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How to use the Instagram reels feature to grow your business

Is there any more to Instagram?. Instagram keeps bringing in new features and innovations to give businesses the best tools to grow their business. This innovation with Instagram reels is disrupting the way brands have been promoting themselves on Instagram and to put your brand forward, you have to learn how to use the Instagram reels feature to grow your business. Your post on Instagram can appear in 4 places; For this article, we would focus on how to maximize the Instagram reels feature to grow your business What is an Instagram reel? Instagram reels are full-screen vertical videos made up of audio clips and visual effects that you can create and post on Instagram to promote your brand. Instagram reels allow you to share short video clips up to 15 seconds long with all the users of Instagram, not just your audience. One good thing about Instagram reels is that it offers your brand a wider reach. It can be discovered easily which will help your audience grow. You can find the reels feed on the Instagram explore page and when you share reels featuring certain songs, hashtags, or effects, your reel will also appear on dedicated pages when someone clicks on that song, hashtag, or effect. See Instagram reels as a combination of both stories and in-feed post feature where you can add effects just as in stories and also post on your feed. It has a similar format to TikTok videos. How does the Instagram reels algorithm work? Users see reels not only from the accounts they follow but from all Instagram accounts on the reel tab. Instagram shows reels to users based on the content they have interacted with before alongside that of the brands they follow. Instagram reel algorithm will also register certain actions on your reels and either promote these reels or bring them down. These actions include You should make your reels in such a way that the algorithm will favor you for good. You should do this by creating the kind of reel content that people will love, study reels that work, learn one or two things, and apply them to yours. Don’t put yourself in a box, explore the Instagram reels terrace and take advantage of what’s working. How to make a reel on Instagram Making a simple Instagram reel is not so technical. Unless you’re creating an advanced reel with multiple features, you can make your first reel with these steps; Note that when you share a reel with original audio, your audio will be attributed to you, and users can create their reels with your audio. Sharing your feed is ideal because it will give more people, especially your followers to see your reel and interact with it. Benefits of Instagram reels The primary benefit of reels is brand awareness. Instagram reels will give your content a chance to be shown on the explore or reels page. Instagram reels are also a way to add variety and spice to your content formats. Instagram reel content ideas to grow your business Tou can share what is going on in your brand with reels. These can include events your brand organized, an inhouse party, a celebration of a win, brand meetings, client meetings, etc. this is a good way to show the humanity of your brand and connect with your audience. These tips and advice could be based on what your brand is about. You can also caution people on things to avoid. Most of the time, reels that contain educational content get the win.  For example, at socialander, we leverage our Instagram to share tips on digital marketing with our audience. Reels can be a good way to share your story so people could hear and connect with you. You can also share your recent works as reels, they’re all part of your story. You can answer a popular question on your Instagram reels. These questions could be about your services or any other thing related to your industry. You can also showcase your products on Instagram reels. People would love it when you arrange your products beautifully in a reel. Reels can also be used to promote your brand. You can creatively announce sales and share offers with your reels. Your customer reviews and stories can also come in the form of reels. With that, it gets more views and attention.  You can bring all your favorite stories together and repost them as reels. Tips to make your reels go viral Although reels are easy to be found, these other actions can put your reels in the best place When you start your reels with something interesting, more people would be drawn into it giving it the potential to go viral. Always be intentional about the first few seconds of your reel because it would determine if people watch till the end. People are more drawn to beautiful and engaging visual effects. There are a ton of effects to choose from in the Instagram reels feature. It is left for you to get creative and choose something that will appeal to your viewers. Use your CTAs to make your audience perform certain actions on your reel. It could be to like, comment, answer a question, share, save, etc. once people are reacting to your reels, the Instagram algorithm will pick it up and prioritize that reel to more viewers.  Hashtags will allow your Instagram to show your reels to users who are already interested in your content. Be creative and intentional with your hashtags, learn about the best hashtag strategies and apply them to your reels game. There are best times to post on Instagram for better engagements and you should note these times and take advantage of them. Posting your reels at the time most people are online will boost your engagements and make your content go viral. This is the real deal. Using trending songs that people love will get the most attention. Keep that in