How To Get a Digital Marketing Job

digital marketing job

Years ago, a career in digital marketing was not the dream job for most people while they are in school. The opportunities in this industry and the daily evolving of digital space. But the reverse is the case.

People are willing to learn and get these skills. Also, they are willing to teach other people and ensure that there is even distribution of wealth like what we do at Socialander Digital Agency.

Digital marketing job comes in a very completely different class. You can attempt to embody all the categories according to your ability. 

They include:

  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Online marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Copywriting

Before I provide an in-depth explanation about every digital marketing job, I need to share with you a recap of the definition of digital marketing explanation ready to be able to understand the other paragraphs of this article.

What is Digital Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, digital marketing is the act of promoting that utilizes the web and online-based digital technologies like desktop computers, mobile phones,  different digital media and platforms to push products and services.

Types of digital marketing jobs

1. Content Marketer:- A content marketer is handles creating content for the sole purpose of marketing a product. Your major responsibility is to create engaging contents that would connect businesses with their audience aside from marketing their products and offering their services to them.

This connection takes place through several mediums such as social media posts, blog posts, emails, videos, and audio. Content marketing itself requires the ability to design creative, interesting, and educational material that helps the readers answer their questions and solve their problems.

The goal of content marketing is to persuade a person to take action.  For this  to happen, content should be enticing enough with valuable and relevant information.

Does this bring us to what’s content? 

Content is well-presented subject info that conveys a story and engages with its intending audience. 

This content can come in varied formats depending on the message you wish to go through. Also the medium you wish to use to pass it across.

2. SEO Specialist:- SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the method of optimizing your online content so that a research engine likes to state it as a high result for searches of a particular keyword. An SEO specialist is accountable for making this happen.

We are responsible for obtaining extra traffic from search engines to a website. The person is additionally responsible for guaranteeing that on-page optimization produces relevant search results and positive user expertise. The increased traffic ought to result in a rise in lead volume and build complete awareness.

We would achieve this  if the specialist can increase the visibility of the website among search engines. Sometimes, they’ll work  with members of the promoting and inventive groups to develop and install new ways and initiatives to extend engagement.

3. Email Marketer:- An email marketer leverages emails as a digital channel to achieve their main goal while communicating with their target audience.

An email marketers focus is to:-

  • Build email list
  • Create emails
  • Nurture leads through written communications.

Email marketing is one every of the  effective ways in digital promoting that enables you to send emails to prospective customers and existing customers . The aim is of changing them from one-time customers to loyal fans.

99% of customers open their email on a daily basis and this will be one sensible chance that business house owners can leverage to grow their business. They have the services of an associate email promoting specialist and this is often where you fit in.

4. Social media marketer:- A social media marketer could be one that leverages social media as a digital marketing channel to achieve their audience. keep in mind we have a tendency to said that, digital marketing takes place on digital platforms, social media could be a digital platform and this makes social media to be one in every one of the effective tools that may be wont to reach your digital marketing goals.

A social media marketer is to blame for participating and making awareness with regard to specific products and services across all social media platforms.

They promote every kind of content starting from text to videos to pictures, to make awareness for a complete. This can in turn, generate leads that might be reborn to sales.

Unlike like another digital marketing job, social media marketing could be a strategy that may get you the results you need in digital marketing.

But you will get the talents required and you will position yourself to be employable.

Other digital marketing jobs include:


Digital marketer

Having established the inspiration because of the definition and kinds of digital marketing jobs that exist.

We would proceed to grasp what you wish to try to do and the way you must do them to induce a digital marketing job despite your geographical location.

1. Define your goals:- What does one wish to realize with the digital marketing job you want? If you’ll establish your goals, you’ll apprehend the steps to must that may assist you to achieve your goal.

When you establish your goals, you decide the actual digital marketing job that makes you realize your goals.

2.Start Learning:- After you identify your goals, start learning. The internet is a large place where you can get whatever knowledge you need on a subject matter. If you are strategic, learning the theory alone will not be enough for you.

3. Practice your knowledge:- While learning, you should practice what you’re learning. In a  driven world, the best technique would be evident. The truth would show that you grasp what you claim and show what you’ve been able to win.

How can you show what you’ve been able to win is by active and obtaining your hands into what you’re learning. Volunteering permits you to try and do this, you provide your services to any organization that needs your service and learn from there.

If you decide otherwise, you will be able to raise your friends or members of the family who have businesses that will need your services, to permit you to apply your information with their business.

For you to induce a digital marketing job alongside the information you have to also  experience. But, experience doesn’t  mean the number of years you’ve been doing this, you would  are a digital marketer for many months if not years. 

Therefore, what stands you out is what you were able to win. The information and skills that you  have and sets you apart from other digital marketers.

4. Create an online presence:-  Yo assemble expertise by operating for your friends and family. But, having a web presence is additionally strategic at the start of this text. Basically, you will be able to get digital promoting jobs in spite of your geographical location.

When you apply for employment, the primary place a prospective leader can is online. It is very vital to position yourself online and if you’re not found. However, they will move on to the present next person. 

Create your own account wherever you share your information about what you recognize, produce your portfolio and link them to your social media platforms, let these individuals grasp what you’re capable of doing and see with their eyes.

Several social media platforms permit you to showcase your information and skills like LinkedIn.

5. Build your network:- Generally, with career and life particularly you have to build your network. But, it is not about what you can, it’s about who you know. You will have wonderful information and a couple of materials.

As an upcoming/existing digital marketer, be deliberate about  growing your network. Let your family and your friend grasp that you just are attempting out a brand new career and you would like them to introduce you to their different friends or acquaintance who has been during this trade for an extended time than you.

Thus , does one grasp that the important individuals you recognize really grew their influence from networking and meeting new individuals. We tend to all get that long string of network here on earth and you’ll be able to try this in also ranging from currently.

For example, if you meet me at an occasion, and that we got familiar with one another, of course, you told me what you are doing for a living. I would not have employment for you to try and do. But, if any of my friends or connections would like somebody such as you recommend you so the cycle continues.

Always engage in continuous learning. The internet could be a massive place wherever you’ll be able to get no matter data you would like on a subject matter matter. For a subject matter as strategic as digital marketing, learning the idea alone won’t be enough for you.


Digital marketing as an industry is one that is neither limited by age or geographical location. As long as you have the right knowledge and you have something to show for the knowledge you have, you are good to go.

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