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How To Use Linkedin Polls For Better Engagement?

What is a Linkedin Poll?

Poll definition, a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, for the purpose of analysis on Linkedin.

Linkedin has introduced a replacement feature for its users, and it’s called ‘Polls’. victimization this feature, members will reach bent on their networks to gather feedback on totally {different|completely different} topics and on different merchandise or services. 

Surveyors might even share the results of polling with others by employing a constitutional feature. LinkedIn ‘Polls’ is accustomed begin new conversations or creating choices that are supported by the responses of individuals.

The following knowledge of polling is going to be offered at one place once a poll closes –

  • Winning possibility
  • Percentage of votes for every possibility
  • Total vote count

Can you do polls on LinkedIn?

You can create a poll from LinkedIn’s homepage. … In the Create a Poll window, type your question and fill in the options. 

There is a minimum of two options and a maximum of four options on a poll. Click the +Add option to add another option.

How do you create a poll & survey on Linkedin?

Whether you’re creating a LinkedIn poll from your mobile device or desktop computer, the steps are the same. First, click the option to Start a Post. 

In the Create a Post window, click the + icon and select the Create a Poll option. 

Next, type in your question and add up to four poll response options.

You can produce a poll from LinkedIn’s homepage. … within the product, a poll window, type your question and fill within the choices. there’s a minimum of 2 choices and a most of 4 choices on a poll

. Click +Add choice to add another choice.

How do I create a poll & survey on Linkedin?

Your skilled network will be an excellent plus once it involves gleaning insights or obtaining a second opinion. 

Whether or not you’re debating that business tool you must invest in, inquisitive about that LinkedIn Learning course professionals in your field notice helpful, or deciding that interview question to raise a prospective team member, obtaining input from your network will offer you the arrogance to tug the trigger or pursue another direction.

That’s why we have a tendency to introduce a fast, straightforward, and fully virtual thanks to soliciting feedback from your network via our new polls feature. 

Asking your network for feedback—and providing it to others in return—is an excellent thanks to getting relevant and aware input, whereas additionally sparking new conversations and discussions together with your trusted connections.

How to create a lightweight poll in thirty seconds or less?

With polls, you’ll simply faucet into the collective data of your network by making a lightweight poll in but thirty seconds.

Here’s how:

Start a replacement post and click on the “Create a Poll” choice within the individual menu.

Type your question, enter up to four answer choices, and choose the poll’s duration—between twenty-four hours and up to 2 weeks.

Write up a post to travel together with your poll—you will embody hashtags to assist your poll to get a lot of attention.

Push the poll live to either your connections, specific teams you are in, or to anyone across the LinkedIn network. 

By targeting specific teams along with your poll, you’ll get even a lot of relevant insights – as an example, if you’re during a cluster for marketers, you may raise regarding the cluster member’s favorite tool for email selling management.

Review poll results and continue the spoken language

While your poll is grouping insights from your network, you’ll simply keep an eye fixed on the activity in the period, like what percentage votes are solid to this point, results for every choice, and the way abundant time is left for option. Only you, the poll creator, may also see UN agency voted and what they solid their vote for.

Once the poll closes, you’ll see all the pertinent data in one place: the winning choice, the proportion of votes for every choice, and also the total vote count. Curious why somebody voted in a sure way? Message them from directly inside the poll. It’s a good thanks for getting deeper insights and to remain in contact along with your connections.

Polls are going to be step by step rolling out globally on mobile and desktop over the ensuing few weeks. we have a tendency to encourage you to allow it an attempt to share your expertise with us!

If you are interested in gaining another insight or process on how to set up Linkedin Polls. 

Here is how you can set up Linkedin Polls at ease

linkedin poll

How to Setup LinkedIn Polls?

Using LinkedIn ‘Polls’, you’ll produce a poll from anyplace on the LinkedIn platform –

  • Individual account
  • Company page
  • Showcase page
  • Group
  • Inside an occurrence.
  • The steps of making a LinkedIn Poll area unit an equivalent whether or not you employ a mobile or a personal computer.

First Step

  • Click on the ‘Start a Post’ possibility
  • Click on the and (+) icon in the ‘Create a Post’ window
  • Select the ‘Create a Poll’ possibility.

Second Step

Type in a very question and add poll response choices. you’ll add up to four choices. 

At present, LinkedIn permits the participants to pick out one response rather than multiple responses.

Therefore, every question has to encourage the readers in choosing one possibility that looks best suited.

Third Step

Select a time limit for poll responses from the computer menu and click on ‘Done’.

(Minimum – one day, most – a pair of weeks).

Post the poll too – Connections Groups (if you’re a member of a group) or anyone across the LinkedIn network.

Include 1–3 LinkedIn Hashtags relevant to a poll’s topic.

It allows you to collect entries from outside of the immediate LinkedIn audience.

how to create linkedin polls

How to Use LinkedIn Polls for Business Growth

1. Learn about Target Audience’s Content Preference

Are you unsure of the content type like snappy videos or catchy documents that will attract your LinkedIn community? You may use the LinkedIn ‘polls’ feature to conclude on this dilemma.

You can learn about the content that is mostly preferred by the target audience. Using this information, you can create engaging and relevant content to attract the target audience.

You may return to a ‘poll post’ after uploading a new piece of content in order to inform the target audience that you have paid attention to the feedback when developing a new piece of content. This step enables you to build a stronger relationship with the LinkedIn community.

2. Collect Feedback from Target Audience about New Products/Services

You may use the LinkedIn ‘Polls’ feature to learn about the target audience’s reaction to a newly launched product or service. You may put the following questions when creating a poll.

Do you know about our new product/service [product’s/service’s name]?

Have you tried our new products/services [product’s/service’s name]?

Which of our [product’s name] features do you commonly use?

How do you feel about our new [product/service]? Rate it below.

3. Measure Target Audience’s Interest before Next Launch

If you have a considerable number of LinkedIn audiences, then you may use the LinkedIn ‘Polls’ feature to gauge their interest in a product/service before launching it. 

You may ask the target audience to provide you with timely feedback on a handful of new ideas.

Alongside gathering instant feedback from the target audience, this particular polling option enables you to find out the people who may be interested in participating in an in-depth survey outside the LinkedIn platform and help with the extensive market research efforts.

4. Learn about LinkedIn Network’s Top Issues

LinkedIn ‘Polls’ feature may even be used to find out how you can add more value to the LinkedIn audience. You may use the poll to find out which issues have been on the top of the list of your audience. It enables you to quickly resolve the issues and to increase the satisfaction of customers.

5. Determining Content Strategy before Generating Offers

Businesspersons often use lucrative ‘offers’ in order to get more leads. However, you may have difficulty in determining an offer that will resonate with the target audience.

 In this scenario, you may use LinkedIn Polls to learn about the types of content assets or about the ‘topics’ preferred by the target audience. You may use this type of feedback to ensure that the content strategy aligns with what is desired by the target customers or prospects.

6. Finding out Latest Industry Trends

This particular type of polling will be extremely useful for B2B or enterprise-level businesses.

You may offer services to a particular base of customers or clients. In this scenario, it is essential to remain updated about the latest trends or shifts in your industry. 

You may use the LinkedIn ‘Polls’ feature to enquire about emerging trends.

You may also use this type of polling to create engaging content for the LinkedIn company page. This approach may even be used in order to encourage the members of an industry-specific LinkedIn group to share their perspectives on a particular issue.

If you are thinking of how to create a poll to find out the latest trends in an industry then you can gain insight from the following questions. You may use such questions when creating a poll.


Using the latest ‘Polls’ feature of LinkedIn, you can learn a lot about the target audience. You can collect their feedback or learn how to improve their experience on LinkedIn. And, you may use the information, collected through a poll, to successfully launch a product or to develop a content strategy before presenting an offer in front of the customers. 

Also, may use LinkedIn Polls to stay updated about the latest market trends or to conduct market research. Using this latest feature of LinkedIn, you have lots of options to ensure business growth.

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