a website traffic campaign, you would pay more because Facebook will interpret it as a disconnect between your target audience and the messaging in your ads. In that case, you’re paying them for the more work they would do to get your audience to interact with your ad. It is the opposite when your CTR is high. It means that your audience likes your ad and so Facebook wouldn’t do much to get them to engage. Seasonality Facebook ads costs tend to temporarily increase as more people are advertising within a certain period. Say Christmas holiday or any other important celebration.  During this period, the competition for your audience is higher and you already know

How does Instagram promotion work?

Promotion on Instagram is a type of web marketing that involves Instagram. Instagram promotion feature helps you convert regular Instagram posts, stories, highlights into a sponsored one for a fee. It looks similar to organic posts on feeds or stories but would be identified by the “Sponsored” tag that appears below the handle. Promotion would let you add a call to action that is clickable for the feed or a swipe-up option for stories. With the Instagram promotion, you can introduce your brand, announce an event or sales, contests, giveaways, influencer collaborations, etc. Instagram promotions will help you increase brand awareness and recognition, grow your Instagram followers, find new customers, boost sales, create a community, etc. With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social network worldwide. Instagram is a huge platform that has the potential of bringing in a lot of revenue.  Why Promoting on Instagram? Instagram promotion vs. Instagram ad The purpose of an ad is to convert and so there are so many features peculiar to this. Instagram ads offer more preference for targeting. While the purpose of a promotion is for visibility. It is to make a particular post get seen by a lot of people. The goal is to get a lot of people to visit your page and not necessarily to convert. Promotion is a good way to take your content marketing to the next level in terms of profile views, likes, comments, and shares. This is because as more people visit your page, they see more of your content and interact more with them. The “Sponsored post” tag is present in both of them but the Instagram algorithm treats them both differently. Instagram promotion can be done directly with your phone but with ads, you need to do it with ads manager. How does Instagram promotion work? Instagram promotion works by popularity. Make your content(s) go viral beyond the audience you already have. Your content will appear on a lot of people’s feeds and they get to interact with your post and visit your profile for other posts. They would probably follow your page. When do you use Instagram promotion? You should use Instagram promotion when your goal is visibility, reach, and engagement. Things you can promote on Instagram In Instagram promotion, there is a wide range of options; photo, video, carousels, story ads, reels, etc. You can promote the following on Instagram: A post you’ve shared:  This works the same way as a Facebook boost. You can promote a video or picture that has gathered more shares, likes, and comments. High engagement shows that people like the post and there’s a higher possibility that other people not in your audience will like it too. This gives the content extra awareness and visibility to more people. A story from your profile, highlights, or story archive:  This helps you capture authentic moments that speak to your business. Though it is limited to photos taken with an Instagram camera or posts only in a vertical form, it’s still a good way to promote your content.  Creating a promotion from the promotion button on your profile:  This is best if you don’t know which post to use for your promotion. Instagram will recommend which post they think will do well. This option allows you to start another new campaign from your Instagram profile. How to boost post on Instagram First, your profile should be a business account. Personal accounts do not have the promotion features. You can convert your account to a business account from the settings in your profile. On your profile, tap the promotion button. Choose the post you would like to promote and move forward from there. Set your goal: Here you get to decide your goals for the promotion. Decide whether it’s for more profile visits, more website visits, or more promotion views. Decide your post’s call to action: This depends on your goal for the promotion. Is it for more profile visits?, Engagement? sign-ups? visiting your website? visit your physical store? call a number? etc. It could learn more, call now, sign up, watch more, shop now, contact us, book now, etc. Select your target audience: Here there’s the option of creating an automatic, local, or manual audience. Instagram provides the basic parameters such as location, age, gender but you are allowed to target certain interests(Up to 10 interests). It can range from music, events, sexual orientation, hobbies, etc. Set your budgets and promotion duration: After the age, gender, location, and interests, you will get to decide your budget, duration, and distribution. Instagram gives you an estimate of your reach depending on your daily budget and how long you would like to run the promotion. It would also decide if stories or feeds would be better for your selected audience. Maximum limits for Instagram promotion are set at $1000 daily and up to 30 days on the duration for a maximum reach of 400k-1million people  Review your promotion: This is where you make sure everything is in place. You check for the following: Keep checking insights: This will help you decide whether you will continue the promotion or terminate it. How to promote your Instagram story If you wish to promote an old or archived story, go to your Instagram profile,  tap on the three dots and select “archives”. You would access any of the stories you want to promote from there. The best practices for Instagram promotion includes: In conclusion, Instagram promotion is not a one size fits all thing. It is best to keep testing the different forms of content, whether pictures, videos, carousel, etc. Always measure your results to know what works best and leverage that information for your future promotions.  When you need help from a professional, you can book a free consultation session with us by clicking on I want a free consultation.

9 Popular Social Messaging Apps For Business Growth In 2022

Social messaging apps are tools for your inbound marketing. It is where you can nurture your leads and turn them into loyal customers.  With social messaging apps, you can answer questions that do not require phone calls or emails, find new customers, meet more people, and get more sales. It is where you interact with your customers, get their feedback, and communicate with them on a more personal level. Why Are Social Messaging Apps Important For Four Businesses? 9 Popular Social Messaging Apps For The Growth Of Your Business In 2022 The 9 social messaging apps for your business include: 1. Messenger – One of the biggest social messaging apps Once you have a Facebook business page, you can easily log in with your information on Messenger. It was initially linked to Facebook but became an app of its own due to its popularity. Messenger has over 1.3 billion users with over 20 billion messages sent every day. Messenger is a good location for your business to interact with your audience. You can send texts, short videos, GIFs, stickers, or emojis. There’s a feature that lets you respond to messages directly, so you won’t get lost in messages. With messenger, you can set up a chatbox. It replaces a part of your customer services online and saves time. It allows your customers to get quicker information if need be. You can also use it to send triggered information like order confirmation, receipts, or tracking information. You can also send and receive documents like pdfs, customer data, application CVs, etc. 2. WhatsApp:  WhatsApp works like your phone, where you can send text messages, make calls, or receive audio messages, but it works over the Internet. Your WhatsApp account is linked to your phone number, so you have more control. WhatsApp has a larger user base than Messenger. It currently boasts over 1.5 billion users. It has more population so it’s a good place for your business to build a relationship with your customers. There’s a feature for a group chat that can have up to 252 contacts. This is good for your inbound marketing. You can house your customers in one group or more and send them periodic messages and updates. WhatsApp allows you to share media and audio files for up to 100MB. The end-to-end encryption allows you to connect with your audience on a more personal level. There’s is also your status for the advert. Anything you post on your status disappears after 24 hours and you can leverage this to promote your brand. With WhatsApp, you connect to your audience while sharing valuable information with them. 3. Viber:  Is more complex than other platforms, it has more options and additional capabilities. Viber boasts over 260 million users. With Viber, you can send messages, calls, stickers, pictures, GIFs, etc. You can like and respond to messages individually in a group chat. It offers a lot of interesting features. If you’re looking to do a lot with one app, Viber is a good deal 4. Instagram direct message:  You can send and receive messages via Instagram. You can respond to your customer’s inquiries via Instagram direct. It lets you send texts, images, videos, labels even audio messages. 5. Twitter direct message:  Twitter is becoming more popular and brands are taking advantage of this. Your customers are on Twitter and one of the best ways to communicate with them is via direct message. You can use Twitter directly to share updates, respond to feedback, send purchase reminders, etc. 6. Skype:  Skype makes it easier for your team to come together and communicate using multiple applications through a single interface using any device from any location. Your team can use skype for instant messaging, conference video call meetings, sharing files, etc. Skype is a good social messaging app for your brand’s in-house communication. 7. Telegram:  The good thing about telegram is that it runs on the cloud. It boasts of about 200 million users so it’s a good place for your business to be seen.  With the App, you can send and receive texts, stickers, emojis, do audio calls, etc. There’s a feature for secret chats that once you create it, it can disappear after a certain amount of time. This is for messages such as your bank details, or your business private information. You can have a channel on telegram where you nurture your leads and customers and even connect with them. Telegram also offers a feature that lets you send larger documents and files. This would be good for your business content marketing. 8. Snapchat:  Snapchat is a popular App. According to Zephoria, there are 238 million active users on Snapchat. This is the best App if you want to reach a younger audience. Before you use Snapchat, make sure your brand has a good positioning already. Snapchat will work well when your goal is visibility and creating a buzz. Snapchat lets you send your brand’s photos and videos to your customers or your story. The post disappears after 24 hours. What makes this feature unique is that it thrives on the fear of missing out. People would like to view your post once it’s up because they know it will disappear after 24 hours. You can leverage this feature to promote your brand, announce any event happening in your brand and connect with your audience. You can also create a geo filter for physical stores/events for your marketing. 9. Slack:  Slack is for project management and connection within your organization. It can be used across multiple devices and platforms and is equipped with robust features that allow you to do not only chat one-on-one with people but also in groups. With slack, you and your team can keep up with tasks and get updates on events going on in your organization. Now you know about the 9 popular social messaging apps for your business, it might be hard to choose a particular one. Conclusion On Social Messaging Apps The