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A podcast is very inflammable in the digital world. I remember one time I got a call from a prospective client. The client was very curious about digital marketing. 

But, particularly to find out about how to leverage podcasts for digital marketing. This captured our desire to write about how to use podcasts for digital marketing.

What are podcast and the way it is often utilized in digital marketing?

The podcast may be a digital audio file. generally created into a series, that users/subscribers hear from any device. Also, consider it as your own personal radio show. Wherever you discuss any topic with whomever you would like.

What is a digital marketing podcast?

The Digital Marketing Podcast is an advert-free, weekly digital marketing podcast.  It has listeners in over a hundred ninety countries worldwide. The podcast combines interviews with international specialists. Also,  the most recent news, tools, ways, and techniques.  This is to present your digital marketing to the globe.

So, you will be thinking, That’s nice, but am I able to use podcasts to market my brand?

How to use Podcast for Digital Marketing

So, you may be thinking, That’s great, but how can I use podcasts for digital marketing?

Here’s how:

1. Discuss current trends and hot topics:- Podcasts are opportunities to discuss recent news. Notwithstanding, hot topics together with your audience.

Likely, if there’s a major article related to your niche, your audience needs to find out a lot about it. Get behind your mic and share your thoughts.

2. Position yourself as an expert:- Cement your authority by hosting a podcast. If you can talk about a series of 15-or 30-minute podcasts, you’re already an expert.

 But,  as a result of you’re at no cost giving your valuable insight for free to others. Also, they will come back to visualize you as an authority. Thus, It works anytime.

Instead of shaping an expert as somebody who’s spent fifty years doing one thing. Also, attempt thinking of an expert as somebody who is aware of a bit a lot of a couple of subjects than the average job.

3. You can build trust together with your audience:- There’s one thing a lot of humans. Also, attractive about paying attention to somebody else’s voice. So, as a result of you’ll be able to hear the tone and inflection of someone’s voice. Above all, that person usually appears a lot of real and honest.

4. Use podcast directories as an opportunity for exposure:– I have found several brands. This is because I used to be looking at the podcast directory for a particular topic. Also, quite a few wholes have discovered that podcasts increase brand awareness.

5. Turn podcasts into blog posts:- You will be able to repurpose your podcast into a journal post. Also, you’ll be able to provide a transcription of this tool in your journal.

Use podcasts to promote to your current audience:-There are individuals who need to consume your content.  But, they don’t have the time (or temperament) to take a seat. Notwithstanding,  skim drawn-out journal posts or read videos. They also don’t have time to maintain with you on social media channels.

Besides, by writing a journal post, you’ll be able to produce a podcast.  Thus, a tool that goes over the identical topics in an audible kind. 

Also, you’ll be able to even scan the journal post and switch it into your podcast. There are not any rules nonetheless in podcasts.

 In other words, there are many best practices you ought to observe. Let’s take a glance at them currently.

Podcast Best Practices

Go Niche:- Your podcast ought to even be niche and targeted to a particular audience. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Who is my audience?

What do they need to understand most?

Which posts resonate the foremost on my blog?

What queries do I buy over and once more in your inbox?

What social media posts receive the foremost shares?

You can get as specific as you’d like and reach an engaged audience. Have a goal in mind and verify what you’d wish to do in your podcast. that may additionally assist you to come back up with a winning plan for your podcast.

Interview Experts

You would grab a lot of attention once there are 2 (or more) voices in spoken language.  Also, you will additionally get one major advantage. that skilled can share your podcast with their audience, too.

That’s a fortune. Whether your skilled has an audience of 1,000 or 10,000.  You will get exposed to an audience that will not be familiar with your podcast otherwise.

So, you’ll be able to get very famous person guests to seem on your podcast. It is a matter of asking. The worst they will say is “no”, but usually they’ll say affirmative.

Keep it Short

Your podcast ought not to be inaction on for three hours. Keep it to half-hour (or less).

Offer Show Notes

You need a page dedicated to accommodating all the knowledge. So the one you mentioned in a specific episode. Thus, make sure you direct listeners to the current page for actual links and a lot of resources.

On your show notes page, provide associate email opt-in. The way your podcast listeners are often notified.  In summary, this is when you transfer a replacement episode.

Advertise on All Social Channels

Be sure to let your social media followers realize your recent podcast. Take the extra step to promote to everybody. Thus, even people who you’re thinking that ought to already understand.

Look for Sponsorships

As your podcast grows in quality, look for the most effective ways in which to monetize it. take on a sponsor that produces sense for your whole and can be helpful to your listening audience.

 So,  your podcast host can approach you with support opportunities. But,  you’ll be able to reach bent on businesses yourself and invite support.

 Thus,  look for businesses that already advertise on alternative podcasts. they’re a lot to contemplate. They are sponsoring you than a business that’s ne’er done podcast advertising before.

Broadcast systematically

Don’t publish podcasts on an erratic schedule. Individuals wish to arrange around their podcasts. But, if you publish each weekday or Friday. Thus,  your listeners are ready to organize their schedules to accommodate your podcast.

Instead of dedicating the predictable future to podcasting. You will be able to produce a small series of podcast episodes (10 or less) on one specific topic. 

But, make certain to schedule these on a uniform basis, also. for instance, schedule your podcast series of ten episodes. This is to publish once every week on an identical day for consecutive ten weeks.

Track Podcast Listenership

You can track listeners through downloads and subscriptions. Don’t confuse the two, though. Individuals will buy your podcast but take the time to concentrate. For this reason, downloads are a lot of valuable metric than subscriptions.

Create a decision to Action

Nope, a decision to action isn’t only for your journal posts and landing pages. Your podcast desires a decision to action, too. make certain to sprinkle it throughout your podcast.

How do I promote my podcast on social media?

Let’s dive into some tried and true tactics that you’ll want to use to promote your podcast on social media.

  • Keep promotion close to home. …
  • Create social posts based on each episode. …
  • Make unique content to support the show.
  • Match your tone to each platform. 
  • Make it easy for your team and guests to share about it.


Podcasts are excellent thanks to access. A new audience and allow them to realize your brand and leverage digital marketing. If current trends are any sign, podcast quality can still rise at an explosive pace. make certain that you’re one in all the voices.

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