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Socialander is a digital marketing agency that doubles all your business’s digital and social engagement efforts into a revenue-generating channel. Whether you seek to increase your brand awareness or build your leads and consequently sales numbers, you must know how to position yourself correctly using search engine optimization.

Ranking on Google My Business can help you show up for localized search as search engines offer these results to users whenever they input questions regarding probable locations of a nearby place. Google recommendations are usually the top pick for their users, so you must ensure your site shows up for these results.

Getting To the Top of Rankings Using Our Google My Business Services

Business competition is imminent in every line of business. At the time of completing your store, another person opens something similar on the other side of the neighbourhood. It’s tough as you will have to battle for the few customers, but you can do better than just attract the locals.

When people do not know about the best place to pick or get an item in a new environment, they rely on search engines such as Google to help them find options. Using our Google my Business services, you can get positioned strategically as the best choice for local dwellers and visitors.

Our team of experts will combine all the right strategies that can help your Google my business account thrive. Plus, if you don’t have an account, we can help you set up one of the greatest business visibility channels in the world of marketing today.

If you’re keen to take this step with us, contact us by taking up a free consultation session, so we can help you become very visible on the web.

What Does Our Google My Business Services Offer To Your Brand?

A Google my business account plays a key role in every business functioning in our digital world today. There are many benefits you get for using our Google My Business services as part of your marketing tools, and they include:

Increased Visibility

Everyone searches for anything online first. Today’s digital world has made the online search so easy and efficient. And if anyone is looking for a place to patronize or for a certain product, they will check the product or the store online before proceeding.

When your business is listed using Google my business, you can easily draw everyone looking to purchase a product or get a service in the line of your business. With your profile fully optimized, they can easily access a lot about you and that can easily draw them.

Although you might have a top website, this listing will help you show up at the forefront of customers within your community and it’s one sweet local SEO strategy.

Increased Customer Confidence

Customers build confidence in a product or a service when they’ve heard or read about what people who have experienced that product or service think. And a lot of business people don’t pay serious attention to this arm of the business.

Reviews work. Reviews help strengthen the purchase decision of any lead. An excellent review is a booster for the customer’s confidence, and a critical review can just harm their faith. Therefore, building trust on the web is important and a good listing can help you.

Many people trust online reviews a lot. In fact, a study shows 88% of people trust an online review from their friends and even strangers. So, if you want to strengthen your customer confidence, you need to list your business online.


If you run a business that demands individuals to come to your store, then listing your business online just became extra necessary for you. It’s quite important, especially when you have serious competition next door and you want to stay in business.

A great business listing will keep your customers and leads aware of all the updates happening in your business. Although your website can effectively execute this, many people won’t want to visit your webpage. Instead, they’ll only search for your business name on Google and take what they see.

So, listing your business on Google will help your customers stay on track with happenings in the business and this will help them trust you more.

How Do You Optimize Your Google My Business Profile for Profiting??

With our Google my Business services, optimizing your profile account is a straightforward task. And we will list five strategies that have helped different business professionals build a strong online presence in their local communities. These strategies include:

Fill Out your whole Profile

A complete profile will outweigh an incomplete one. In filling your profile, you must include every necessary information about your business. This way, Google can correctly list your business among other businesses in its category.

Google explains, “Local results favor the most relevant results for each search, and businesses with complete and accurate information are easier to match with the right searches.”

Ensure you fill your profile in terms of its relevance, ease of accessibility, and its prominence. When your business stands out among its peers, it will draw more customers.

Set Updates

Updates are very important in your business listing. When you use updates, it shows Google that your business is actively running and this can increase your conversion. Introducing your business hours and current information is a great place to start.

Additionally, you can create posts for your business to inform customers of different updates, new products, upcoming offers, and notable events. Keeping a fresh, updated profile is a good business move that drives conversion.

Use High-Quality Pictures

Graphic images are attractive. A study shows that 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business whose images appear in local search results. And another study shows visual content supports search optimization.

High quality pictures will give you a unique selling position that will draw a lot of customers to your business. When you make use of these images, people identify with your brand and it is also highly appealing.

When you run a service based business like a photo studio, creating an online album will give different people an experience of your professionalism and expertise. By looking at your pictures, they can make a judgment on the quality of your service.

Introduce Special Features

If you run a business that is highly competitive, your uniqueness will make you stand out in your community. In fact, you remain at the top of creativity/innovation or you would be in the mix with your other competitors.

Introducing special features to your business depends on the type of business you run. For example, when you run a hotel, you can decide to list out a wide range of booking options to make it easier for your customers when they want to patronize you.

Get Reviews

Reviews can give your business a big lift. According to Search Engine Land, 87% of potential customers won’t consider businesses with low ratings.

Additionally, an astounding 92% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses in order to determine whether or not these businesses are good, with 80% considering reviews just as important as personal recommendations.

Getting your customers to review your business is very important, however, it’s difficult. A good trick would be to introduce a gift or something of value to many customers that give strong positive reviews for your business on the internet.

Why Pick Socialander To Help You Get Visible On Google My Business?

If your goal remains to get better visibility on Google, then you can underestimate the importance of having an active Google my business account. We’ve helped our clients set up great Google My Business accounts that have made them gain better visibility and draw a long list of prospects and customers that need their service or product.

We have professionals certified in Google digital skills and marketing strategies. These professionals work in line with our brand management team to ensure only the right message regarding your business is communicated through your Google my business account while shielding your account from unverified claims and hackers.

Google My Business listing is not the only way to grow your business with digital marketing. There are a lot of other ways you can use, as it’s also important to learn the right marketing strategies and tools that will further increase your brand awareness.

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