If you have a business in Nigeria and you have used no digital marketing service in building your business, you’re running at an enormous loss. Digital marketing is the easiest, fastest and smoothest way of building any type of business and I can show you how to grow your business with digital marketing in Nigeria in a few steps. However, before then, let me show you a disturbing statistic.

Microsoft Founder, Bill Gates, comments ” If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. ” Verisign executed a study that shows 84% of consumers believe that a business with a website is more credible than a business without one. So, if I told you you were damaging your business by trivializing digital marketing, then I wasn’t wrong. And if you’re ready to stop making that mistake, then keep reading.

The Role of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has played a pivotal role in helping businesses grow. Ecommerce platforms like Amazon understand its importance and it’s why they heavily invest in building their presence both on the web and in digital platforms all over the world.

Beating the giants in any business is hard, however, when you have chosen a great digital marketing team to handle that aspect of your business, you increase your fighting chances. And that’s the only option you have unless you simply want to run out of business.

With digital marketing, you can simply focus your core customers that bring the best sales for you, especially when you don’t have a huge budget like big companies. More so, you build trust between yourselves in order to offer them some of your other products you believe they’ll find valuable.

How to Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing in Nigeria | 9 Simple Steps

If you don’t know how your business with digital marketing in Nigeria, this section will teach you all you need to know. I outlined nine simple steps that you can easily implement. They include:

1. Leverage Search Engine Optimization

Everyone searches for something on the internet. Global search volume amounts to 3 billion on Google alone and with internet popularity and dependency increasing, the numbers will keep going up. Search engine optimization is the simple process of making your search result show up on search engines when a particular word or phrase is inputted in the search engine.

When you keep showing up on search engine results for different searches, your webpage builds web authority and you gain the trust of your web visitors. This is one of the digital marketing trends that draws the highest numbers of leads for your business.

2. Be Active on Social Media

Social media platforms are the biggest advertising channels globally. And when you consider some of their actions and their user numbers, you would agree that they have significant power.

A lot of Nigerians have a wrong perception of social media; they feel it’s a platform that misinforms the public and gives unwarranted exposure to young individuals. Indeed, this is untrue, as a lot of social media platforms are channels wherein accurate information is communicated as they have strong policy regulations as well.

A lot of business platforms have pages on social media that help them interact with their clients on the platform. You can create a page too for your business, which you can use to hold discussion forums, run advertising campaigns, and answer questions as well. If you truly want to grow your business with digital marketing in Nigeria, you must not miss this step.

digital marketing in Nigeria

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3. Get A Website

A webpage is a platform that belongs to you, and you possess full administrational control within and over. Unlike social media platforms that have their own framework, a website gives you the opportunity to create and design yours however you choose. Hence, it imposes no limitations at all!

With a webpage, you can put what’s most important on the front page of your website for your visitors to see. Most times, it might be your most popular product or a new one you want to test in the market. Indeed, it all comes down to what you really want people to see.

4. Run Advertising Campaigns

Running advertising campaigns is vital when you want to increase your customer base and sales. Almost every big brand in the world puts aside a great budget for advertising. Management study guides communicate that the four essential goals of advertising are trial, continuity, brand switch, and switching back.

The fastest way to determine if your product is a great market fit is by putting some advertising budget on it. With a sponsored post or a copy for the product, you can get feedback from the market in terms of reviews and general market acceptance.

Amazon shares in the graph below their funnel, which shows the level of results each of its entry points for purchases converts for them. And you would agree that paid advertising takes up a big share in their overall traffic despite their large size.

digital marketing in Nigeria

5. Build An Email List

There’s a strange perception that many marketers have, especially in email marketing in Nigeria. A good number of them believe that Nigerians hardly use their mails. So, that’s why most of them would happily opt for social media marketing, which is promises higher conversions.

Although this is untrue, as many Nigerians use their mails for both business and personal reasons, your choice of email marketing will depend on the demographics of target market you want. The smartphone market in Africa is growing, however, for many people doing business locally, reaching them through email marketing doesn’t do the magic better than social media.

But you wouldn’t want to gather emails when email marketing has that enormous boost. You would want to start immediately so you can be ahead of your competition as it remains the safest and most personalized marketing tool.

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6. Leverage Search Engine Marketing

As people make searches on the internet every day and time, the search engine sections all the content into categories in order to offer each searcher the best results for whatever phrase they input in the search engine. And because of the high number of searches on a phrase, advertisers pay the search engine to display their products alongside the result so they can profit.

Search engine marketing is a simple way of putting your products in the faces of possible customers in order to push them to a buying decision. Overall, this strategy has been effective in helping a lot of marketers draw clients to their brand besides building brand awareness. Search engine marketing is one way to grow your business with digital marketing in Nigeria.

7. Build A Virtual Community

Building a virtual community of customers and followers is an important marketing technique underlooked by both marketers and business people. Tribes and associations are the easiest ways of convincing people to believe in you as they come into a place where other people who believe in you stay.

With social media regulations on advertisements and their algorithms hitting further harder, having a community of people who like you, know you, and trust you is a brilliant strategy that will skyrocket your sales. Although this strategy is commonly used by thought leaders, you can still add this important arm to your business.

8. Create Content

Content is very important in any business. With content, people can get to view your perception besides judging your understanding. As someone who wants to grow a business with digital marketing in Nigeria, you must learn this important aspect so you don’t lose out heavily.

When you create a good content quality of showing up on search engine page results, it helps you create greater awareness about your expertise in that area. Furthermore, you can easily draw page visitors into your funnel running no advertisement costs. Quality content ranks, however, creating quality content doesn’t come easy.

Ranking on the search engine is a good marketing technique. And without creating quality content, you limit your influence on the web. You don’t need to be limited when you have the right people. Book a Free Marketing Consultation with our team by clicking “I want a Free Consultation Session” and we will help you create exceptional content for you.

9. Use Google My Business

Local SEO is something a lot of business people ignore. And this is quite sad, especially when you’re selling a physical product within a large community. You must ensure that you’re visible enough within your local community describing the offers you add to the table.

Google created an arm called “Google My Business” to help marketers build their visibility locally. For example, if I have a restaurant, and I set it up using local SEO, whenever a person comes within my community and searches for restaurants, my restaurant will show up as a search result pinpointing the exact location and address.

Search Engine Land’s research on Google My Business has further added backed up this claim as they show the highest number of customers to any business comes from local searches.

How to Grow Your Business With Digital marketing in Nigeria


Running a business in Nigeria is not easy because of the heavy competition and the small market. So, you need to possess a strong edge and that is what digital marketing can do for you.

You’ve gone through the conversations and seen how using digital marketing in your Nigerian business can push your profits above its normal heights.

Why not take the wise decision of working with a great digital marketing today? You can take a Free Consultation to convince you.

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