Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace where users can arrange to buy, sell and trade items with other people in their area.

The name says it all! Facebook Marketplace is an open exchange where users can buy, sell new and pre-owned items to other users.

Anyone can list products or services for sale and gain access to a local audience.

Users can browse the whole Marketplace, select categories, check in on groups, or go directly to stores they like.

Each option tailors the products shown to a specific user’s likes and interests on Facebook.

How does Facebook Marketplace Work?

The Facebook marketplace opens with photos of items that people near you have listed for sale. 

To find something specific, search at the top and filter your results by location, category, or price.

Send the seller a direct message from Marketplace to tell them you’re interested and make an offer.

Is Facebook Marketplace Free?

You can sell items on Facebook Marketplace for free, and the process to list your items should only take a few moments. 

To sell on Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need to describe what kind of item you’re listing, how much you want for it, and who you want to see the listing.

How do you get paid with the Facebook marketplace?

The Marketplace doesn’t have any built-in payment mechanism, so you have to arrange payments directly with the other party in a transaction. 

Unscrupulous sellers may insist on cash, gift cards, or other untraceable payment methods, and shady buyers may offer gift cards that turn out to be worthless.

How much will it cost to sell on the Facebook marketplace?

It cost nothing for people to sell on Facebook Marketplace, and there is no fee to affix Facebook or Facebook Marketplace. If you use Facebook Marketplace as a merchandiser, there’s a five-hitter fee on all transactions, with a minimum charge of $0.40.

Can you get scammed on the Facebook marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is an online shop similar to Craigslist, and just as likely to harbor scams. It allows you to sell items, services, and even homes to people in your local area.

Are there regulations on who and what can sell?

Anyone can sell in the marketplace. To sell, you simply must have a Facebook account and follow the rules and regulations. Any product you would need to be 21 to have is prohibited to sell. 

For example, alcohol, prescribed or illegal drugs, weapons, explosives, and more are all restricted for selling.

You are also unable to sell services and animals. Services could be painting, washing cars, and more. On that same point, you are also unable to list potential jobs.

10 Tips For Making Money On Facebook Marketplace

Okay on to the juicy stuff. We know you have lots of tips and ideas to make money using Facebook Marketplace. After all, you’ve made over $3,000 in the last month selling items on Facebook Marketplace! Tell us your tips and what works to make money selling on Facebook Marketplace.

1. Price Items Well 

I stick to at least 50% off the retail price or less depending on the condition and perceived desirability of the item. 

Remember that just because something is sentimental to you doesn’t increase its value for someone else.

If I got something secondhand, I typically price based on the true retail price and not the price I paid. Oftentimes, I’ll come out even or earn a little profit to pocket when I sell items I purchased secondhand. Just another reason I love buying secondhand in the first place!

2. Take Clear Photos 

Styled photos are great but can be time-consuming. A clear photo holding something up against a white wall will really help buyers see what you’re selling quickly as they scroll through.  

3. Clean & Fix Items

Awash, a wipe, or a stitch can go a long way. Be honest about the condition of the items and price accordingly.

4. Bundle Like Items

Group items together like books, clothing of similar sizes and styles, kitchen tools, outdoor gear, etc.

 It can help sell items faster but also might encourage people to come to pick things up when it wouldn’t be necessarily worth the trip for just one $3 onesie or one $2 can opener.

5. Use Keywords 

Use descriptive keywords to help your item be featured in searches and filters.  For example, if you’re selling a side table, tag it with as many specific words as possible for which people might search.

 Some examples include the end table, side table, and nightstand. Also use words to describe the colors, materials, design style, brand, and like brands.

6. Crosspost Your Items

If you use the Facebook app and post initially to Facebook Marketplace, the platform allows you to share to other Buy and Sell Facebook groups with the click of a button. 

Search Facebook for local buy-sell-trade groups to join or create one of your own!  Once you have the pictures and description, you could also crosspost to other apps like LetGo, OfferUp, Craigslist, or online resale sites like Poshmark or Kidizen.

7. Respond Promptly 

Making arrangements quickly helps me avoid flakes.  I usually get a lot of “I’m interested in this item” and I respond asap with “What questions can I answer?” “When can you come to pick up?” and “Priority to first pick up.”

8. Suggest Add On Items 

Do you have other items in a similar size or style that you’re posting? Send a link to those as well and offer a bundle incentive. 

 I usually say “If you’re interested, I have these items for sale as well and can bundle for a better deal!” I don’t intend to be pushy, but they may not have seen the items and would be interested in them, particularly if they are driving to pick things up anyway.

9. Be Safe

I appreciate Facebook Marketplace because you can snoop a little at the profile of the buyers, and man do I love a good snoop! I typically give the main cross-street until there is a confirmed pickup time. 

I am comfortable with porch pickups at my house during daylight hours. I never let people in my home. If you aren’t comfortable with that you may consider picking a public place to meet in a place like a police station parking lot.

10. Know Your Intentions 

You may alter listings and time of listings longer depending on your intentions. If you are trying to do a quick declutter, bundle more items and price them lower. 

Change listings to FREE or move them to your Buy Nothing group if they aren’t gone in a few days.


Give It A Try and Make Money Using Facebook Marketplace.

If you haven’t used it before, give it a try. Log on to your Facebook account, use these tips, and find a new home for some of the things in your house you no longer need. 

Tunde’s tips are so great, and hopefully, they will earn you a bit of extra income. I assure you that using Facebook Marketplace is not hard and is worth the investment of time.

Do you sell items on Facebook Marketplace? Have you been able to make money finding new homes for things you no longer need? Share your tips in the comments below so we can all make the most of the sharing economy in our own communities.

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