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Link building has taken a new turn as it focuses not only on the number of referral links a website might have. It takes serious consideration of the quality of these links. And if you desire to build an influential platform online, you need to learn, master, and use effective backlink-building strategies.

Of course, all your links must stick to quality well research content you have created for your platform as this is where a major aspect of your blogging knowledge or experience comes into play.

However, blogging is not the one true passage that will help you draw the needed backlinks to increase the influence of your platform. You need to learn some of the other routes that can help you achieve this aim without having to spend years on the blogging learning curve.

Hence, this blog post will expose you to some of the best effective backlink-building strategies for a new website. These strategies are simple to apply especially for beginners and inexperienced bloggers who want to push out relevant content that commands applaudable web authority.

Backlinks are simply web links from one website to another website, however, it plays a key role in not only offering readers something else that is relevant to their search queries, but only gives the referral post a stamp of authority as a top choice for any query with the phrase.

Backlinks form a vital part of off-page optimization. In fact, no website can attract a wider readership or authority on the web without backlinks.

For example, you have written a blog post on “Best Car Windshields”, and you need it to gain some level of authority on the web. You will need to find content on top blogs in the car niche such as Motor Trend Magazine, Autoblog, wherein they wrote on car parts, and ask them to give you a link in their article for your written content.

After you must have drawn this backlink, your blog post would gain massive authority on the web and probably stand as one of the top pages for that keyword.

Backlinks are like the blood bank of your site. Without backlinks, search engines would never take you seriously as they will consider your platform to be another hideous scam. However, when you have authority sites giving you backlinks, it reflects your genuineness and expertise in the online space.

If you’re struggling to get backlinks for your site, you can take up some of these backlink building strategies that include:

1. Use Infographics

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge, with the goal of breaking down complex information quickly and clearly. They can boost cognition by using graphics to improve the human visual system’s ability to identify patterns and trends.

Research shows that 74% of marketers rely on visuals in their social media messaging. 56% of companies queried use infographics, and 84% who’ve used them consider the medium effective.

Infographics are effective because they integrate the written word with visual elements to push big ideas into small spaces. This presents information in such an interesting fashion that encourages visitors to spend time on your site, consuming and sharing more of your content.

Infographics can dissect a complex subject, and the ability to sustain the attention of readers simultaneously. It helps cover “heavy” topics enjoyably. People rather look at an infographic than read a lengthy text containing the same content.

A backlink is a link built when one website refers to another website as the best option for a service or product. Backlinks are also called “inbound links” or “incoming links.” In SEO, backlinks play a vital role as sites with high backlinks ranks higher for content in comparison with those with lower backlinks.

By looking at a competitor backlink analysis, you can see the number and quality of sites that give links to your competitors. This information will help you know why your competitors are doing well online. If a competitor’s site is steadily ranking on the first page of search, you can view the backlink portfolio to learn what helped them gain such a position.

To replicate the same backlink strategy, you need to get a link on the domain (the one who gave your competitor the link) using the same link-building technique your competitor used. Simply open the referring page one by one and check how your competitor got a backlink on that page.

Backlinks to your website can draw traffic, boost credibility, and aid your brand rank higher on search engines. Hence, it is vital to make link building a part of your SEO plan. Oftentimes, marketers often question this technique sticking to its necessity.

As a website owner, a ranking of 60 to 100 is phenomenal, 40 to 50 is okay, and below 40 isn’t so bad. Notwithstanding, if you want to build high-quality backlinks, you need links from web pages that have gained the trust of search engines and humans.

By giving out backlinks, you utilize one of the most effective backlink-building strategies. When other sites find you constantly linking to them, they’ll return the favour by pushing some links in your direction.

4. Get Active on Social Media

Social media presence is a vital part of every business’s online strategy. With social media channels hosting billions of users alone, this platform can help you get great backlinks especially when you have a quality social media strategy.

A social media strategy summarizes everything you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media. It guides your actions and lets you know whether you’re succeeding or failing. The more specific your plan is, the more effective it will be. Keep it concise.

In backlink building, a great social media presence can help your brand awareness as more users and individuals would get to learn about your products and services easily. With increased popularity on social media, big brands would link to your website which would help boost your web authority.

A lot of platform owners invest a lot of time and energy in link building. However, one of the best backlink-building strategies involves tracking the current backlinks you have and their performance. By tracking these backlinks, you know whether you need to keep up with your current building or not.

Links break or sometimes lack to exist, hence when a platform removes a link to your content, you might track it easily. If it’s a top platform, it might completely pull your content down from the top pages in the search engine result pages. is one of the great tools that help you easily track all the backlinks you receive from external websites, also giving you knowledge regarding the strength and value of each link.

A resource link or page is simply a page on a website that lists out helpful links and resources in a particular topic area. For example, a car blog about Ferraris might have a plethora of stores where you can get Ferrari spare parts and other items.

Resource page link building is the process involved with getting your site on the page as one resource. Of course, this would involve you creating content that aligns with the major topic of discussion doing justice to a particular area of the subject.

To add a Resources item that is a URL to a website: In your site’s menubar, click Resources. Next to the folder to which you want to add the URL, from the Add menu, click Add Web Links (URLs). This is a brilliant strategy that will offer you backlinks easily.

A broken link is a webpage that a user cannot access due to either the content has been moved and failed to be redirected or the link has been made inactive. When a user encounters this page, the web browser sends an error message as the link is now broken or dead.

Broken link building is a tactic that a lot of smaller blogs adopt to gain backlinks from bigger blogs. Essentially, these small blogs find the broken links and create stellar content that is in line with the broken link tagline. After creating the content, they tell anyone with the broken link to redirect the links to their own new link.

8. Build a Personal Brand

A personal brand is a generally accepted perception or impression of an individual based on their competencies, actions, achievements, or expertise. Personal brands were not a thing of interest for many individuals until a group of people started monetizing and using their personal brands for influential purposes.

A great personal brand portrays the right emotions and value systems. These brands are trustworthy, unique, and original. By constantly spreading a message about yourself and your belief system, you can build a great personal brand that many people can trust.

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Competitors are vital to the survival of any business. A business with more competitors is pushed to its creative limits as they constantly have to appeal to their customers. The constant pressure on creativity nudges exceptionality that is unique.

Tracking your competitors and following up on their moves is a great way to boost your business. When the competitor makes a mistake, you learn and avoid the same pitfall. However, when they do something great that boosts their sales, you can implement the same procedure in your business.

To track your competitors online, you can enlist some of the web digital tools or you can follow the familiar practice of tracking their social media channels besides their keywords. This way, you will gain enough data to make the best decisions for your business.

10. Leverage Social Mentions

Social mentions might sound like another huge social media term, but it’s really simple. A social mention is simply when someone mentions a brand on social media. A social mention can be positive or negative, and the resultant effect can give people an impressive or poor perception of the brand, respectively.

Noting all your social mentions, not only those tagging your business online, and responding accordingly will help increase your brand’s trust and loyalty with your target audience and customers. This is one of the overlooked backlink-building strategies any blog can implement.

To build your social mentions, you would need to grow your social media presence, interact on popular forums, create engaging content, and adopt a lot of humor in your communication.

11. Possess Content Columns

Creating stellar content will constantly put you ahead of your competition in every area.

Neil Patel posited content is the lifeblood of your online business. Whether you’re selling information products, like ebooks or software, or you’re into physical products, like digital cameras and hard copy books, you’ve got to give people a reason to publicize you.

A great way to get and maintain a high level of relevancy would be to constantly introduce content with a similar or higher value to your audience. Although the limitation would be the effort and work required in constantly creating this level of content, you can create a content calendar to ensure you always achieve your aim.

You can achieve your aim to steer a stronger level of relevance with your content by creating content that goes down to educate your audience about doing something related to your business.

For example, if you run a food blog, you can write content that meticulously discusses the procedure involved in creating a particular cuisine. These contents take a lot of time to write, but they help build the energy level of other contents you will produce.


Backlinks are web links from one website to another website that help readers gain a deeper understanding of an aspect of the subject. These backlinks can be between different sites irrespective of their niches, although it’s wiser to link to platforms in your niche.

As an important part of off-page optimization, backlinks help sites boost their authority online gaining higher search engine numbers and trust from the readers. These backlinks also ensure sites don’t self exist but work complimentarily to each other.

Drawing the right backlinks for your site doesn’t happen magically. With the right backlink-building strategies, you will create exceptional backlinks that will pull your site on the top pages of selected keywords in the search engine.

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