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What are Linkedin Stories?

LinkedIn Stories helps members and organizations share images and short videos of their everyday professional moments. Sharing Stories is a relatable way to share your experiences and insights, and to build meaningful relationships with your professional community.


  • You can solely post a Story from the LinkedIn mobile app.
  • To access Linkedin Stories, confirm that you’re using the latest version of the app.
  • LinkedIn Stories is presently out of stock for our members placed in China.

You can interact with LinkedIn Stories on your mobile app by?

  • Creating a Story – a personal profile or LinkedIn Page Admin will produce and post a story using pictures and videos.
  • Viewing a Story – LinkedIn members will read Stories created by connections and other people and Pages they follow.

How does LinkedIn stories work?

As a LinkedIn member (individual profile or LinkedIn Page Admin), you’ll be able to use LinkedIn Stories to post snippets of image or video content for twenty-four hours. you’ll be able to either use the Stories camera to capture pictures or videos in period, or transfer saved content from your mobile device’s gallery.

Notes:You can only post a Story from the LinkedIn mobile app.

  1. To access Stories, make sure you’re using the most recent version of the app.
  2. LinkedIn Stories is currently unavailable for our members located in China.

To post a Story:

1.Navigate to your LinkedIn homepage on the mobile app.

2. From the Stories section at the top, tap the  Add icon attached to the  Profile photo icon above Your story.

  • Tap the profile photo associated with your individual profile or Page.

3. Capture or choose content to feature to your Story. From all-time low of the screen:

  • Tap the circle to require a photograph. Note: you’ll conjointly faucet the Camera flip icon or Flash icon before taking the image.
  • Tap and hold the circle to record a video. Note: the utmost length of a video is twenty seconds.
  • Tap the Image icon to pick out content from your mobile device’s gallery.

4. Once you’ve captured or hand-picked your content, you can:

  • Tap the Cancel icon to delete the content.
  • Tap the Stickers icon to feature a sticker.
  • Tap the Volume icon to mute the audio on a video or recording.
  • Tap the Text icon to feature text to the content. Note: Once you begin typewriting, you’ll conjointly select totally different color and text alignment choices. you’ll conjointly mention an association within the text by typewriting “@” and choosing a reputation from the drop.

5. Review your creation. If you’ve value-added stickers or text to the content, you can:

  • Tap and drag an item to regulate the location.
  • Tap and hold an item to size or rotate it.
  • Tap and drag an item into the Trash icon.

6. Tap the Share story button.Once you’ve created your Story’s initial post, you’ll add another post by viewing the primary post so sound the +New Story button to feature another post to your Story.

How long do LinkedIn stories last?

24 hoursSharing Linkedin Stories is an easy way to share your experiences and insights, and to build meaningful relationships with your professional community. LinkedIn shares Stories that you post for 24 hours.

How does a company use LinkedIn for their story?

Here are some ways you can use LinkedIn Stories for your brand:

  1.  Share professional tips and insights
  2.  Post real-time insights
  3.  Share the latest news and announcements
  4.   a Q&A
  5.  customer testimonials.

5 ways in which to use LinkedIn Stories to promote your brand

How will this help to promote your personal brands?

This can give brands a replacement, temporary thanks to connect together with your audience and share relevant updates. And while having yet one more channel to consider might feel overwhelming, there square measure some ways to induce art with stories to support your business goals.

But, before you jump straight into making your stories, it’s price considering the United Nations agency you’re rebuking and what you wish to realize with sharing this content with them. This can assist you form your content strategy and make sure you square measure on the right track for achievement.

Here square measure some ways in which you’ll be able to use LinkedIn Stories for your brand and business?

1. Share skilled tips and insights- LinkedIn is that the platform for skilled thought leadership and stories provides a replacement, fun and interesting thanks to share your data together with your audience.

This could be the newest news in your business, tips from your selling team, insight on however you grew your business, or perhaps graphic style pointers. It fully depends on your business and what you’re thinking that your audience can notice helpful and attention-grabbing.

Sharing your data could be a good way to induce your audience’s attention and build trust!

2. Post period insights-Stories solely last twenty four hours, thus square measure a good thanks to share less polished, in-the-moment content.

Whether that’s a sneak peek of a replacement product, covert of a shoot, or perhaps simply showing the regular life in your workplace, Stories square measure a good thanks to share what’s occurring at your company and show an additional human facet to your complete.

Remember, they do not ought to be slick or overproduced. The additional authenticity the better!

3. Share latest news and announcements- Just like Instagram and Facebook, stories have prime real-estate on the newsfeed and early adopters won’t have a lot of competition for that house. 

This makes it the proper platform to share the newest news and announcements concerning your complete.

Whether it’s a replacement product or service or your latest job opportunities, you ought to capitalise on this new feature to achieve additional benefits for your audience, even though you have already got a post on your concern.

However, don’t go full-on sales on this platform. If Instagram stories square measure something to travel by, stories that square measure strictly centered on mercantilism to the audience don’t perform well.

4 Hold a Q&A- Whilst LinkedIn might not have a matter sticker feature nevertheless, stories square measure still a good thanks to interact directly together with your audience and answer any queries your prospects might have concerning your complete product or service.

To gather queries, simply raise your audience to submit them before either through a regular feed post or through direct message. After you share your answers make certain to tag the one that asked the question within the story to confirm they don’t miss your answer.

Hosting a Q&A on your stories is otherwise to indicate the humans behind your complete and connect together with your audience. This can facilitate building complete loyalty!

5. Share client testimonials- Lastly, otherwise to capitalise on the new stories feature may well be to share your latest client success stories.

Word-of-mouth continues to be thought of one amongst the foremost effective styles of selling out there, with seventy three of shoppers spoken communication they trust a business additional once seeing positive reviews. 

Sharing feedback associate degreed testimonials from your customers on your stories provides an unbiased opinion of your complete and can facilitate build trust amongst your audience.

When a client testimonial video is correctly dead it may be a very effective sales and selling tool. 


In addition, LinkedIn Stories can over doubtless become associate degree integral a part of businesses selling methods, as they’re a good means for to achieve additional of your audience during a less competitive channel, build a private reference to your networks, and conjointly get prior to your competitors.

They conjointly give the simplest way to have interaction with video and acquire artistic with it, while not being preserved on your feed.

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