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Twitter Moment’s square measure curated stories regarding what is happening around the world—powered by Tweets. It is simple to make your own story with Twitter Moments. 

There are 3 ways to start making your own Moment via you’ll be able to access Moments through the Moments tab, your profile page, or through a Tweet detail.

What are Twitter Moments for?

With Twitter Moments you produce and pastor longer-form content to inform fascinating stories. Moments allow you to tell a story that goes on the far side of one Tweet and highlights totally different views.

Different types of  Twitter Moments

When ought your complete create a Moment? Here are many ideas to assist you.

1. Comment on a current story

Industry happenings, rising trends, and international events supply the right springboard to tell an excellent larger story.

2. Promote transmission or Associate in Nursing sacred plot

Has a recent event galvanized you? As an example, stories of people adopting pets from shelters would be woven into ennobling storylines as an area of immediate fulfillment for a pet. What causes are you completely involved with?

3. Create fun round-ups

Entertain your audience with a round-up of fun memes or media stories. As an example, a school company could place the foremost effective “IT guy” memes and Tweets for an immediate meshed at technology managers.

4. Promote company news

Big company news — significant news that’s generated slight buzz on Twitter — is that the great content for an immediate

Tap Into Conversations Happening on Twitter

Another way to form unforgettable Moments is to use conversations that are happening organically on Twitter. Use trending topics or a keyword search, or follow a hashtag to surface content to incorporate and pinpoint areas of focus.

Recap an occurrence

Events will offer a degree of comment, images, and engagement you’ll amplify with Moments.

Internal feedback

Are your workers your biggest fans? Feature Tweets from your team, partners, and vendors regarding what it’s like to work at your company or why they’re excited to be a part of your whole.

Showcase positive client stories and feedback

Did you lately launch a product that’s generating excitement? Is your whole obtaining heaps of love? an instant may be an excellent thanks to collect your biggest fans and shine a spotlight on them.

Resurface your own Tweets

Moments will allow you to resurface content that you simply created in the past. For instance, if you printed an analysis a couple of months ago that’s central to a language happening these days, together with it in an exceedingly Moment will facilitate placing it back at center stage.

Twitter is constructed for discovery, and moments are natural thanks to facilitating brands’ increased visibility and being a part of the broader language. Are you able to get started? produce a Twitter Moment for your whole these days.

Do Twitter Moments Still Exist?

Having placed high hopes on that simply over a year past, Twitter proclaimed that it’ll replace Moments with a replacement Twitter Explore tab. 

However, don’t fret – Moments are not going anyplace. a minimum of not nonetheless. The feature that permits you to keep track of necessary things happening around the world remains there.

How to Create Twitter Moments?

From the Moments tab:

  1. From the Moments tab, click the produce new Twitter Moment button.
  1. Click the Title your Moment field to relinquish your Twitter Moment reputation.
  1. Click the Add an outline field to sort in a very description for your  Twitter   Moment.
  1. Choose Tweets to feature to your  Twitter Moment:

i. From the Add Tweets to your Moment section at very cheap of the page, quickly access content to pick Tweets from Tweets I’ve likable, Tweets by account, Tweet link, and Tweet search prompts.

ii.  To add a Tweet to your Moment, click on the checkmark icon

 5.  Click Set cover to settle on a canopy image from one of your selected Tweets, or to transfer a picture from your laptop. Drag your selected image to line a Mobile preview, click the following button, then click the media. When you’ve set your cowl media, the supplies are attributable below the image. Save button. to vary your elect image, hover over {the cowl|the duvet|the quilt} image and click on the modification cover.

6. Once you have got Tweets in your assortment, click on the up or down arrow buttons to the correct of a Tweet to maneuver it up or down.

7. Click on the delete button to get rid of a Tweet from your Moment.

8. Click on the crop button next to any of your elect Tweets to create a picture choice for mobile viewing.

9. Click the end later button at the highest of the page to avoid wasting a draft.

10. When you are ready to make your Moment live, click on the Publish button at the highest of the page.

From a Tweet

1. Click the icon.

2. Select New Moment to feature the Tweet to a replacement Moment. Any completed Moments or drafts you’ve got current will be listed within the drop-down to decide on from.

3. Follow the directions higher than to complete your Moment.

From the Moments tab on your profile page:

1. Click on the Moments tab, then click the produce new Moment button to urge started.

2. Follow the directions higher than to complete your Moment.

More Choices Whereas Making a Moment:

From the lot of menus at the highest of the page:

1. Click on ••• a lot of whereas in draft mode.

2. Select mobile theme color if you’d wish to apply one.

3. Select Mark that Moment contains sensitive material, if acceptable.

4. Select Share Moment in private to repeat and paste your Moment’s address to share in private with others. the instant can solely be visible to those that have the address, it’ll not be visible on your profile page, or printed on Twitter.

5. Select Unpublish Moment to unpublish a flash you’ve got antecedently printed.

6. Select Delete Moment to for good take away the instant from your profile and Twitter. you may see a confirmation pop-up message to substantiate the deletion.

After you’ve saved your Moment as a draft:

1. You can click on the Edit button beneath the instant description to continue writing your Moment.

2. Click the Tweet button beneath the instant description to share your Moment together with your followers. The Tweet composes box can crop up providing you with a chance to edit or increase the auto-populated Moment title and link within the compose box.

3. Click on the icon beneath the instant description to send your Moment via Direct Message, and to look at the copy and implant links to your Moment. As you scroll through your saved or printed Moment you may see a menu pop-up on the left facet to handily Edit, Tweet, or Message your Moment.

Access all of your Moments (draft or published) by choosing Moments from your profile icon drop menu.

Can you edit twitter moments?

Once you publish your Twitter moment, you will be prompted to create a tweet to push it. Moments area unit is simply known by a lightning bolt icon on your tweets. You’ll edit, unpublish, or delete an instant at any time, however, it should be the particular moment, not the tweet promoting it.

How Many Tweets are in a Moment?

10 tweets: Twitter’s recommendation is to keep Twitter Moments around 10 tweets long.


It can be hard to stand out from the noise and tell a full story in a single Tweet. With Twitter Moments you create and curate longer-form content to tell interesting stories.

Moments let you tell a story that goes beyond one Tweet and highlights different perspectives. Create a Moment by developing collections of notable Tweet conversations and live commentary, or weaving together Tweets that tell a powerful or interesting message. It’s easy to curate content and create Moments around any topic, conversation, or event that’s relevant to your brand. 

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