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Social media users keep growing every day. In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025 (Statista). With advertising costs for billboards and television stations on the rise, you can agree that marketing through social media is a necessity.

If we make comparisons and check the numbers, social media advertising cripples all forms of advertising. It’s one of the easiest and most efficient means of advertising that doesn’t demand so much from the marketer.

So, this content will outline so many reasons that will encourage you to do your marketing through social media.

1. Create Brand Recognition

The truth remains; there are a thousand other people doing the same type of business you’re doing. So, you have to set yourself out and remain unique. If you remain clogged in the market space, your customers won’t be able to differentiate you from the lot, and that isn’t good for your profits.

Investopedia believes the term brand recognition refers to the ability of consumers to identify a specific brand by its attributes over another one. Brand recognition is a concept used in advertising and marketing, as companies often conduct market research to determine the success of their brand recognition strategies.

So, you need every tool to set out your brand and marketing through social media gives you that distinctiveness.

2. Easily Connect With Audience

To keep your brand relevant, understand the importance of connecting with your audience. Connecting to your audience will allow you to understand their reactions, wants, and needs. Since many audiences are constantly changing, it’s a great idea to get connected and stay connected with your audience. This way, you keep up with your target audience and adapt whatever you need to in order to stay relevant.

Staying in touch with your audience demands the right tools and framework. At Socialander, we will equip you with an efficient structure that will keep you in touch with your customers. Book a Free Marketing Consultation with our team by clicking “I want a Free Consultation Session” and let’s get started.

3. Tell Brand Story

Stories make people connect with you in different ways. For every story you tell about your brand, people see themselves relating to your story while those who experienced something similar connect with a deeper understanding. So, telling your brand story is a great way to create an emotional appeal.

Clinical Psychologist, Dr. S Hamby talks about storytelling in an article for Psychology Today. She commented, “One thing we have learned since starting Touch Network is the importance of sharing your story. It is not just the telling or writing it down, but knowing that what you write will be read by others and the hope that by sharing in a public way, someone else might be inspired or helped by your story.”

4. Increase Traffic

Social media is the fastest and easiest way to boost traffic on your blog or to your business. With over 4 combined billion users, there is no other community that can hold such a number within a space. And to do this, you don’t need to break the bank at all.

marketing through social media

If you consider this Statista chart, you will encounter the number of active users these platforms draw daily and AdEspresso confirms this knowledge when they said “Social media affects your site traffic by providing more visibility to your content.
When lots of people share your content within their networks, they’re going to send more traffic to your website and therefore boost your rankings.”

5. Helps Your Targeting

If you run a niche-based business, then you would love to ensure you target the right customers with your advertising. For example, if you run a sanitary towel business, then you need to ensure the majority of the people seeing your adverts are women not men.

Social media platforms will help you target your customers using demographics, interests and behavioural patterns of individuals that match your target market. This way, you will have a reassurance that your advertising campaigns are getting to the right people.

6. It is Cost Effective

A good way to grow a business would be to reduce costs and keep focusing on increasing profits. However, today, most businesses spend much more on overhead costs than they had ever spent. For this reason, most of them never go beyond startup level and this is saddening.

Unlike billboard and television placements that have a fixed price, marketing through social media gives you a greater level of control. When you advertise on social media, you control your budget and the timeline in which you want your ad to run. And with a good number of your customers online, you’ll get great conversions.

7. Makes Re-targeting Easy

There are poor campaigns, but there can never be a terrible campaign. For example, when you run an advertising campaign on a new product and there are no conversions, you can easily target the same audience with either a new product or after you’ve changed features of the product using the information from your reviews.

Re-targeting is a necessary aspect of marketing, especially when using social media. Even Forbes believes; Trust is the cornerstone to all customer experiences. It can’t be built in a day, but it can be destroyed quickly. Focusing on each customer individually instead of rushing to get things done can help create a long-term relationship of trust.

8. Helps You Run Experiments

If you desire to know if your product is a great fit for the market, you only need to run an experiment. And what better place would give you the feedback you desire than social media. Some of the most terrible products in the world knew their potential immediately after they started their first campaign online.

Running experiments are important, especially when you’re a businessperson. A great product can increase your brand and draw more customers to you, while an inferior product can make you lose customers and bring down the profits. I bet you wouldn’t want that experience, so you must ensure you run experiments to determine market penetration capabilities.

9. Increases Client Base

Social media have high user numbers compared to any other digital space in the world. And if you want to increase your client base speedily, marketing through social media can offer you that option. The speed at which you’ll grow will depend on you totally. Look at the chart from Hootsuite that portray certain demographics of users.


A unique advantage of social media over other advertising platforms is their ability to supply the data of any audience to a marketer. With this data, the marketer knows where his advertising campaigns will gain more conversions, and this has been one major reason they keep gaining traction.

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10. Boosts Online Presence

As of January 2020, the global social media usage rate stood at 49 percent (Statista). With more people thinking about automation and A.I gradually wielding more power, a lot of businesses and brands will have an increased dependence on social media platforms.

11. Spy on Competition

Competition is good for business. When you have serious competitors battling with you in the same marketplace, your innovativeness becomes concrete and you push to get an advantage by building better products that will serve your customer base.

Consumer FTC believes that when firms compete, consumers get the best possible prices, quantity, and quality of goods and services. Antitrust laws encourage companies to compete so that both consumers and businesses benefit. One important benefit of competition is a boost to innovation.

So, you need to stop seeing the negative side of having a competition next door. It is important and using social media, you can spy on them without coming to peep through their garage.

12. Creates Brand Loyalty

If you want to keep your profits in the positive margin, then you have to find a way to get your customers returning to make purchases. A good way to do this is to create a system or similar products that your customers will need after they make a purchase from you.

Investopedia defines brand loyalty as the positive association consumers attach to a particular product or brand. And this loyalty is built when a brand closely associates with its customers. A great platform to help this form of relations is social media where brands can set up events to network with and appreciate their customers.

13. Increase Accessibility

If you’re not accessible, your customers will find the next accessible person to make a purchase from them. Accessibility is important in any business, and that’s the reason a lot of big companies heavily invest in 24/7 customer service for their businesses. When you remain accessible, you draw new customers and communicate a sense of reliability. And this practice will help your business provide more value and grow its profits.

Although you can employ many people and have thousands of phone lines wherein people can call and make complaints, you will run enormous overhead costs. This isn’t good for your business if you’re still a startup. However, by using social media, you can easily connect with people interested in your brand without picking a call. You can create conversation rooms and chatbots that deal with FAQs.

14. Builds Social Proof

Perhaps you feel that your new product will bring mixed feelings to the market and you’re thinking of how to make your customers and the market gain appreciation for it. Well, you only need to ensure you put a lot of social proof behind the product.


There are different forms of social proof as majority of them come as recommendations and endorsements. Influencer marketing has been considered the fastest-growing consumer-acquisition channel (HubSpot). So, marketing through social media will give you the platform wherein influencers endorse and recommend your product.

15. Makes Virality Easy

Going viral is the biggest form of brand awareness; nothing beats it. When you go viral, more people learn about your business and this is a strong lead generating funnel.

You can only go viral on the internet and social media is the driver of such content. Hence, when you’re marketing through social media, you have the potential to make your brand an internet sensation.


There’s no way you can build a global business today, without investing a lot in social media marketing. It will be one of the greatest tools that will help you gain recognition in a crowded marketplace.

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