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Marketing is something every real estate seller in Nigeria should take seriously. It starts from getting real estate buyer leads and then extends to lead nurturing and conversion. As a real estate seller, you should learn marketing if you want to succeed in the business. In the course of this post, you would learn all about how to get leads as a real estate marketer. Why should you generate real estate buyer leads? Your buyer leads are people who already have an interest in real estate. The aim is to get all these people interested in your brand and what you offer. Once you get them to like your brand, you can go on to nurture them convince them more to make sales. You get real estate buyer leads by presenting yourself as the solution to their problems. People would get into your funnel if you have something to offer. Challenges with getting real estate buyer lead in Nigeria It is worthy to note that getting leads as a real estate seller can be a hard nut to crack. The market is already saturated and there is a lot of competition. You might not find it easy making waves through the crowd. Also, a lot of people have lost trust in real estate sellers. This is because there’s been a lot of scams and illegal transactions.  People would become skeptical at first and you have to put in a lot of work to gain people’s trust. 10 Tips to getting real estate buyer leads in Nigeria Remember that people get the first impression of your brand once they come on your website. It is good you make them feel at home on your website before they buy a home from you. You can put it upon yourself to create content around these questions and put it out there. You can do this through your blog, your social media page, and by sending emails. As you answer these questions, people would perceive you as a professional. You can get leads by including a call to action at the end where you collect their information. Getting real estate buyer leads is even easier with social media. You can easily target those people that have interacted with your brand on social media. They will like your brand and even refer other people in their circle. Don’t forget about paid advertising which can be in the form of search engine marketing and social media ads/promotions. These activities would put you in from of your real estate buyer leads. You can’t get people in your funnel if they haven’t seen your brand anywhere. You can get their contacts at the end in exchange for the knowledge offered. Organizing events have proven to be an effective marketing strategy in Nigeria. Pro tip: Go beyond digital!. The real estate business in Nigeria is still adapting to the digital space. It’s been an offline venture. Don’t be so caught up with marketing online, some of your customers are not online. How do you then get real estate buyer leads offline? Organizing events can help. Advertise this event on radio stations, tv ads, posters, banners, trade fairs, etc. If people can’t see your brand online, they should see it offline. Just be everywhere. You can do this event occasionally, it’s all part of lead nurturing. When people keep seeing your brand beyond the online space. It would give you an edge. FAQs on getting real estate buyer leads in Nigeria Is getting real estate buyer leads easy? Things are much easier when it is done with the right tools and knowledge. Getting real estate buyer leads involves having knowledge about the real estate market and investing in marketing tools. How do you get real estate buyer leads? You can get real estate buyer leads through email sign-ups, social media follows, SMS integration, local events, etc. Once you’re doing your digital marketing well, you can incorporate these lead generation mediums and start getting real estate buyer leads. What are the challenges to getting real estate buyer leads in Nigeria? In Nigeria, there are a lot of real estate sellers. You would face fierce competition once you’re starting. Putting in a lot of work in getting buyer leads would do a lot for you. You would also have to convince people that you’re legit. The best way to do that is to be legit yourself.  Give people exactly what they expect from you, and even more. With time, people would trust you. Conclusion  Everything that would make you succeed in real estate in Nigeria does not start and end with getting buyer leads. You have to understand your market. Extensive market research would help you do that. Also, you need to nurture your buyer leads to the point where they face no doubts to buy what you sell. This whole thing would be complete only when you make sales. Don’t be distracted with getting buyer leads that you forget to sell to them. 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