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Bad comments in the era of social media are every company’s worse nightmare. Everyone has a voice and isn’t afraid to use it. But what to do?

When faced with negative comments, it’s natural to panic. After all, it’s intimidating seeing hundreds or thousands of negative comments. 

But, you see these negative comments flowing across the screen. Unfortunately, panicking can lead to behavior that intensifies the ruffled feathers. This includes silence, denial, defensiveness, and more.

Below are 10 tips for handling negative comments on social media starting with having a plan.

1. Have a plan. 

Having guidelines in place for handling negative comments is a must at any time.  But,  before announcing anything big or trying something new. Thus, It allows you to respond as fast as you can.

Part of your strategy should also include immediately checking your scheduled posts. Also, pausing any that are inappropriate or could make you appear tone-deaf to the issue at hand.

2. Listen and check.

You should always be listening and monitoring. But during a crisis, it’s imperative that you check all the time and have staff on hand to respond. In other words, this is critical no matter the size of your social following. But, if you’re fortunate enough to have a large following, it becomes even more crucial. You can’t afford to check the social media conversation and respond as fast as you can.

3. Be human. 

Whether your business is B2C or B2B, you’re still communicating with people, not buildings. Also, those people want to know they’re interacting with living, breathing humans who care. Let your humanity shine through!

4. Take responsibility:- Fess up. Right away.

Companies and people who deny culpability for the hot seat. In other words, they find themselves worse than those who accept responsibility.  This is for what happened and, when appropriate, apologize. Remaining radio silent is as bad.

5. Respond immediately. 

But,  if you don’t have a plan. Also, prepare  to respond  with something even if it’s  to say, “We hear you, and we’re working on a solution.”

Your top priorities for the next however-many-hours-it-takes should then be to:

Write an apology and/or explanation

Develop a plan for monitoring and managing the communication (if you don’t have one already)

Work out alternatives to what you announced, if relevant, and an option

Don’t wait because you think it will blow over, because it likely won’t for a while.

6. Don’t get defensive or give generic responses. 

It’s only human to be defensive when faced with negative comments. But, doing so on your social media channels will only hurt your cause. Generic responses are problematic, making you appear uncaring, corporate, and tone-deaf.

Instead, take time to reply to comments yourself. Also, don’t take negative comments to heart. Use them to understand what the issues are. Thus, look at them as a chance to strut your customer service staff. This is while listening, understanding, apologizing, and/or finding a resolution).

7. Don’t act as if the backlash isn’t happening. 

The ostrich approach never works and will likely make matters worse.

One of my favorite social media fails in this category is an older example from 2011.  This is when Netflix announced it was separating its streaming plan from its DVD offerings.  Not only did they ignore the comments they were receiving.

 But, they also waited two months to apologize. Also, they deleted comments on Facebook, disabled commenting on their blog.  

They announced Qwikster two months later, even though the backlash had yet to die down. Thus, their silence was deafening.

The other reason I like it, though, is it also reinforces that rarely do social media fails to sink a company. Netflix survived this flub and went on to launch an industry.

8. Don’t delete. 

Did I mention you shouldn’t delete negative comments? But, this is unless inappropriate, like foul language? In that instance, make sure you’re clear about why. 

Meanwhile, it’s not the negative comment, it’s the choice of words used that resulted in the removal.

But wait, what about hiding the comments instead? The same still applies. Unless the post contains inappropriate content. It is spam/self-promoting or violates your channel’s rules of engagement, don’t hide it.

9. Keep blog commenting enabled.

People like having a voice and taking that away. Whether through deleting or disabling comments—will make them mad. Plus, you’re only limiting their voice on your channels, not anywhere else.  Thus, Keep the conversation in your sandbox and strut your stuff.

10. Avoid any more big changes.

Deal with the problem at hand before making any more big announcements.  Especially if there’s any chance it could further ruffle feathers.

In the Netflix, example noted above.  Reed Hastings waited two months to apologize for the original announcement.  But, he wrapped that apology (which many felt was a backhanded one).  This is with an announcement that they were now breaking these two priced services. This is into two companies and websites. The community response? The same as occurred with the pricing announcement.

 If you run an internet community service. Also, where others are galvanizing to take part with their own thoughts. But,  you’re guaranteed to stumble on negative comments throughout your diary or forum’s life. 

Whereas, negative comments are additionally told your greatest fears as a social media participant.  They seem to be a reality. Moreover, the style that you s handle negative comments can either produce. 

Thus, it can or break your online name and the name of your business.

Tackling dangerous comments on the diary

Check out the next recommendations on managing negative comments at intervals in the online arena:

1. Walk Away

Whatever you’re doing, do not reply to negative comments sort of a shot. The likelihood is that that that you’re upset or browned off by the comment or comments.  It is related to replying whereas in a spirit of mind isn’t the only because of handle negativity on your diary or forum. Instead, provide yourself many hours (at the really least) to take a seat down on the negative comment. Then change yourself to reply.

2. Don’t Ignore the Comments

While it’s progressing to be tempting to ignore the negative comments. Also, this is might not be the wisest route. By ignoring and/or deleting negative comments.  

In other words, you will be tempting your readers to make a louder outcry. This is on a ton of public forums. Thus, you’d prefer to reed on the negative comment. In other words, you will see it as an opportunity to work on your shopper service skills, if nothing else.

3. Climb into Your Reader’s Shoes

Believe it or not, some negative comments can actually be constructive. This is to a lower place their offensive surface. Moreover, this is often online. Tons of times than most, things get misconstrued at intervals in the online world. Do your best to envision your scanner’s purpose of reading on the subject at hand. If you’re able to understand their perspective, great! 

Use this as an opportunity to reinforce your diary or forum. Thus, convey your reader for his/her constructive criticism. If you’re unable to understand their perspective,  write it off.

4. Keep Your Ego under control

It might be your initial instinct to say, “It’s my diary, and I’ll say I like to!” and storm off throughout a huff. 

But keep this in mind: it’s a group. Your readers have all the right at intervals. The planet to leave negative comments on your forum or diary. It’s your duty to reply to those comments as potential.

Handling dangerous comments

5. Own Up to Your Error

It happens to the only bloggers and writers at intervals on the planet. Mistakes get created. If a reader’s negative comment is asking you out on miscalculation. Thus, upon double-checking you see that the reader is correct, then it’s time to own up to your mistake. Thus, acknowledge the error you created. Apologize for the error in either your comments section or as a postscript to the body text.

6. Be Positive

If all else fails, decide to be Sunny Sally or Optimistic Owen about matters. If the reader claims that reality is wrong when you acknowledge it’s correct. Thus, prove your accuracy but be intimate! Do your best to envision past the negative comment, and do not let it ruin your day.

7. Fits Disagree

If a scanner leaves an awfully nasty comment. This is disagreeing beside your read or what you announce.  Also,  then only you may do is fits disagree and take a glance at it to urge the discussion onto a ton of productive topics. In other words, acknowledge the reader’s opinion and convey them for commenting.  Raise them one factor else about their experience. The likelihood is that that that they’ll grasp at the prospect to talk about their opinions some tons of.


While it’s never fun receiving negative comments on your public forum. In other words, it’s one factor that you have to handle on one occasion or another. By following these tips. In conclusion, you may certify that you’re responding with the utmost grace, class, and maturity.

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