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Social media and social media marketing services are here to stay. It has given small businesses a chance to increase brand awareness, get more followers or audience, boost traffic, and get more conversions or qualified leads without spending tons of money on adverts.

There are so many services you need that will help you achieve your social media marketing goals. These services will range from profile creation, page management, content creation, and a host of many others.

You either get these services within your organization or you can outsource from agencies that offer these services.

In the course of this article, you will get to know the 10 social media marketing services you need for your business and why it is important for the growth of your business.

This will give you an idea of what your brand needs to succeed with social media and what to expect from any social media agency you hire.

But before jumping right into these social media marketing services, let’s take a look at some certain important details about social media.


social media marketing

Social media marketing involves utilizing various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and many other existing platforms with huge audiences to drive the growth of the business to a higher level.

Social media marketing is more than just creating a social media profile and publishing great content on it.

Its major aim is to drive traffic to your business home page, generate leads, make sales, run massive audience-targeted ads, as well as analyze reach and engagement.

All this boils down to one factor, which is to generate more revenue.

This is why only a good and reliable digital agency like socialander can help achieve such desired results in a relatively shorter period of time with its top-notch social media marketing strategy.


The major aim of social media marketing is to generate more revenue.

When a business goal is to increase its reach, and increase sales, social media marketing is what such business is expected to turn to.


Looking at this heading, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the very first that comes to your mind right away since they are still the best social media platform for marketing.

Asides from those three social media platforms, there are a host of other social media platforms available that you can use to grow your business and they include


Reddit is a community-driven social media platform with arguably any topic or community you need already present there.

On this social media platform, you can create or join a community that is relevant to the services your business offers and get to reach a larger audience of potential customers.


This social media platform can be likened to a search engine of various types of media. Here, you can create an account as a business or individual whichever one works for you.


This is a social media platform that allows you to create your own mini-blog in it and get people to have a taste of your personal lifestyle or what your business entails.


This is a professional video platform. Although not as huge as YouTube, it is a reliable platform for videographers to project their services to a relatively large audience.


This social media platform is specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is a fast-growing social media platform and a nice place to build an audience for your small business.


A social media platform where you can read and post updates about events and happenings.


Just like Twitter, Medium is a highly content-based social media platform. Here you can publish content daily about your business and get people to know what your business is all about.


With over 260 million users, it is a good social media platform to place your business and reach more audiences.


This is a social media platform that aids easy sending and receiving of calls, messages, pictures, and many more. It can be used to easily reach out to business partners.


Just like WeChat, WhatsApp is arguably the most used instant messaging social media platform for businesses. Here, you can create an account, set up a catchy profile, and project your business to reach a wide audience.

Other social media platforms that can be used to assist the growth of your business are;

  • Spaces
  • Crunchyroll
  • Vk
  • FetLife
  • Mix
  • MocoSpace
  • Flickr
  • Snapchat
  • Bebo and many others.


There are a host of social media marketing services that you need if you truly want your business or businesses to be at the very top and outperform your competitors in the industry.

Below is the list of social media services required for the growth of your business.

Although, you can save yourself going through such cumbersome stress and just place a call to SOCIALANDER DIGITAL AGENCY.

Socialander provides various services which range from digital marketing in Abuja, digital marketing in Lagos, digital marketing in Nigeria at large and around the world.

They also provide branding, search engine optimization, web development, and app development services.

1. Profile creation

This is the service your brand needs to get started on social media marketing.

It involves creating a profile that reflects what your brand is all about, thereby making it easy for potential customers to find it on different platforms and know exactly the kind of services to expect from you and your business.

For instance, you can google search the word “socialander”, Google will provide details about the services socialander offers, as well as socialander’s social media profiles which you can visit to get more insight about the business.

Your brand’s social media profile has to be intentional and easy to understand. It should tell at a glance what your business is about.

2. Social Media Page Management

You need to keep your business page up and running. It takes a manager to make posts, collect data, engage customers, and manage sales on your page.

Social media management is a major social media service you need for your business. It saves you time and also leaves you more organized.

3. Content Strategy

Content strategy is like a plan for everything that will appear on your social media page. 

You have to sit down, brainstorm, and come up with a strategy for better ways to represent your brand online.

Content strategy is a social media service you should take seriously.

4. Content Creation

After strategy and planning come to the creation. Content creation ranges from designs, write-ups, videos, infographics, pictures, and everything that you have planned to be on your social media page.

Creating these contents is a service on its own and it also requires time and skill.

You can do it in-house or you can hire an agency for that.

5. Content Publishing

This helps to save you time with posting and scheduling your content on social media.

Getting the right time to post can be difficult and might be harder when dealing with a larger audience. Publishing, as well as scheduling content, makes things easier for your brand.

This is an important service for your brand’s social media activities.

6. Research and Analysis

Research and analysis are important to ensure that you achieve the goals for your brand on social media. 

This involves making sure you’re reaching the right audience, keeping up with and outperforming competitors, making sure influencer marketing campaigns are working, content and ads are performing, and that the brand is doing well generally.

You can do this manually or through social listening tools. You can even hire a professional or agency to do it for you.

Research and analysis is a service that deals with tracking and measuring success.

7. Influencer Outreach

These services involve: finding and engaging with relevant influencers, organizing promotional collaborations, managing long-term influencer relationships, giving reports on influencer progress, etc.

This social media service can have a huge impact on your business’s success. You shouldn’t joke with it.

Make sure a professional handles this.

8. Social Media Marketing Training

Social media marketing is public and wild.

Your employees should know how to navigate the social media space and derive obvious effective results. 

You and everybody in your company need to be trained on the best practices for social media marketing. This is to ensure you give your brand a good representation online.

There are already made courses online that would do justice to this for you.

You can also hire a social media marketing education firm to do this training for you.

9. Community Management

A strong online community is shown to increase customer base and increase brand affinity and loyalty. 

Here are some of the community management activities that your business needs:

  1. Adding and removing members from the brand’s community
  2. Moderating the community content for the brand
  3. Interacting with users and understanding their challenges
  4. Solving queries of community members and providing support
  5. Conducting brand events for community members
  6. Gathering customer feedback for the brand
  7. Formulating and maintaining community policies and guidelines
  8. Moderating the user interactions within the community

Community management is a social media service that would be of tremendous help to your brand if it is done exceptionally well.

10. Social Media Ads

This involves running ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Advertising on social media is a skill on its own. It involves getting your brand’s message in front of the people who need to hear them on social media, making use of the user-specific data available on the platform for targeting.

Some agencies or professionals can help you out if you need external help.

These social media marketing services are very important to the growth and success of your business, but they have been largely underestimated. 

It is time for your brand to take the bull by the horn and take your social media marketing game seriously.

When you incorporate these services in your social media activities and they are done well, your brand will be on the high end of success with social media.

You can get these services in-house from your team or you can reach out to social media agencies like us to provide them for you.

If you need help from a professional in any or all of these social media services, you can hire socialander by just clicking on “I need your social media services”

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