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Growing your brand requires work but building it speedily requires extra effort. Brands today want to be known and visible globally but to achieve this, you will need to put some things into consideration.

What strategies are to be used? How can it be achieved?

This is where we employ digital marketing tools

What is a Brand?

The brand is a type of marketing concept that helps people identify an individual, product, or company.

It can’t be touched because they are intangible but it helps shape people’s perception of an individual, company, or product. Logos or slogans are marketing tools used to promote a brand’s goods and services. These tools are what we know as brand identity.

Types of Brand

Every brand doesn’t fall into the same category because they never serve the same market. The available type of brands include:

  • Personal brands
  • Corporate brands
  • Product brands
  • Service brands

Personal brands:

We need to understand that branding isn’t just for companies. People use digital marketing tools to build their personas in the online space however boosting their brand. Sharing of posts, live sessions, meet and greet on Google meet, sharing videos and pictures are a way of boosting one’s brand.

Corporate brands:

This is a way companies market themselves in order to stand out against their competition. With digital marketing tools, companies are able to accomplish a lot. We will look at these tools shortly.

Product brands:

This involves marketing a particular product. This involves market research and knowing your audience.

Service brands:

This applies to services as you have to be creative in branding your services.

In order to grow your brands, you need the aid of digital marketing tools to reach the levels you desire.

Digital Marketing

This is the use of certain digital channels to advertise goods and services in order to reach a wide audience. With digital marketing tools, you can reach your target audience.

However, one of the benefits of digital marketing is that it delivers an excellent return of investment and also provides highly measurable results.

For all this to be effective, there are some digital marketing tools to be used to ensure a digital marketer is able to launch and test campaigns effectively.

Let’s look at some digital marketing tools

Digital Marketing Tools

There are lots of digital marketing tools to ensure excellent results and growth. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Social Media Platform Tools

One of the digital marketing tools to ensure the speedy growth of your brand is social media. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat which are part of the social media tools, one can engage with their audience and create an awareness of their brand.

You can use Facebook ads manager to run ads and track their performance.

You can also use these marketing tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule posts and manage engagements.

2. Design tools:

Another digital marketing tool is designed. This is another aspect of digital marketing as it involves creating designs for ads, social media posts,s or blog posts.

Well, you can’t really achieve this without tools like canva and Photoshop including other design tools. And also these tools are great as it allows those without effective design skills to add creative designs to their contents.

3. Analytics tools:

This is another tool for any digital marketer. This tool includes Google Analytics. It is designed to track statistics for web traffic to any website. Then we have social media analytics tools like Twitter Analytics and Facebook insights. These two help marketers to optimize their campaigns as it provides metrics to engage of audience.

4. Content Marketing tool:

Coschedule and Hubspot are also part of the digital marketing tools under content marketing.

These tools are a great help to the curation of content.

They help in crafting engaging content for the blog and social media posts that resonate with the audience.

5. Email Marketing tools:

Email Marketing tools help you create email campaigns that enable users to become engaged with your brand.  Through the campaigns, they can sign up for courses, events, buying of products, etc. One of the email marketing tools is Mailchimp. It allows you to build an email list and automate email campaigns. It also provides analytics for email campaigns.

6. Ecommerce marketing tools:

Using the right digital marketing tools can make e-commerce quite easy for e-commerce owners while ensuring a smooth experience for online shoppers. Tools like Cloudcart help you create a successful online store as well as launch one.

Optiseller is another tool that helps online retailers sell more by designing tools.

7. Adroll:

This is a digital marketing tool that helps retarget clients back to your website. Adroll is a good site for drawing your customers back to make a purchase from your site.

8. Wyng:

This tool is under the social media marketing tool. It’s one digital marketing tool that helps change the way brands can engage with customers and also convert them. We can also say it’s an engagement marketing tool.

9. Google search console:

Formerly known as the Google webmaster tool is a great platform to utilize your reports in order to check your website traffic and performance.

You can add a sitemap with a search console to help your site get crawled by Google bots. You can also recrawl a page you are optimized.

10. Google Ads Tools:

This is a great digital marketing tool for promoting your website or page. It’s one of the marketing tools created by Google.

With Google Ads, you can promote your company or brand, getting useful customers as well as increasing customers.

11. Funnel Dash:

This is another digital marketing tool used to attract clients. It’s a lead magnet to convert clients utilizing the Facebook messenger growth tool.

With this software, you can create amazing Facebook messenger funnels.


Building a brand is great, but optimizing it and making it globally visible to your target audience is work that requires the use of digital marketing tools.

These tools help to grow your brand or business. Applying these tools helps you know if you are getting it right in the online space or not. It helps you engage with your followers as well as convert them to customers.

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